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Bill and Hillary Clinton did Irreparable Damage on Global Warming
18 nov 2007
Are you going to let them continue until we are no more?
Hillary Clinton is wearing pants suits to show that she wears the pants in the family. Bill Clinton appeared at a recent fundraiser in Butte, Montana wearing a kilt. Hillary Clinton is running on her track record as first lady. Why are Bill and Hillary Clinton hiding millions of pages of documents from their time in the White House? Are they afraid of tapes and emails and letters appearing from the C.E.O. of Exxon Mobil saying âDear Bill and Hillary, remember, burning fossil fuels is excellent for the environment. Should you dare deviate from this message, we will cut off the tap on your political aspirations. Yours truly, Hugo.â?

Jesus Christ said, âYou strain at gnats but you swallow camels whole.â? Gnats are little insects. Horses and camels were replaced by cars and trucks and coal burning freight trains a hundred years ago. Camels are horses with large humps which can sustain speeds of 25 miles per hour across the desert. The American people today are straining at Hillary Clintonâs stance on driverâs licenses for Mexican Americans while continuing to believe the White House lie that there is no global warming catastrophe upon us and scientists are divided on whether or not human beings are responsible for global warming.

Bill and Hillary Clinton lived together in the White House from 1993 to 2001. On December 11, 1997, 172 countries ratified the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bill and Hillary Clinton never submitted the Kyoto Protocol to the United States Senate for ratification. The United States of America under Bill and Hillary Clinton never ratified the Kyoto Protocol. Wouldnât you love to have hidden White House documents in which Hillary Clinton says to Bill Clinton, in writing and on tape, âBill, Frig Kyoto!â?

Have you noticed the close relationship between Bill Clinton and George Bush the elder? The reason that they are so close is because they both work for the same people. George Bush Sr. called the environmentalists âThe spotted owl crowd.â? He said that the environmentalists were going to cripple the economy to save the spotted owl. In response, the spotted owls declared, âWho, whoâ?. We now know who is really running the government, both the Republican and Democratic parties. Senator Mike Gravel, who ended the Vietnam War, was banned from all future Democratic debates for saying, âThe Military Industrial Complex owns our government lock, stock and barrel.â?

The oil and car company lobby group the Global Climate Coalition had Bill and Hillary Clinton nix the Kyoto Protocol. The Global Climate Coalition was formed in 1989 to combat the international Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The members of the Global Climate Coalition are Exxon Mobil aka Esso Oil, Ford Motors Cars, Royal Dutch Shell Oil, Texaco Oil, British Petroleum Oil, General Motors Cars, and Daimler Chrysler Cars.

George W. Bush hired oil industry lawyer and lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute Philip Cooney, a non scientist, who worked to oppose limits on greenhouse gas emissions to be Chief of Staff of the Council on Environmental Quality. Philip Cooney left the White House in 2005 to work for Esso, presumably not as a gas station attendant. While in the White House in 2002 to 2005 Philip Cooney doctored Scientific Government Reports which warned of the devastation of global warming to say that scientists were unsure if humans were contributing to global warming, and he removed vast portions which among other things stated that global warming was melting the Himalayan and worldwide mountain glaciers which would dry up the earthâs rivers and cause us all to die of starvation.

This year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. When the earthâs rivers shortly run dry the earthâs nuclear armed countries are going to go to war to conquer the territory with the remaining water. Thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Bush the United States with 5% of the worldâs population emits 25% of the worldâs planetary poison. The United States guzzles 20 million barrels of oil per day while next on the list China uses 2 million and over a hundred countries use a few thousand. The military and oil companies who George Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton work for have made spectacular fortunes as a result of the Iraq War, as the price of their oil skyrockets.

Reducing oil consumption and alternative eco friendly fuel sources are death to the bottom line of the American Petroleum Institute and their mouthpieces Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Bush. Their plan is to conquer the Middle East oil fields of Iraq and Iran. Unfortunately Russia and China consider the Middle East to be their backyard and they want the Middle East oil. Russia and China teamed up with North Vietnam to defeat the United States in the Vietnam War. Now Russia and China have teamed up with Iran. Russia is building nuclear reactors for Iran and giving Iran sophisticated new missiles to defeat the upcoming American attack on Iran. Hillary Clinton supports permanent American bases in Iraq and just voted for the Kyl/Lieberman law to attack Iran. It is now time for the American people to be told, âThe partyâs over, Russia, China and the 1.3 billion person Muslim world will never allow the United States to steal the Middle East oil.â?

Only when the American people understand that âThe partyâs over, Russia, China and the 1.3 billion person Muslim world will never allow the United States to steal the Middle East oilâ?, will the American people be able to break free of the reign of Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Bush and Rudy Giuliani and the American Petroleum Institute and the Military Industrial Complex who are leading the United States to lose their military in Russia, as Hitler and Napoleon did.

It has been said many times that humans suffer from boiling frog syndrome. As long as the heat of the water in the pot gets turned up slowly, the frog sits there until it boils to death. If you think that catastrophe from planetary poisoning will never happen during your lifetime then consider this:

In the coming months the hawks are going to attack Iran. Vladimir Putin has told the Russian people that the Americans are coming to conquer Russia and Russiaâs oil. The American Nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were each 50 kilotons. The 50,000 modern nuclear bombs are 100 Megatons each. Nuclear World War 3 will result in nuclear winter for one year in which the radioactive nuclear cloud will cover the tiny ball earth for one year. During this year the radioactive nuclear cloud will completely eat away the earthâs ozone layer, which when compressed is one penny thick. Without ozone to protect us from the nuclear rays of the sun lead will melt instantly as it does on the surface of Venus. Antarctica, the Arctic and Greenland will melt and the earthâs one ocean will rise permanently 100 feet, a lethal permanent radioactive soup. This is the path we are being led on by Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

Or, today, any madman could simply fire 2 100 Megaton nuclear bunker busters at West Antarctica and East Antarctica and permanemtly flood the earth under a hundred feet of water by tonight. The mainstream media needs to warn the American people of these facts immediately and keep repeating them and repeating them. Unfortunately the mainstream media is also owned by the same people who own Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, and they will continue to march us into a war which will have no survivors, as every nuclear scientist knows, and the mainstream media will continue to downplay the impending catastrophe of man made global warming because world peace and environmentalism is bad for the bottom line of their owners. This is why the mainstream media is like David Copperfield distracting us all with stories about Linday Lohan and driverâs licenses. For 5 million years human beings got along fine without nuclear bombs and cars, and now we are all about to drown in radioactive soup because we are unwilling to walk and ride horses and camels again.

Instead of voting for Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani and their nefarious idiotic backers, vote for the global green parties, who are devoted to world peace and ending planetary poisoning. Jesus Christ, the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam carved in stone, âDo not murderâ?, âDo not stealâ?, and âDo not lieâ?, otherwise I will punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.â? Your God is voting green.
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