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Bob and Sarah Dylan and Paul McCartney on Saving the Environment
11 abr 2008
It’s all just common sense.
According to singer songwriters Bob Dylan and Sarah Dylan the same method must be employed to save your vocal chords and the environment. You may be wondering, âWhat do saving my vocal chords and saving the environment have in common?â? The answer is simple and the answer is just plain common sense.

Pretend that your vocal chords and our home, planet earth, are one piece of chalk. Imagine that you were given one piece of chalk which had to last your whole life. How would you make one piece of chalk last for your whole life? You would use it very sparingly. If you overused it, it would be gone.

Evolution is all about the survival of the fittest, the strongest and the smartest, and adapting to changes in circumstances. You cannot break the law of nature, but if you do it will break your back. Itâs like asking, âHow can I have unprotected sex with multiple partners and not get sick?â? The answer is you canât. Thatâs the law of nature. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when there is no cure for many viruses, like AIDS and Herpes. When vocal chords are overused they bleed and develop nodules. Once the nodules are surgically scraped, your voice will never be the same.

In nature, for five million years, we were hunters and gatherers. Where in nature are we required to sing to survive? We have the ability to scream for a second, to warn our children in the jungle of approaching bears and tigers. Screaming is never a good idea for singers because it puts too much strain on the vocal chords.

The earth is like a ball shaped house with a roof, our stratosphere. For five million years until Karl Benz invented the automobile 125 years ago human beings got along fine without having cars. Burning oil, fossil fuels, poisons and puts a strain on the earthsâs one sky, ocean and soil to the point that now we are developing cancers and soon the earthâs air, water and soil will be damaged to the point of being useless. Our ancestors knew that eating hemlock and cyanide, and being poisoned to death by snake venom was deadly, but in our society we have forgotten that poisoning ourselves and our children is a bad thing.

Bob Dylan was interviewed in the 40th Anniversary edition of Rolling Stone Magazine by Jann Wenner. Here is what Bob Dylan had to say about global warming: âWe expect politicians to solve all our problems. I donât expect politicians to solve anybodyâs problems. We have to solve our problems ourselves. Weâve got to take the world by the horns and solve our own problems. The world owes us nothing. Each and every one of us, the world owes us not one single thing, politicians or whoever. Human nature hasnât changed in 3,000 years. Maybe the obstacles and actualities and daily customs change, but human nature really hasnât changed. It cannot change. Itâs not meant to change.â?

Human beings are victims of their own superior intelligence. Without our superior intelligence there would be no cars, factories, nuclear weapons and no pollution or global warming. Without our superior intelligence there would be no money, no microphones, no television, no internet, no cdâs, no mp3 players, no stadiums, no rock concerts, no touring, no overusing our voices and no damaging our vocal chords for the great illusion of happiness through fame and fortune. Go ask John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears how wondeful their lives are. George Michaels said that the worst thing that can happen to a singer is that they âmake itâ?.

Every nuclear scientist knows that Nuclear World War 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will have no survivors. The 2 penny thick when squeezed together ozone layer in the stratosphere protects us from the nuclear rays of the sun. Lead melts on the surface of Venus which has no ozone. We had World War 1 and World War 2. Nuclear World War 3 will result in a world wide nuclear cloud which will eat away all of the earthâs ozone and end life on earth forever. We now know that a regional nuclear war will also blow a global ozone hole in the earthâs one sky. In her hit new song âThree Chancesâ?, 16 year old singer songwriter Sarah Dylan sings, âYouâve had your three chances now this is the end.â? here: You can also watch Sarah Dylan sing her new song âSlippinâ Awayâ?, in which she sings, âTime keeps on tickinâ away, you slipped right through my fingertips, but Iâll always remember you.â? Life on earth is now about to slip right through our fingetips forever because of our incredible intelligence and our incredible stupidity.

Define the overuse of nuclear weapons. When you know that the regional use of nuclear weapons on earth will devastate your own earthâs one sky, you must call for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons permanently. In the same 40th Anniversary issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, Paul McCartney was also interviewed. Paul McCartney said, âThe major issue facing us today is to make some headway in world peace. It would be great if people with differences in the world today would realize that there are no differences â itâs an energy field dude. Whatâs needed is the same old thing, peace and love. Itâs like weâre all in a state of denial. What global warming? What war? But global warming is a reality. The environment is a reality.â? The impending nuclear war is also a reality. Use your votes and your vocal chords to quietly say to your politicians, âNo more poisoning our home, planet earth, or youâre out.â?
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Re: Bob and Sarah Dylan and Paul McCartney on Saving the Environment
12 abr 2008
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Re: Bob and Sarah Dylan and Paul McCartney on Saving the Environment
12 abr 2008