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Hillary Clinton John McCain use Religious Racism in Ohio
07 mar 2008
Religious hatred goes mainstream.
Seeing the tide of hope and change wash them away, good friends Hillary Clinton and John McCain teamed up in Ohio and attacked Barack Obama with religious and color racism. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and John McCain took the gloves off and lynched Barack Obama. In a world about to end in nuclear world war three because of the clash of civilizations between east and west, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, what better way to heal the division and restore Americaâs image in the world than to elect Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a black Muslim man from Africa and a beautiful lily white woman from Kansas? Yes Toto, the KKK have nukes now.

John McCain, Bill and Hillary Clinton have formed their own KKK alliance to knock out Barack Obama. They are using white tablecloths which Hillary Clinton borrowed when she left the White House in disgrace with her whore husband. How quickly we forget. Rest assured that the Republicans have not forgotten and if Bill the Thrill tries to go anywhere near the White House in September the Karl Rove swift boat machine will ambush him mercilessly with his slimy past. God forbid, if Hillary Clinton is elected we will all be forced to listen to at least four more years of Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky reruns on Fox News. Wouldnât you rather be waterboarded?

Hillary Clinton is teaming up with John McCain to defeat Barack Obama. Hillary is now endlessly saying, âJohn McCain has the experience to be Commander in Chief, I have the experience to be Commander in Chief, but Barack Obama does not.â? At least if the phone rings at 3AM in the White House Barack and Michelle Obama will be awake to answer the call. John McCain goes to bed at 7 p.m. and Bill and Hillary Clinton havenât shared the same bedroom since Chelsea was born. Do you want Monica Lewinsky answering the phone and saying, âBill, this Budâs for you?â?

Will the fact that Hillary Clinton voted for the Authorization to Use Force Against Iraq at 3 p.m. instead of 3 a.m. bring back the 4,000 American boys and girls that she sent to their death because she neglected to read the intelligence report? The 3 a.m. is an obvious reference to the Holy Trinity, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player.

When asked if Barack Obama was a Muslim Hillary Clinton said, âI donât know.â? Hillary Clinton had her campaign staff send a picture of Barack Obama dressed like an African Muslim to the Drudge Report. John McCain had radio active Cincinatti Bill Cunningham warm up his crowd by chanting barack Hussein obama. The Clinton McCain camps tried to tie Barack Obama to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, even though Barack Obama renounced and rejected him. While trying to paint Barack Obama as a Muslim the Clinton McCain camps screamed that Barack Obamaâs Christian pastor had honored Louis Farrakhan. When Hillary Clinton lost 11 in a row, and saw her life long dream slipping away, she in effect in words and pictures told the American people, âBarack Obama is a clucking Muslim trigger!â?

These were the body punches. To the incredible credit of the American people they didnât fall for it. The upper cut and the knockout right hook to the head was delivered by a note taker in the Canadian Consulate in Chicago, who said that an advisor to Barack Obama had said, âDonât worry about Nafta, itâs just politics.â? Hillary Clinton then began screaming, âBarack Obama is a liar and a hypocrite who is lying that he wants to save your jobs!â?

The double standard which applies to people in your group and people outside of your group is glaring. It is quite O.K. for someone inside of your group to lie endlessly, but if God forbid anyone outside your group should lie, then all of the lies and hatred and brainwashing that you have been fed comes rushing to the fore screaming âAttack, Attack!â? All of a sudden Barack Obama in the minds of white Christian America went from the Messiah of hope and change to an African American youth looting a store in an African American riot. People in the last week in Ohio went overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton, feeling disappointed, let down and betrayed by Barack Obama.

Overnight, Barack went from 4 down in Pennsylvania to 20 down. White America got so frightened of Barack Obama that they raised Lazarus Clinton from the dead, and calls rang out from the Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Christ for a redo of the Florida Democratic primary. Charlie teamed up with Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm to stop Barack. Barack Obama served to bring the Democrats and Republicans together against African Americans and Muslims. John McCainâs rallying cries of âBomb Iran and bomb every Muslim fascist terroristâ? swept the land. America, on the verge of casting off their ancient racism spiraled into a country where religious and ethnic hatred came out of the closet and the KKK became mainstream and revered.

In a recent post Arianna Huffington explained that when we become afraid, our ancient reptilian brain takes over with its automatic fight, flight or freeze response and our logical mind shuts down. We know that it is too late for Barack Obama now, but let us examine the facts for fun.

We have learned that if George Bush lies endlessly and invades Iraq and kills a million Muslims while crippling our economy into a 10 trillion dollar deficit we will re elect him. The irony of Nafta Gate is that the whole story was a lie. As far as Barack is concerned, his adviser, without Barackâs knowledge went to the Canadian consulate and reiterated what Barack said in the debate, âWe are going to keep Nafta, donât worry about us crippling your economy, we are just going to tweak it to protect workers and the environment.â? The hearsay record of this which was leaked to the press would be inadmissible in court because hearsay evidence is notoriously unreliable.

In fact this is the real story of Nafta Gate. Bill and Hillary Clinton brought us Nafta. Hillary Clinton then proceeded to make speech after speech about how wonderful Nafta was. Then in this election she turned on Nafta and said she opposed it from the beginning. The Chief of Staff to the Canadian Prime Minister then told a gaggle of reporters, âDonât worry about Nafta, Hillary Clintonâs campaign told our embassy in Washinton that she would retain Nafta and all the Nafta talk is just Hillary Clintonâs political rhetoric.â? The head of a Canadian news network set out to expose the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, and when the Obama memo was leaked, the fact that it was Hillary who was the hypocrite and not Barack got lost in the frenzy of bigotry and blood lust.

John Lennon said, âInside of every person there is a Jesus Christ and an Adolf Hitler.â? While Adolf Hitler was ethnically cleansing the blacks and Jews to purify the human species, he decided that if any grandparent of a person was Jewish that the person was Jewish and had to be gassed. With gas at $4 a gallon that is a very low standard. Never mind that humans have been on earth for 5,000,000 years and that Judaism was invented only 4,000 years ago, Christianity 2,000 years ago, and Islam 1,400 years ago. Never mind that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity on a planet 5,000,000,000 years old are all just recent cults. Never mind that if you go back 4,000 years the ancestors of every person in every religion all belonged to the same group, Pagans. Never mind that every Jew, Muslim and Christian believes that there is a God, that there is only one God, that this God is the God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, Elohim, and that the word of God was carved in stone by God Himself 3,200 years ago in the Middle East desert.

The thing dividing Jews, Christians and Muslims is the Holy Bibles. This is why Jesus Christ, the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Islam and Christianity said that when he returned, he would order all of his angels to throw the three Bibles into the fire, and bring all of the people and Godâs Word carved in stone into Godâs barn, temple. (Matt. 13:24-30 KJV). Once this is done, we will all be in the same group once again, with God of Mount Sinai, holding hands and singing songs together instead acting like aliens spotting a human in âInvasion of the Body Snatchersâ? screaming, âObama!â? The sad thing is that Barack planned to unite east and west, and every religion. Who has more world wide credibility to do this than Barack Obama, outside of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren and their baby girl Sam Alexis? John and Hillary, when you shoot your nuclear bombs in the Apocalypse, donât forget to yell âThree!â? Proper etiquette must be maintained.
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07 mar 2008
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