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Alternative Monetary Systems
24 des 2007
So what are you going to do about it ?
The truth is,there is something terribly wrong with this world,isn't there ?
Cruelty and injustice,intolerance,oppression,poverty and financial crises.
There's an old saying that borrower is slave to the lender.
In simple terms the new money comes into circulation through the banking system,
issued as a debt to the banking system.

Consequences :

- Eternal war economy,
- False education,
- Inflation and other taxes,
- Hard dependency,
- Little free time.

At the end of 2007,Central Banks give biggest liquidity boost ever.
The European Central Bank alone lent over half a trillion dollars (€349bn)
to lenders for two weeks in an unlimited auction.

There is a bill to abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
and the Federal reserve banks.
A bill is proposed by Ron Paul - 2008 presidential candidate.
Ron Paul has won almost every single straw poll in the last months.
The Ron Paul campaign raised $6 million dollars on 2007-12-17.
That’s the largest amount every raised by any candidate on-line in any electoral campaign ever,anywhere.
"As a proponent of competition in currencies, I believe that the American people should
be free to choose the type of currency they prefer to use.
The ability of consumers to adopt alternative currencies can help
to keep the government and the Federal Reserve honest".

So what are you going to do about it ?

Alternative Monetary Systems :

Liberty Dollar

Crom Alternative Money


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