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Anunci :: globalització neoliberal : corrupció i poder : altres temes : pobles i cultures vs poder i estats : guerra
1/31 NUKE Interview: Jim Fetzer & Capt. May
30 gen 2008
There is one and only one documented case of a Bush administration attempt at a follow-up 9/11, and it was perpetrated against Congressman Ron Paul's 14th Congressional District in Texas, against the Texas City BP refinery. It occurred on 1/31/06 -- 2 years ago -- and it is finally about to be discussed.
1/31 NUKE Interview
Jim Fetzer & Capt. May

Sunday, Captain Eric H. May, military correspondent for The Lone Star Iconoclast, published an article about it that has attracted attention worldwide -- especially among Ron Paul supporters. He will be the Thursday 1/31/08 guest on The Dynamic Duo with Dr. Jim Fetzer. The program, which airs from 4-6pm Central, will be on GCN Network 4:

To review the damming case for the Texas City treason before listening to the interview, read:

The 1/31 Nuke: Proof for Ron Paul

This work is in the public domain

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