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Anàlisi :: mitjans i manipulació
Art vs. popsa
28 abr 2008
St. Petersburg's underground defying to the world of popsa and glamour.
I learned about the movement of "POP-REVOLUTION!" almost a year ago.
Then the young poet Artyom Suslov made the first action of the movement
in the "Ekateringof" park. Then at the rally-concert they
collected only a few dozen people. All this does not look very seriously,
but everyone felt that it being done sincerely, with soul. And then began ...
Almost every week rally or performance.

Organizer of "POP-REVOLUTION!" the young poet Suslov argues that
he fights against popsa for a culture. He uses such means as a parody, PR
and provocation. With their using he wants to strike domination
of popsa and glamour in russian media. Some of his art actons are shocking:
in the center of the town he can lie down in a dirty puddle with his
face. Or symbolically have crucified himself in the huge wooden cross.
Or will pasting stickers in the subway without trousers declaring that
he want "fack the system!".

Suslov tells how he specifically queried dozens of their peers, calling
them various names: Dali, Tarkovsky, Sinatra, etc. Only one of those
interviewed could recall who is Dali. But the names of pop-idols known to all.
According to Suslov popsa deprives people of interest and needs of
enjoying high art. Concerns creative people this process is legitimate
and the emergence of such art movements as "POP-REVOLUTION" to be
expected sooner or later.

Dmitry Kremnev.

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