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child is not allowed to say goodbye
12 mai 2008
the horror story by bureau jeugdzorg

organised crime in the Netherlands. Bureau jeugdzorg the Dutch company that takes and holds children makes big monies by ordering the parents to pay for the 24/7 care in an institution. The children are not allowed to speak to their families ( unless the parents pay xtra) and this is to keep them from passing information and to alienate them from their families so they can use this in courts.
THe following is a horror story about a dying grandmother and her last whish.
Camilla (aged 12) was taken from her mother without good reason. She is now placed in an institution in Holland. Her grandmother developed cancer and was on the verge of dying in a hospital (over the border in Belgium, but near where the child was placed in Holland). Alas, Camilla's mother was at the bedside of the dying grandmother. She was on the phone to the ''Bureau Jeugdzorg'', (owners of the institution) pleading and demanding in a very gentle fashion for the management to allow her daughter Camilla to visit grandmother for the very last time. The management of the Bureau Jeugdzorg flatly refused to allow the child to visit her dear suffering 'dying' grandmother- stating that ''even though the judge had ordered visitation rights the Bureau Jeugdzorg management has decided against this'' .The child was under no circumstances even allowed to speak to mother on the phone. The mother then argued with B.J. that it was the 'NEAR TO DEATH' grandmother who had in fact wanted Camilla to visit her - it was not her wish. She further stipulated that she would not be present during the visitation. The staff of Bureau Jeugdzorg then said to her that ''this was also not possible''. The mother then asked the staff member on the phone ''could Camilla come to the phone just to speak to grandmother for the very last time before she departed this world''. The employee at the other end of the phone so cruelly and so utterly in an absolutely despicable manner said to the distraught/broken-hearted mother that she did not believe that the grandmother was even present at that moment in the room. In other words she ascertained that the mother was a downright liar. The terminally ill grandmother who was in the bed grabbed the phone from her daughter and muttered/whispered in a very coherent fashion, despite her desperate effort a few words to the employee stating she wanted to speak to the child please. They blatantly refused this. Grandmother was so upset she got sick.
In part 2 you can see that the Belgian Doctor is called in ( the child is in the Netherlands, this is close to Belgium) The Doctor says grandmother will not live long she has a few hours left. He pleas for the company employee to have at least a bit of consideration and humanity.
Someone in the hospital asks to turn of the camera and the mother then says that she is filming grandmothers last hours. The bureau jeugdzorg employee hears this and suddenly sais that Camilla does not want to come to the phone. The Doctor says that this is not a thing that a child her age (12) can oversee clearly so would they not ask again...and again...and again. Finally the boss of the department is called and she says that she is sorry she tried everything but the child does not want to speak to gramps. A few hours later grandma dies. Later Camilla manages to speak to someone outside the house she is kept in and she hears for the first time that this all happened. She declared later she was never informed nor asked to come to the phone. She would have loved to see or speak to gramps a last time. This has now been taken from her and she will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

This incident is not on itself. An Irish child kidnapped and taken to the Netherlands was not allowed to visit grandfather who had survived 7 strokes after hearing that his only grandchildren had been taken by bureau jeugdzorg. When he was dying they asked the courts for to arrange a visit. The courts authorised this and when bureau jeugdzorg said mother did not comply when asked for her signature on passports mother immediately put this straight in court with evidence that it had been bureau jeugdzorg who did not cooperate by sending photo's to the Irish embassy. The passport was made but the 10 year old child never got to see his grandfather and later it was claimed that he had gone mad and was taken into a mental hospital and needed emergency care during the time he was to visit grandfather. But it emerged from evidence given that during this time the bureau had used the passport to send the child to yet another country for reasons not given. It is still not clear what they did to him and why he was send there.
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