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George Bush was exonerated and deified by Scott McClellan
30 mai 2008
You can fool some of the people all of the time.
As the Bush loyalists run to the Presidentâs rescue, George Bush has in fact now been exonerated and deified by Scott McClellan. The best selling tome of the former presidential bum boy is now flying off the shelves at faster than the new Brangelina baby pictures extravaganza.

In a trick trickier than Houdini, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy and Martha Estrogen, the so called savage attack upon George Bush actually makes George Bush look like a hero. Itâs like Scott McClellan in his book âWhat Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washingtonâs Culture of Deceptionâ? has accused George Bush of helping a little old lady across the street.

Lets all take a step back and a deep breath. The American media hasnât gotten this excited since they nailed Natalie Maines into a cross and boycotted the Chicks records in 2003 for telling a cheering London crowd that she was embarassed that George Bush was from Texas because he was invading Iraq. Well, not him personally, he was to busy deserting to the local coke bar to invade anything.

So what are the explosive allegations rocking the White House? Well, first off Scott McClellan writes that he continues to have deep affection for George Bush. The explosive allegation from the Presidentâs mouthpiece is that the reason George Bush invaded Iraq after 9/11 was to depose the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein and seed democracy and freedom in the Middle East.

Whereâs the bombshell? How long has the world known that Saddam Hussein didnât have nuclear weapons? How long has the world known that Saddam Hussein didnât have weapons of mass destruction? In fact Saddam Hussein was building a nuclear reactor in Osirak just south of Baghdad until June 7, 1981 when Menachem Begin destroyed it with a flurry of F - 15âs and F - 16âs. Saddam Hussein was paying $25,000 to the families of each suicide bomber as he caroused in his numerous Gold Playboy Mansions. In fact, Saddam Hussein not only had chemical weapons but he used them on his own Kurdish people.

Itâs easy to say after the race, âOh Damn, I knew I should have bet on the 4!â? If you knew that you should have bet on the 4, then why didnât you? Is it possible that before the race you believed that you should bet on the 2 and thatâs why you did? How could you possibly have known that you should have bet on the 4 when prior to the race even the 4 did not know that it would win the race? Do the horses even know where the finish line is or that they won the race? What if they think that the finish line is at the head of the stretch and thatâs why they slow down there?

Letâs look at the Daily Racing Form for March 20, 2003. Letâs look at Saddam Husseinâs track record. Nuclear reactor outside Baghdad in 1981? Check. Chemical weapons? Check. Funding suicide bombers inside of Israel? Check. Attacked Kuwait and was moving on Saudi Arabia? Check.

On March 20, 2003, George Bush, John McCain, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the American people thought that it would be a good idea to wipe out Saddam Hussein, and spread friendly democracies and freedom in the Middle East. Scott McClellan, who was a big part of the invasion of Iraq, by telling this story, has taken a pitcher of water like Pontius Pilate and washed his hands, President Bushâs hands, and the American peopleâs hands clean. This is why the book is flying off the shelves. The book is the exoneration of the American people. It makes them feel good to believe this story.

Oh that this was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In fact, the real reason for the invasion was written in the late 1990âs in the PNAC Manifesto. The United States invaded Iraq to steal their ocean of oil lying one foot underneath their gigantic sand trap. The oil is so plentiful, so easy to extract, so cheap to extract, that it can be done with the new Cleveland sand wedge, by Vijay Singh, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Ernie Els and Gary Player, in one round of golf. In fact George Bush revved up the American people by calling the invasion of Iraq a new Christian Crusade against Islam, which would be welcomed by the Iraqi people throwing flower petals at the American soldiers. Who knew that the Iraqi people wouldnât embrace the American soldiers for liberating them from the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein? Who knew that the invasion would lead to a quagmire? Kofi Annan knew, Saudi Prince Saud knew, and Barack Obama knew, and they said so at the time, and now, itâs time for a change.
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