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George Bush Nostradamus Third Anti Christ and Iran’s Greatest Hero
12 gen 2008
This week George McGovern called George Bush a false prophet.
Truth is stranger than fiction and George Bush has turned out to be the greatest hero of the Iranian Islamic Revolution since Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Who names their child âRuhollahâ?? Recently at a private ceremony held at the library of âThe Mother University of Iranâ?, aka ââ?Tehran Universityâ?, attended by Saudi King Abdullah, Ayatollah Khamenei awarded the âAyatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Lifetime Achievement Awardâ? to the American President George W. Bush.

Stephen Spielberg was supposed to receive the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award at tomorrow nightâs Golden Cow and Globe Awards Ceremony, but since the ceremony is now being held at Nicole Richieâs hospital room, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be giving it to him next year, at the 66th Awards Ceremony. Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Prize but whereâs the peace?

So far this year the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been skating circles around George Bush like Tonya Harding breaking the kneecaps of Nancy Kerrigan in Cecil B. DeMilleâs Godfather IV. Mahmoud gave the Valedictorian Address at New Yorkâs Columbia University, attended the Hajj in Mecca Saudi Arabia as the special guest of Saudi King Abdullah and last week he went waterskiing in the Straits of Hormuz around the Port Royal. It now turns out that the person heard threatening the Port Royal was not Mahmoudâs waterski driver, but a man on shore by the name of âThe Filipino Monkeyâ?.

U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead said, âthe reason the United States superimposed audio over the video is that it gives you a better idea of what is happening.â? Translated into English this means that it gives you a better idea of what the U.S. wants you to think is happening, like the videos the past few years of Clairol bin Laden, whose funeral was attended by Pervez Musharraf, according to Benazir Bhutto in her dying declaration. Who needs writers when the truth is so entertaining?

In the 1500âs Dr. Michel de Nostradame aka Nostradamus predicted three Anti Christs, in code, the Emperors Napaulon Roy aka Napoleon, Hister aka the Emperor Adolf Hitler, and Nostradamus Third Anti Christ, maBUS. Now turn the âmâ upside down and you have the Emperor George W. BUSh. All of Nostradmusâ Anti Christs have lost their armies in Russia.

China and Russia helped tiny North Vietnam defeat the United States and recently signed a strategic alliance with Iran. Russia today has no deficit, is flush with oil, and is building nuclear reactors in Bushehr, Iran, and supplying Iran with their most advanced surface to air missiles. Meanwhile China just signed a deal to develop Iranâs oil fields and holds the mortgage on the United States.

The Lincoln bedroom is a bedroom in the White House used by Presidents to reward friends and supporters. It is where President and Mrs. Clinton hosted their oil industry pals who commanded them not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. It is where George Bush hosted his pals from the Global Climate Coalition, Exxon, Shell, Texaco, British Petrolem, Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler, a group formed to oppose the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Devil aka The Anti Christ is also known as The Prince of Lies. In 2001 George Bush appointed the head of the The American Petroleum Institute (API) aka The American Oil Industryâs (AOI) âClimate Teamâ, Phillip Cooney as chief of staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Phillip Cooney is a lawyer and oil industry lobbyist. Government scientists forwarded research warning of the disastrous effects of burning oil and gasoline to the White House, where George Bush and Dick Cheney commanded Philip Cooney to change the reports to say that global warming was just a myth like the one that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. After a few years of this fun, Phillip Cooney went to work for Exxon Mobil.

It was the Bush and Clinton pals in the car and war and oil industry who recently commanded the Bush administration to gut the Bali Climate Change Agreement of all substance. In 2003 George Bush told 2 BBC reporters that Jesus Christ told him to invade Iraq. According to the video of the Presidential bedroom that night it was actually Phillip Cooney doing his Edgar Bergen impersonation.

As you can see, groups who are in favor of burning as much oil as humanly possible are named âThe Global Climate Coalitionâ?, âThe American Oil Industry Climate Teamâ?, and âThe White House Council on Environmental Qualityâ?. Jesus Christ, the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam, (Koran, Sura, Chapter 3:40-43), used to call this âchutzpahâ?.

Have you ever noticed that Bill Clinton, the candidate of change like the American Petroleum Institute is Greenpeace, and George H.W. Bush are closer than Larry Craig and Liberace? Liberace aka Lee was classically trained as a pianist. This week George Bush walked out on the pier in Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus Christ walked on water. Jesus Christ must have been rolling over in his grave.

Godâs rulebook is the 10 commandments. Satanâs rulebook is to break every commandment until the fires of Hell, Nuclear World War III consume all life on earth. 3,200 years ago God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, Elohim shouted out to the people of Israel, âGeorge, do not take my name in vain, do not murder and maim innocent Muslim and American children, do not poison to death the components all people are made of, air, water and earth with oil caused acid rain, do not try to steal Iraq and Iranâs oil, do not lie, and do not covet your neigborâs oil, otherwise I will punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren, so help me me.â?

Ladies, Hillary Clinton crippled the American economy into a 10 trillion dollar deficit and $1000 an ounce gold as the world flees from the American dollar by voting to invade Iraq and Iran. The surge is working and the cheque is in the male missile silo. George Bush and Hillary Clinton have handed Iraq to Iran and now the U.S. is the odd man out in the Middle East as Saudi King Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad embrace and celebrate $100 a barrel oil. George and Hillary Clinton have reheated the cold war.

In 2003 Iraqâs Information Minister Comical Ali said, âThere are no American troops in Baghdad, the Americans are committing suicide by the hundreds at the cityâs gates, the Americans are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks, They will surrender, it is they who will surrender.â? Just call him Comical Nostradamus. George Bush is Nostradamusâ Third Anti Christ and Hillary Clinton is his handmaiden, wolves in crying sheepâs clothing who have led us here. Soon we will all be crying as they grin and cackle at our stupidity for shunning God and following the Devil into the human made infernos of global warming and nuclear world war III, which every scientist knows will have no survivors, as we vote again for extinction and the real live radioactive fires of Hell on earth.
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