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Berlin: They come to evict the Köpi!
20 des 2007
But we won't tolerate the eviction of Köpi! Come to Berlin and join the final battle for Köpi!
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Defend Köpi – Resist the Eviction

On the 8th of May, our living and cultural centre „Köpi“ in the Köpenickerstrasse 137, that has been in existence for 17 years, and the land next to it (our trailer park), were sold by auction - even though the inhabitants and sympathizers strongly protested against it.
The house was bought by a Besnik Fichtner as the single bidder.
Since all of our grounds were sold for nearly half of the property value given, it seems that the deal was already pre-arranged between the Commerzbank and the district court. The Commerzbank didn’t want to talk to Köpi when we requested talks before the auction.
Commerzbank was the initiator of the auction.
Behind all these deals, lurks Sanus AG and the real estate clan Nehls, especially Siegfried Nehls, representing the management board of Sanus AG.
In between all these arrangements, Fichtner, who is only a craftsman (floorer), is probably only a puppet.
After some exchange of letters between lawyers, inhabitants of Köpi got their termination of contracts for 31.05.2008. Reasons: Economic inefficiency of the house – demolition and new construction are cheaper than renovation!
To underpin all this, we also received detailed accounts and building plans.
Further, Fichtner is planning a big tree-chopping action on our grounds. This is probably the beginning of the offence against us and our space (this might especially affect the trailer park). We will resist it with all the power we have.

Keep your eyes and ears open, show solidarity and organize yourselves.

To prevent the upcoming eviction in June, we invite you to join us for the

Action Days between 28th of May and 1st of June 2008
in and around Köpi in Berlin.

Within the scope of the action days there will be a demonstration on Saturday, 31st of May.

On Sunday, 1st of June there is a big street party planned with international bands appearing.

As a matter of course there will be actions in the run-up as well.

Lets put the senate and the Nehls family under pressure ----

Köpi Stays Risk Capital!

Take part in the action days from 28th of May till 1st of June 2008 in Berlin!

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