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It’s Time to Fire Washington!
03 nov 2007
Are the Citizens of the United States asleep? What will it take to make them see our elected officials are not representing our interests and get up enough courage to step up to the plate and fire our representatives in Washington, DC?
When will United States Citizens ever decide enough is enough and fire Washington? Congress is pulling another fast one and no one is paying attention. As if wanting to control the entire population via the latest proposed commission, H.R. 1955, otherwise known as the âViolent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007,â? is a slick piece of legislation. The way it reads, we are heading straight for an Authoritarian style government (like we are not in one already!).

This new bill is to be added to Title VIII of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, another questionable piece of legislation. Where, may one ask, is representation for âWe the People?â? The vote for passage in the House of Representatives was 404 ayes to 6 nays and 22 representatives not voting. People on the right or the left think their representation is the best, but quite frankly, there is clearly little difference. Of the fifteen sponsors for this bill, eleven of them are Democrats. The bill has now moved to the Senate for approval, with its two sponsors being Republican.

The title, alone, is offensive. âHomegrown Terrorism?â? It will come as no surprise, but the language is also extremely vague. Take the very first line: âTo prevent homegrown terrorism and for other purposes.â? The Senate version has similar language: âTo establish the National Commission on the Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism, and for other purposes.â?

Honestly, ââ¦for other purposes?â? We pay these people how much and we get ââ¦for other purposesâ? in a piece of legislation governing the United States of America? Can they be more vague? Furthermore, why arenât more US citizens outraged at such unclear language?

The definitions for the phrases âviolent radicalization,â? âhomegrown terrorism,â? as well as âideologically based violenceâ? are almost as interesting as the terminology ââ¦for other purposes.â?

To radicalize means to go through sweeping change, while radicalization means to go from an active or passive stance to one of a more militaristic or intense stance. Are they talking about the United States citizens or the US government? Our government has taken on a vastly more violently radicalized stance in this War on Terror, but, so far, the citizens are taking a more peaceful approach, that of public protests. Do they mean to say that these protests are somehow violently radicalizing? I attended the rather large End the War rally in Washington DC on September 15, 2007, and it wasnât violent at all. In fact, it was inspiring!

What about the oh-so-cleverly coined phrase âideologically based violence?â? According to the framers of this piece of legislation, this string of words is to mean the âuse, planned use or threatened use of force or violence by a group or individual to promote the group or individualâs political, religious or social belief.â? First of all, planned use? Are they now referring to thought crimes? Secondly, what about the threats of government to try and force the Real ID card on us, or vaccines, or the loss of our civil liberties? Would that not fall under this same category? If so, it appears to me the first casualty of this new legislation should beâ¦The USA PATRIOT Act!

In light of these definitions, one must wonder if the current Congress would see our founding fatherâs actions as homegrown terrorism using violent radicalization and ideologically based violence to set our country free from the tyrannical government of England. Better yet, can the citizens of the United States consider the current administration as using violent radicalization and ideologically based violence to promote their agenda around the world or promote an idea, here at home?

This is sounding more and more like the War on Terror is coming home, and not in a good way! The internet has been sited as an aid in âfacilitating violent radicalizationâ¦.â? (Our government hasnât figured out a way to take a controlling interest in the internet yet, now have they?) Also, according to HR 1955, preventing such behavior cannot be readily brought about by the âtraditional Federal intelligence or law enforcement efforts.â? They plan to include state and local efforts, as well as including the US Postal Service and university-based Centers of Excellence, these latter being established by the Secretary of Homeland Security. This Commission sounds like it is being governed byâ¦The USA PATRIOT Act!

If Iâm not mistaken, though, I do believe President Bush did say, ââ¦either you are with us, you are with the terrorists.â? In light of the growing disenchantment of the US citizens with regards to this illegal war, does that make United States citizens the enemy of the United States government it elects? Apparently so, hence the need for this commission and legislation!

This newly proposed ten member Commission for the prevention of these so-called violent radicalizations, homegrown terrorists, and ideologically based violent groups and individuals is going to look toward governments in other countries that have knowledge and âsignificant experienceâ? in dealing with such behavior, such as the UK, Canada and Australia. We know that the UK is one of the most surveilled countries on the planet and Canada was financially worse off than the US, until recently. I guess I didnât realize the UK, Canada, and Australia had such problems with their citizens behaving so badly!

It is past time for us, as good US Citizens, to hold our elected officials responsible for the shoddy legislation they are enacting, especially since they are enacting it on our behalf! When will we learn? When will we take up the fight for our own freedoms? When will we be educated enough to realize we need to fire our representatives in Washington and find a better way to preserve our way of life that doesnât include thousands of pieces of unnecessary legislation?

Endnotes: House of RepresentativesText of H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 House Vote for HR 1955 Senate Text of S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 Radicalization is the transformation from passiveness or activism to more revolutionary, militant or extreme postures. Radicalization is often associated with youth, adversity, alienation, social exclusion, poverty or the perception of injustice to self or others. Radicalize-change fundamentally: to undergo fundamental change, or introduce sweeping change in something. Make or become politically radical: to adopt politically radical views or cause somebody to do this. Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People Documentary âOne Nation Under Siegeâ? Homeland Security Centers of Excellence View the trailer for the upcoming 2008 documentary, âWashington, Youâre Firedâ?
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