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Militant Bush Nazis in the Works
30 nov 2007
Barcelona IMC: Bah! Bush Nazis! Poor excuses for excrement! This might be "goodbye" for the year. See Letter to My Librarian on Buffalo and LA IMC. Secure computers just don't come easy these days.
Summary: The "Beast" that is Shining Path Guerillas; i.e. Sendero Luminosa of South America raised its head again today, 11/12. I bet you heed the endless whining sound of these sweet, kind, caring, murderous Bush Nazis too! 11/16 Elijah comes of age. 11/26 The Educated Fool takes a bow.

I first saw Chairman Gonzalo of Shining Path @ 1970 when a friend pointed me out to him at high school in Florida. My next encounter with Shining Path came when the illegal Salvadorean immigrants working with me for DAKA Food Service at Gallaudet helped force me to leave DC. Next time it was "Sayonora Baby" giving me the evil eye in Ithaca for my writings on the Bush Nazis and flooding my apartment at 402 N. Geneva St with Anthrax. Cornell and Cornell Police also seem to be at the beck and call of these militant homosexuals.

From Sweden's Forum Topix after comment by "Smitty" that was removed: This Smitty character from Seattle Washington claimed that elements were not chemicals on Denmark Forum Topix, so I asked him to define chemicals and he disappears. He is spamming Muslim articles with Isalmophobia, trying to foment unrest, most likely as part of the Serpent and/or the Bush Nazis. Abimael Guzman, Chairman Gonzalo of Shining Path Guerillas also ended up in Seattle under the name Troy Prouty, I suspect, for I saw pictures of Troy Prouty. Maybe Smitty is Guzman. When I wrote The Letter That Shook The World, Guzman's and Shining Path's "reply" was "headless bodies in a Peruvian river". I suspect that Shining Path plays a role in suppression of my articles on numerous IMC sites worldwide, for my articles reveal the chemicalmongering practices that they employ along with other murderous practices, against all who would oppose them. Feigning distress 24/7 like the typical Bush Nazis, they use their professed distress to justify removing and/or hiding my articles, for hidden articles are hard to access and most likely tracked by hackers. Among the locations and sites where I am sure Shining Path is employing such practices are DC, Chicago, Seattle, LA, SF, Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Madison, NOLA, Miami, Austin, N. Tex., NYC, Rochester, Peru, Valparaiso, Brazil, Colombia, Santiago, Madrid, Baracelona, Sweden, UK, Bristol, Scotland, Ottawa and every disabled site in Canada, and many more. Since my articles brings them and all other Bush Nazis "out of the closet" in an attempt to suppress me or promote their own distorted versions of reality, be sure to question them and identify them for what they are; i.e. Nazi followers of the Serpent that is Zionism. Be alert when this Beast raises its head again. (Ps. 83:2) My distinguished Illini counsel has the answer, read Bush Nazi Report.

As George HW Bush said in 1990 as he prepared to send the US military into Iraq. "Without Freedom of Speech, I Might Be in the Swamp." Bush Daddy was talking about the power of his lies. He fabricated the second half (2/5-2/24/91) of the Persian Gulf War, which was a 21 day war, from 1/16-2/5. He ditched his buddies in the Pacific, saying that he smelled smoke in the cockpit, after telling them that he didn't mind if they smoked. His alleged education was all a fabrication. The same with his kid. His kid is too stupid to know that he never graduated from anything. They painted Saddam as a terrorist and murdered him because he kept telling everyone what they were. They say, "We have made lies our refuge and in falsehood we have taken shelter." (Is. 28:15) They are less than nothing, and their works are utterly worthless. He who chooses them is detestable.(Is. 41:23-24) "Behold I am laying in Zion a stone that will make men stumble, a rock that will make them fall." (Rom. 9:33)

Bush Nazi Report
by Bobby Meade Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007 at 1:47 PM
rsm86 (at)

Summary: Nazi death doctors everywhere! Stopping stupidity in the making. Bush Daddy says, "W murdered Saddam Hussein!" Bobby Meade "You moved on your kid! I just report on it!"

Sensing an abnormally strong Bush Nazi presence in the northern Midwest, I believe that the Nazis are trying to conceal that has been a stronghold of Nazism since the Second Reich, preying on anyone who challenges their stupidity. Don't forget that the Nazis are the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots!

2/10/07 Trying to get the attention of Minnesota IMC last night, I mentioned the Wisconsin Death Trip article of October 2001, telling them that just like the population of the Wisconsin town mentioned in the original Wisconsin Death Trip, going through the chemicalmongering madness of the Second Reich, the world of today is going through the chemicalmongering madness of the Bush Nazis of the Third Reich. And don't forget that Hitler didn't die until 2001. If you find the pictures of the dead children of the original Wisconsin Death Trip, note that these people were probably trying to make clear that these were healthy children. Below is my Wisconsin Death Trip of October 2001:

My Daddy said that Madison, Wisconsin made a bad move when they said that that they wanted local news only on their IMC site. I told them that I planned to write next on the "Wisconsin Death Trip", a book that I had read in the late seventies. When I went looking for this book, I discovered that it had disappeared from the library at the house where I had read it. At the library on campus I discovered that they had eight or more copies of it; but I realized that this was not the book that I was looking for but a reprint of a book by this name from the 1920s. The book that I was looking for was published in the early seventies, and it had recent pictures of dying people in Wisconsin in the second half of the twentieth century. I also remember that most of these people were reportedly dying from respiratory illnesses. The book that I found on campus was republished in 1973 and looked remarkably similar to the book that I was looking for; but it focused solely on a period of social upheaval in a Wisconsin town in the 1890s. I suspect that the publication of the book that I was looking for compelled people to republish the original "Wisconsin Death Trip"; plus they made a movie out of it. This was all apparently done to cover up the fact that someone published a book linking the social upheaval of the 1890s to the lawless practices of the present day and age. Here I am going to point out the relationship between this period of social upheaval in the 1890s and the lawlessness of today that I have addressed in many articles.

The social upheaval of the 1890s in this town was concealed much in the same way that the lawlessness of today is in that the true motives and the nature and causes of the illnesses and the madness that afflicted this town were categorized as everyday happenings that "No Body Is Going to Do Nothing About..". In this town of the 1890s people were dying at an incredible rate. There were lynchings, roving gangs, and reports that bordered on "mass insanity among the populace". There was a recently established asylum for the insane nearby that figured heavily in the reported madness also. A notable focus of this book is the abnormal number of reported deaths and photographs of dead children who had died from typhoid fever and/or diphtheria. Now I have looked up diphtheria in the best reference books of this day and age, and I find that it probably is not what they say it is. It is written that it is a communicable bacterial illness that produces a toxin in the respiratory system that results in the formation of a membrane that asphyxiates the victims. There were allegedly vaccines produced for diphtheria; thus it is something that we never hear of today. I suspect that these children and many others were murdered by phosgene; i.e. hydrochloric acid, which I have described in detail in "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness..". It was probably a never-ending cycle of illness and death as typhoid and diphtheria ravaged the population. The wells were probably contaminated to produce the typhoid, and chlorine was probably used in attempts to disinfect households to ward off illness. Since hydrochloric acid smells like chlorine, "diphtheria" was probably coined when hydrochloric acid began to kill people who had mistaken the smell of hydrochloric acid for the relatively harmless chlorine. The painless death that resulted as the lungs filled with fluid as a result of the damage from the acid was extended and compounded by infections sometimes, and that probably led researchers to blame these deaths on bacteria. The membrane that they claimed would form in the lungs and air passageways of the victims was probably the hardened fluid and mucus that they observed in the corpses of victims. Before I reveal the probable truth behind what was happening in the 1890s in Wisconsin, lets take a look at what I have written about the lawlessness of today.

In my writings I have identified sulphur, acids, arsenic, asbestoes, petroleum, cyanic gas, calcium, false allegations, abductions, and more as the means by which the lawless ones target and eliminate anyone who "rubs them the wrong way". They are particularly proud of the fact that they can "get rid" of someone without even touching their victims, and they claim that Hitler never touched anyone either. The list of who these lawless ones are grows bigger every day. The depraved indifference to human life that was attributed to the coprophagists seems to be characteristic of all of them too. Theirs are the practices of the Nicolaitans who God has condemned (Rev. 2:6, 15). Since I revealed that militant homosexuals are those who would throw chemicals at you if you "rubbed them the wrong way", I have looked up the definition of militant homosexuals and found that they are allegedly the most vocal advocates of the homosexual cause. I revealed that the true militant homosexuals are the ones who "hang out" in the "closet" and target anyone who expresses displeasure with the vocal homosexual activists, the gay pride parades, or any other aspect of the homosexual cause. It is obvious how the same type of practice is manifested in the current war scenario as the lawless ones encourage their intended targets to support or oppose the war so that the clueless activists might be targetted (see "Do Something! Quick!; "Delusions of War"; and "America Plays War") The lawless ones will apparently move on anyone for anything that they feel can achieve or further their intentions of getting rid of those who have "rubbed them the wrong way". I have witnessed the apparent elimination of a woman who tried to get someone to address the intentional contamination of a building with asbestoes. (see Asbestoes, Asthma, and Your Rattling Last Breaths) They apparently don't even try to fabricate the diagnosis that complainers have delusions about the chemicals in the air anymore, they just say that they "died unexpectedly". Although I have revealed how the exposure of the educational deficiencies of the "Education of Fools" can put an end to the lawless incompetents wreaking havoc in the workforce; I suspect that they are working on getting legislation enacted that will prevent employers from discriminating against their stupidity. Since their chemicalmongering proclivities have played such a big role in their rise to power, the recognition of their chemicalmongering or their support of it as proof of their aspiring to be recognized as God's chosen people will help ensure that they end up at the "Love Festivals of Hooterville", where their chemicalmongering skills will be utilized in voodoo and much more. There are surely a lot of "Messiahs in the Making" in this country. "How Many Messiahs You Got?"????

So in Wisconsin in the 1890s it looks like a particularly lawless bunch came into power in this town, and they promoted the suppression of accounts of what really happened as they and their compatriots made manifest what was apparently a "Concealed Holocaust". If someone was forced from their house by chemicals or something else when they were nude, they were probably reported as being insane, and it was the end of them. If roving bands continuously harassed a person, that person would probably be declared insane if he or she spoke out about it. The probable intentional promotion of death and disease would further escalate the number of those diagnosed with madness. Really this was probably business as usual for a group that had probably promoted disasters such as the Black Death and the Potato Famine; but it is unique in that it happened in the U.S., it happened in a rural western area, a mental health institution was involved, and "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" were apparently involved to a large extent. Since this scenario is apparently being manifested on a global scale today, we might use this example to explain how the Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda is being made manifest worldwide as a greatly expanded version of the Wisconsin Death Trip.

From the amount of antagonism that my writings have generated in places like Madison, Wisconsin; it is probable that they are all trying to cover up the full extent of the "Silent Murder Epidemic" that they are waging against the locals in such places. Of course you know that "there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed"(Mt. 10:26) and that is "Why They Love Bob Meade So Much"; but you have to thank them for giving me the opportunity to put Wisconsin on the "map". That version of "Wisconsin Death Trip" that I was seeking was probably a "bootleg" book that was never legally published; but it apparently did compel the original book to be republished. Until the wicked are no more (Ps. 37); trust no one (Mic. 7:5). Hasta luego, adios.

PS: Fiction? "Wisconsin Death Trip" is probably classified as fiction because there were and are continuous efforts to suppress accounts of what happened. On the other hand we have fabrications like the "Warren Commission Report" being presented as fact. Try reporting on the Storm Troopers rubbing out the "Jesus Freak Kid", JFK, and see how far you get. So do we call the "WDT" a conspiracy(Is. 8:12)? We would do no such thing! After all, God has thought up a calamity from which these people will not remove their necks (Mic. 2:3). These Zionists, Nicolaitans and lawless holy-wannabes of the renegade Jacob, George Herbert Walker Bush (Mic. 1:5) have all aspired to be God's chosen people; thus they are destined to continue their "games" at the Love Festivals of Hooterville. Surely God will be pleased!

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

Hitler's Health Care (11/3/07) A Forum Topix post with introduction and comments. To access US Forum Topix, type City and/or State Forum Topix.

The chemicalmongering madness of the Second Reich continues today with the chemicalmongering madness of the Bush Nazis of the Third Reich, resulting in Nazi death doctors everywhere. "Woe to those who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation. (Amos 6:1-14) Wicked men are found among my people. They set a trap, they catch men. They know no bounds in deeds of wickedness." (Jer. 5:26, 28-29) This refers to those in the medical profession, posing as good Samaritans; i.e. "angels of light" (2 Cor. 11:14) Heed my words and I will tell you great and hidden things you do not know. Do you doubt the truth of Hitler's Health Care as has been transmitted to you from Bush Daddy's own mouth and ears? If you don't believe what I say about Bush Daddy saying such stuff, consider that he wears an electronic bracelet a la "Dick Tracy" that broadcasts whatever he says, hears, or thinks to me via the computer chip that they implanted in me at Georgetown Medical Center after they broke a hairline fracture in the Emergency Room 6/3/95. In fulfillment of God's word, the sin of his mouth lets him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13). As I have written, these chemicals, calcium, sulphur, acid, anthrax, arsenic, phosgene, wormwood, asbestoes, etc. cause numerous ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimers, flu, Parkinson, asthma, whooping cough, thyroid disorders, pneumonia, etc. This arises from "Hitler's Health Care", for they used the concentration camps to determine what effects many chemicals had on people, and most of the resulting information has been suppressed so that the medical field may prey on people. The medical profession is set up to treat these ailments without regard to the cause. If you mention the chemicals, you are likely to be picked up for having delusions. A lot of these chemicalmongering Bush Nazis worship Moses because such stuff came via him. The first plague of Ex. 9:3 produced the dead animals that produced the spores (soot) Ex. 9:8 of the second plague, Ex. 9:9-10, the dead horses of World War I produced the lethal flu epidemic of 1918 that infected one-fifth of the world population. Anthrax is a Biblical Greek word from Exodus 9:9; Deut. 28:27. I've seen pictures of Anthrax spores, round with pointed bumps on them, looking remarkably similar to alleged pictures of the AIDS virus that I have seen. Note 10/23 NY Daily News piece on Anthrax vaccine: They say that it is a virus when it is bacteria. As revealed in Anthrax: An Ancient Scourge, it is the toxicity of the spores that is the issue. What can a vaccine do? What is in it? What is in the flu vaccine if every flu has been Anthrax? As I have mentioned, the Karposi Sarcoma of the early AIDS epidemic was cutaneous Anthrax, and I witnessed similar sores on an Irish lad who was apparently infected by handling dead animals at Cornell Vet School, which was illegally producing the stuff. Bush Daddy said that breast cancer was also caused by Anthrax and that skin lesions of cutaneous Anthrax were used to convince women that the cancer had migrated to lumps within the breasts. The same probably holds true for all cancers in targetted individuals. "Work to rule" and communication glitches assure that these murderous practices are never exposed. As you should know, according to the foolproof plan of the Serpent of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Head doesn't know what the Tail is doing and the Tail doesn't know what the Head is doing. Stupidity rules! This favorite method of operation from ancient times has been bolstered by the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim(Numbers 25:1-4), giving us a word that means feces. (Seek out my Coprophagia Rules article while it may be found.) Bush Daddy says that he has been a poophead for seventy years. Is that the seventy year reign of the King of Babylon? (Jer. 25:11-16) 70 years of brushing people off, saying they are too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions their stupidity. From FDR to JFK (Jesus Freak Kid, they called him) to W, Bush Daddy has been in control.

Is this a Bush Nazi stronghold? Does the private army of the Bush Nazis prey on the people who read me? In a probable response to my futile attempts to obtain a positive xray of the computer chip in my knee, my new homeopathic doctor did a digital exam then obtained an elevated PSA reading from a blood test. Upon inspecting a 2003 diagnostic technique book, I learned that a blood test was not supposed to be taken for four weeks after a digital exam. It appears that if you touch the prostate, it increases PSA levels immediately and for a long time after; plus Bush Daddy says that there is no recovery from a biopsy. I learned from 2005-6 medical books that six core samples of the prostate via the rectum are the norm. As a result of this, I conclude that most alleged prostate cancers are bacteria infections that never subside. 200,000 new US cases per year! Is the whole digital exam and prostate cancer scenario based on manipulated PSA levels? To top it off the Bush Nazis have been dumping calcium chemicals that cause urgent urination, a symptom that leads to digital exams. Furthermore comedocarcinoma and carcinoma, alleged roving cancer cells, also sound like bacteria infections most likely promoted by medicines. Keep in mind that carcinoma has allegedly been here for over fifty years. Note that patients are told to bring their medicines to the office probably so that they can be confiscated and destroyed if the medicine has had its desired effect; thus it can never be proven what was in it. Also Bush Daddy says that the labs are staffed by poopheads. I have seen alleged illustrations of prostate cancer, describing the disintegration of cells by the alleged cancer and that is what bacteria does, not cancer. How long will you serve the Bush Nazi god, i.e. their stupidity?(Deut. 13:6-9) Nazi death doctor, Nicky Exarchou has been practicing as a psychiatrist specializing in electroshock with the license of a Greek thoracic surgeon, Exarhos #418-02 since the first Bush administration. I just checked and discovered that he is now getting by with #165-01, in Psychiatry from Univeristy Libre Bruxelles Medecine 1978, allegedly licensed here in 1985. I have determined that a doctor's license represents the number of the school that he or she graduated from. Before this he was practicing without one. The Granada Corporation, the largest corporation there ever was, was founded on Nicky's Holocaust earnings. "Let me take care of your money while you get in this boxcar." Just received the blood test results that claim a high PSA from United Health Services. They reveal 46 measurements or readings from blood tests in 2007 and 2006, and the 2006 test never happened. Since UHS is part of United Health Care, which is part of the Granada Group; i.e. what they now call Granada Corporation; I can only conclude that this is Nicky's way of trying to get at me and that UHS is in the business of honoring bogus medical degrees like Nicky's. Since they continue throwing their chemicals, saying they are harmless, not understanding that any chemical in a high concentration will kill you within seconds; it is time to realize that it is attempted murder, punishable by death. It is not worth impeaching or holding such people guilty (Zech. 11:5). There is no way that they are going to stop throwing these chemicals, for that is their covenant with death (Is. 28:15); thus Bush Daddy's solution for Sarah and Jennifer is probably the best one for them, i.e. the woodchipper. "Piece or peace, whichever comes first." My distinguished Illini counsel, Len Cleary said that. For the past year they have been dumping calcium chemicals on me relentlessly 24 hours a day, hundreds of tons, saying that it is harmless stuff like sulphur. Hypercalcemia with the resultant kidney stones is inevitable, for there is no way that the body can eliminate that much calcium; thus I am finding that more calcium chemicals result in excruciating pain while it doesn't seem to affect those around me.(Hos. 13:13; Mic. 4:9-10) The solution for these Bush Nazi "poison control" centers that phone in chemical air strikes on the general populace and the aircraft dumping the stuff is to contaminate these locations with the same stuff that they have been dumping to the point where they seek help from Hitler's Health Care, then watch what happens when these places are quarantined. Do you know what they say about Hitler? "Hitler never touched anybody!"

Ref. A Word from My Distinguished Illini Counsel

Bush Daddy says that my distinguished counsel also said that if you don't get rid of Nicky Exarchou immediately, it will be the end of all of you! The Granada Corporation, the largest corporation there ever was, was founded on Nicky's Holocaust earnings. "Let me take care of your money while you get in this boxcar." He himself doesn't know who he is, how much he is worth, or where he came from. Foolproof plan? Bush Daddy says that Nicky is worth trillions! Note that Comfort Hospitality Group is also part of the Granada Group. Nicky used the 418 license in 1999 to get a court order to have me injected, then had me injected five or six times a day until I couldn't walk. Since the notice of the mentioned elevated PSA level came from 425 Robinson St., Nicky's alleged office, I presumed that this office would be in the single room on the 11th floor of the State Hospital's Garvin Building, where they administered electroshock. Upon being told that there is not much in that room, I said that Nicky was probably using jumper cables hooked up to an electrical outlet. What happened in this "office" gave rise to the refrain: "They've gone "upstairs"!" Although Bush Daddy claims that my homeopathic doctor, his entire office, and his assistant who also did a digital on me (foolproof plan?) are going to get biopsies to prove how harmless they are; I say that lobotomies would be better, for I'm sure that would be an improvement. 10/26 Bush Daddy claimed today that he proved that the medical profession still listens to his poophole; i.e. the one between his ears. I went to a specialist that I have been to before. He did a digital and claimed there was slight enlargement. He dismissed what I showed him from the 2003 book that revealed elevated PSA levels from the digital and told me to report for another blood test in two days. I mentioned the six core samples being the norm for a biopsy, and he said, "More!" I asked him how they could sterilize the rectum, and he wouldn't answer. I then asked him if he had ever seen prostate cancer and explained that the illustrations that I've seen sure looked like bacteria. He dismissed that too and said, "I'll see you in three weeks." So it goes. 10/29 Bush Daddy said that this doctor said that there is no such thing as prostate cancer. It's probably the same story with breast cancer; lethal biopsies? "Let me feel it! I can fix it!" I was told to go to the American Cancer Society today and ask for pictures of cancer. I can imagine, "You must have cancer! You better come with us!" 11/26 They are trying to make the bogus blood tests an issue again.

Even though every other poophead in this town seems to have a key to my apartment, they've been digging at my door like they were trying to jimmy the lock. As revealed by pill packets that I place in the door to detect entry, they have entered that place @ 500 times to throw chemicals etc. in the past year. On 10/23 they filled the place with ethylene dibromide, something like that. Toxic as hell! Even though they've been bugging me nonstop for the past 11 years, they feel that they have to send a special Bush Nazi message like that; and they've been keeping it up every day 11/11. 11/13 Bush Dadddy says that the 500 illegal entries were an attempt to get me to put a padlock and chain on the inside, so that the door could not be opened with the door key alone. He says that is illegal, but that was the only way to keep them out in Ithaca and DC; plus Gigi allegedly bit a guy who stuck his hand through the chained door.

PS to DC: Make W prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he ever graduated from any place. There is no way any school would pass someone who mangles the language like that. It is not anything other than his old man having fried his brain @ 55 years ago. Put an end to this teleprompting or wireless transmission (ear receiver?) of every single word that he says. I bet that you will find that he talks like a moron or worse all the time. Bush Daddy says that VP Cheney has been W's "voice", er, i.e. brains. Poopheads! Food for the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth! (Ez. 39:17) That's God's plan! Do you have a better use for them? 10/29 Bush Daddy says that having a dunce in the White House is proof that poopheads are in control. I bet W is functionally illiterate! 10/31 Have you proven that yet? Bush Daddy says that I was wrong to put Gigi, my wolf bred Bangor German Shepherd to sleep when false bite reports from the Bush Nazis in DC resulted in my having to put her on a leash. Put W on a leash and show his old man what a joke it is. Gigi led an impeccable life for @ 10 years. God doesn't make a better dog. On Gigi's last day I came out of the house to find two eagles circling the house; i.e. the ultimate tribute to any living being. 11/1 "Come on W, repeat some big words! Show us how Gad damn intelligent you are!"

FYI Bush Daddy says that W was never supposed to know how stupid he is. 11/10 "There's no Gad damn way you can teach my kid anything! There's no Gad damn way you can make him understand!" Priceless foolproof plan? 11/16 Meanwhile Bush Daddy says that his kid is going crazy. I say, "Fifty-five years ago you fried his brains! It's not an issue today! All his professed emotions are bogus!" 11/16 Bush Daddy says that they don't have to reveal what they did to get a diploma. "Since when?"

Confidential to DC: Is DC Animal Control still serving the Bush Nazis? Then they should be the ones to put W on a leash. A muzzle would be nice too!

From StLcom;

Dear Just a Guy;
I don't understand what you are talking about. Are you talking aboout the moronic idiotic Bush Nazi in the White House, trying to start a war with Iran to glorify himself and the queer poopheads that now rule Iraq? Has W convinced you that he is reading those speeches that he gives? I'm deaf yet I can tell that every word he says is teleprompted. Why can't you? What part of this script don't you understand? Be specific. Furthermore I bet that if you get the tapes of Saddam's diatribes in court before they executed him, you will find that W is guilty of Treason. 11/12 Bush Daddy says, "W murdered Saddam Hussein!" Bobby Meade "You moved on your kid! I just report on it!" 11/13 Bush Daddy says, "Put W through the woodchipper." Sure beats burial!

Dear doctorjim and company;
You suggest a doctor when they are all listening to the poopheads that rule? Thirty years of schooling, and they take a hypocrites oath so that they may murder people via ignorance. If there are any doctors in this world who are going to help people, they are in school now. The medical profession is never going to recover from listening to the poopheads who control the laboratories and from enabling Hitler's Health Care to ravage the population. Go get your own head examined. BobbyMeade

"Gee! These mouthy poopheads sure sounded like they knew what they were talking about!"

The Educated Fool ll/26/07

Hola! I have returned to college campuses after thirty years and have found that there is a conspiracy to enable stupidity to thrive to an extreme. This affects students on all levels of education because imposters are forcing them out of higher education. What I say about secret access codes being used is hard to prove since universities are now closed communities with their own access systems like Cornell's Bear Access. With all work now being done on the computer, it is possible for even the stupidest people to graduate from elite universities.

Hi-Tech Fool Report: Prelude: Make W prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he ever graduated from any place. There is no way any school would pass someone who mangles the language like that. It is not anything other than his old man having fried his brain @ 55 years ago. Put an end to this teleprompting or wireless transmission (ear receiver?) of every single word that he says. I bet that you will find that he talks like a moron or worse all the time. Bush Daddy says that VP Cheney has been W's "voice", er, i.e. brains. 10/29 Bush Daddy says that having a dunce in the White House is proof that poopheads are in control. I bet W is functionally illiterate! 10/31 Have you proven that yet?

21st Century Fool

Stopping stupidity in the making.

I feel that now is a good time to reveal how the foolish Bush Nazis who worship stupidity (Deut. 13:6-9) are educated in the 21st century, since they have taken their schemes to new heights following my revelations of their techniques in "Education of Fools Exposed" and other articles, most of which are not available now. What is happening today is nothing like the "Morons America Style" of yesteryear who would just have someone like the Storm Troopers; i.e. Secret Service or Skull and Bones swear on their mother's grave that this or that degree candidate had a "brain", and the degree would appear "out of the blue". No longer can they just attend graduation and slap each other on the back and say they graduated for having attended graduation and securing a forged diploma. Now they actually have to attend the schools for four years, but the System is set up, so that even the stupidest ones can secure a diploma.

Now all of the work materializes via the computer. There are no sites availble that address any subjects in any depth. It is all generalized and dumbed down with very few details of how the knowledge became accepted as fact. As a result of this, all students are getting the same generalized information and producing nearly identical papers on whatever is called for. Even though the professors may claim to change the format each year; the new material is also generalized so that all are doing the same stuff. In steps the wannabe student with fabricated SAT scores and a mastery of computer hacking via secret access codes. Since all students are doing the same generalized work, it is a simple matter to copy another student's work and fool the professor into thinking the wannabe student produced it. Up at Cornell the students avoided the libraries where hackers ruled totally, and a similar situation probably materializes everywhere. Look up any subject on a card catalogue on the computer, and you will probably get one valid reference and a host of worthless ones; thus to seek out other pertinent material, you have to go to the stacks and browse through material with similar call numbers. In the stacks lurk the Bush Nazis who have been tracking anyone using the card catalogue; thus you will find the area of your search full of chemicals in air, usually a moderate concentration of sulphur, which will give you a headache at the very least. After a few tries at doing legitimate original research at a library, the serious student will just relent and rely totally on the generalized excuse for knowledge that is available on the computer. When it comes to testing, it is possible to obtain any test in advance if it has been typed on the computer and/or copied on a copy machine that can be accessed via a computer. This generalization of knowledge has allowed for the proliferation of stupidity in higher education to such a degree that many of the professors are the product of this dumbed down computer knowledge. An A-level paper should include new well-researched information that surprises even the professor reading it; but it probably never happens anymore. Every single interaction between computers is recorded on the Internet, and this hacking business should have been stopped long ago, but it seems like you have to use these secret access codes in order to witness intercomputer communications and such hacking. Even though the detection and elimination of such hacking is the easiest way to straighten out higher education, there are other ways that will work just as well.

As I have made clear before, let them go back to calling on students to read aloud passages from the texts. The professors will be able to see immediately what their intellectual capabilities are. Oral exams might be another foolproof answer, for just picking random material from a topic will determine if a student has a good grasp or a poor grasp of all of the material in the topic. Even in instances where the class is very large, it is still possible to determine whether or not each student knows all the material or just part of it by randomly selecting a portion of it and testing the students individually in person. Since people lacking in intelligence should have never gotten into colleges to begin with, the admissions offices certainly need to do a better job of judging who they are admitting to school. If necessary they could have the students fill out their application forms in person. Since there obviously seems to be flaws in the college board testing process for stupidity to proliferate like this, the scores should be verified via embossed test results from valid sites that cannot be altered in any way. College board tests probably cannot be printed, copied, or put on computers with Internet hookup at all without hackers accessing them. Last but not least, professors might want to vary the method and mode of testing from year to year so that a Bush Nazi could not cheat by obtaining critical information from someone who had taken the course before.

The access codes being used are from the Federal Government; thus it will probably be necessary to restrict the use of such codes in order to stop them from dreaming up another scheme to educate fools. At Cornell they have Cornell Information Technologies, which apparently trains dropouts and flunkouts, teaching them what they need to do to remain on campus and masquerade as students, hacking to their hearts delight. It's probably the same all over.

PS If you know dumkopfs are copying your work, put a few obscene lines in it, something like that. Re: Public libraries: Video cassettes are a waste of money, worthless films, and proof of illiteracy.

Elijah Evans - 12 Years After

Since the prophet Elijah was supposed to come before the day of the Lord, it was predicted that they will do with him as they have done with him in the past.(Mal. 4:5; Mt. 17:12; Mk. 9:13) As done since 12/95, I once again announced this 11/16/95 event in Wheaton (Addison), Illinois. Bush Daddy revealed that he was the one who had these guys slit Elijah from his mother's womb in an attempt to keep them from naming the baby Elijah as his mother had named him. Elijah's message was the manner in which he came into the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. As a 1943 graduate of Wheaton College, Billy Graham should have been one of the first to acknowledge that the prophet Elijah had arrived. Since the Bush Nazis have suppressed this news and cursed the earth, the same thing is going to happen all over the whole damn earth. "Samaria shall bear her guilt because she has rebelled against God... their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open." (Hos. 13:16) "Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing infants in those days!" (Mt. 24:19; Mk. 13:17; Lk. 21:23) He also said that the ones who murdered Elijah's mother never went to prison, for like Hitler's Storm Troopers, who were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and elsewhere, they were declared "too stupid to know better". Behold,... the earth shall disclose the blood shed upon her, she will conceal her slain no longer.(Is. 26:21; 5:25; Jer. 9:22) All this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs of a nation that does not get shook.(Mt. 24:8; Heb. 12:28) The sweet kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress 24/7 and posing as those who will inherit the earth are responsible for all this. Did you catch Bush Daddy crying at the Billy Graham Library dedication? Is the Grahams "rubbing shoulders" with Bush Daddy proof that they are Bush Nazis? "They set a trap, they catch men. They know no bounds in deeds of wickedness."(Jer. 5:26) They know the words that get people to accept Jesus Christ, which is a title that means, "the Messiah who saves his people", then it's "dumkopf goodbye!" "Anyone turning away from badness becomes a prey."(Is. 59:15); plus Bush Daddy says that the Grahams are not Christians themselves. This lawlessness will continue to flourish until Bush Daddy's Supreme One is taken out of the way, and Bush Daddy is revealed as the man of lawlessness, the son of perdition.(2 Thess. 2:7,3) Now the Lord's words will send them against each other: "Woe to you O destroyer! You who have not been destroyed! Woe to you O betrayer! You who have not been betrayed! When you stop destroying, you will be destroyed. When you stop betraying, you will be betrayed." (Is. 33:1) If the Bush Nazis say, "Let us go and serve other gods", which neither you nor your fathers have known, you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him; but you shall kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death.(Deut. 13:6-9) Bush Daddy says that the pregnant women are after the poopheads that impregnated them. Que pasa? Then he also said that this arises because these women have been breediing poopheads. Like was done to them, they fry their children's brains with poop. Replacing the sulphurous fire of the Bible (Gen. 19:24) with poop, they've become Egyptians, offering their children to Molech; i.e. an appalling sacrifice.(Lev. 18:21; Ez. 20:26; Is. 13:16) Of course they stuff poop in their child's mouth, saying that all kids eat poop, not understanding that the look on their faces betrays them.(Is. 3:9) According to the foremost report on coprophagia among humans, the bile duct toxins of coprophagists should be detectable in samples of their hair. The Virginia Tech shooter should have been tested for coprophagia too. Elijah's 12th birthday! Had enough of these Bush Nazis?

I am the "servant of rulers", and these rulers do not want one of those who God has condemned here when they return. (Is. 49:7; Rev. 20:4-6)

See Fools of Babylon 9/30 & Holy Smoke! Bobby Meade, which contain the two greatest creations of the English language. "I bet your woman's up in bed with Panama Red!"

Bah! Bush Nazis! Poor excuses for excrement!

Don't worry, be happy! Bush Daddy will be the best Dead King that we've ever had!

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