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George Bush Bill Clinton Devastated the Mexican Californian Beaches
10 feb 2008
Enough is enough.
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have been running the worldâs only superpower for the past 20 years. George H. W. Bush called the worldâs environmentalists âthe spotted owl crowdâ?. He meant that the environmentalists were choosing to save the spotted owls to the detriment of human beings. Well now the chickens have come home to roost on their horizontal rods.

The prophet Isaiah said that the name of the Messiah would be Emanuel, the middle name of A-Rod, meaning God is with us. Hopefully the Messiah isnât planning on doing much scuba diving or surfing off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, California or Hawaii because thanks to our political leaders for the past 20 years the Pacific Ocean has now become a gigantic, poisoned, deadly garbage dump of contaminated plastic being eaten by the fish on your childrensâ plate.

In a recent interview with Time Magazine Al Gore said, âWhen I was in the Snow and Ice Data Center receiving a full briefing on the polar ice caps, afterwards I would turn on my TV and there were two networks with the bulletin: Britney Spears loses custody of her children. Weâre living in a madhouse if our priorities focus on the embalming of Anna Nicole Smith, or the trial of O.J. Simpson, while we ignore the greatest crisis this nation has ever faced.â?

The definition of insanity is when a person is a danger to themselves or others because they do not understand the nature and consequences of their actions. In 1998 under intense pressure from their main sponsors the big oil companies, Bill and Hillary Clinton refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Now the U.S., the worldâs largest polluter, under the leadership of George Bush has gutted the Bali Climate Change Agreement of all substance. Hillary Clinton just loaned $5M dollars to her campaign. This money came from the $10 Million dollars per year being payed by the Emir of Dubai to Bill Clinton for doing absolutely nothing. The leaders of Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and hundreds of millions to the Bush family.

In return for the money, the Bush and Clinton families have agreed to allow Saudi Arabia and Dubai to buy Americaâs banks, (Hillary O.K.âd this in the Nevada debate), part of Daimler Chrysler, large stakes in Americaâs corporations, Americaâs ports, (remember Bush and Cheney pushing for the Dubai ports deal?), and the Bush and Clinton families have agreed to kill any world environment treaties like Kyoto and Bali which would hamper the Saudi and Persian Gulf Statesâ exporting of 10 million barrels per day at $100 per barrel, a billion dollars every day. How did Saudi Arabia and Dubai buy the Bush and Clinton families so cheaply? Did they buy them at Wal Mart?

Pope Benedict XVI is a champion of the environmental movement and has urged all Catholics to become environmentalists. The Catholic Church has taken a firm stance against global warming. Pope Benedict XVI has warned against the seductive nature of science. Our own experience has been that Bill Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to resist temptation. God the Father carved in stone, âDonât Murder, or else I will punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.â? Donât Murder means donât murder people or poison to death the parts people are made of, air, water and earth.

If you put a frog in water and then gradually raise the temperature the frog will boil to death. If you throw a frog into boiling water it will get very hot and jump out. Plastic is made from oil. The great Pacific Ocean Plastic Garbage Dump, the Pacific Ocean Plastic Soup, now stretches from 500 miles off the California coast, past Hawaii almost to Japan. It is twice the size of the United States. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer says that when the plastic soup comes near land, as it does at the Hawaiian archipelago, the gargbage patch vomits, and you get a beach covered with this plastic.

Charles Moore, an oil heir, sold his business, and became an oceanographer. Charles Moore said this week that on our present course the Pacific Plastic Stew will double in size over the next 10 years. Our experience shows us that if Hillary Clinton, a puppet of the oil executives, bought and paid for by the oil barons, becomes President, then when she leaves office, the entire Pacific Ocean and its beaches will be a deadly plastic garbage dump. The end of tourism will be the least of our worries.

Professor David Karl, an oceanographer at the University of Hawaii says that the plastic is not biodegrading, and modern plastic is so durable that 50 year old plastic is in the soup. Tony Andrady, a chemist with the U.S. based Research Triangle Institute says that âEvery little piece of plastic manufactured in the past 50 years that made it into the ocean is still out there.â? The Pacific Ocean now has billions of tiny plastic pellets, nurdles, which combine with man made poison petrochemicals, the toxic pesticide DDT, which are eaten by the fish on your childâs dinner plate.

White females over 50 and Latinos are handing Hillary Clinton the Presidency because they trust the bought off by the oil executives, corrupt, lying Clintons who got us all into this mess. White females over 50 and Latinos say that Bill and Hillary Clinton have more experience than Barack Obama, as if the number of years in politics means wisdom, and sound judgment. Look at your childâs globe. In fact the Earth only has one ocean. People think that times were good under the Clintons, in the time that the world was turning into a poisonous greenhouse and the ocean was turning into a deadly plastic garbage dump.

The Bush Clinton American Royal family for the past 20 years tried to sweep this all under the rug. George Bush had Philip Cooney of Exxon Mobil change scientific research to say that there was no human made global warming, and Republicans have been duped into believing this. Now the kaka has hit the fan. The toxic plastic and poison chemicals are now contaminating the American rivers and lakes too. Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American civil rights activist. Which right is more important than the right to poison free air, soil, water and food? Which Democratic Presidential candidate voted to waste American lives and money in Iraq as her Saudi Arabian and Persian Gulf benefactors lined her pockets with gold for the right to poison your children to death?

The Clinton and Bush families are the canidates of change. They have changed the Garden of Eden into a toxic wasteland.
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Re: George Bush Bill Clinton Devastated the Mexican Californian Beaches
10 feb 2008
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