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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
17 activistes arrestats sense dret a fiança a Nova Zelanda. Més de 300 policies entren a les cases
20 oct 2007
En una onada de massiva repressió governamental, més de 300 policies, en molts casos armats, entrant a cases arreu del país (Aotearoa / Nova Zelanda) el 15 d'octubre, realitzant 17 detencions. Ordres de recerca-i-captura van ser portades a terme a Auckland, a Whakatane, a Ruatoki, a Hamilton, a Palmerston North, a Wellington i a Christchurch. La policia també està buscant al voltant de 60 persones per a interrogatori. Els arrestats són tots activistes dels moviments Tino Rangatiratanga(, pacifistes i ambientalistes. Un activista de Tino Rangatiratanga, Tame Iti va ser dels primers detinguts, capturat a les 4 de la matinada a casa seva. A les 6 am registres policials es dugueren a terme en un centre social anarquista a Auckland [ Ordre de Recerca ] i al centre comunitari de Wellington [ Video::] A Tuhoe Country, el poble de Ruatoki va ser bloquejat per forces armades durant diverses hores sense permetre l'accés de vehicles, molts dels quals van ser revisats, inclòs un autocar escolar ple de nens. 14 dels detinguts van tenir audiències en les corts dels jutjats d´Auckland, Rotorua i Wellington la mateixa tarda i a tots se'ls va negar la fiança. Els noms de tots excepte dos van ser mantinguts en secret. Tots han estat acusats sota l'Acta d'Armes amb diversos càrrecs relacionats a suposades possessions d'armes i municions.


De totes bandes: qualsevol correu enviat a lettersforprisoners ARROBA serà imprés i lliurats als detinguts

Auckland: Un grup de solidaritat s´ha format

Wellington: una reunió per a discutir constructivament una reacció i una manifestació solidària es durà a terme en la Cort de Districte de Wellington

Christchurch: Una protesta solidària es durà a terme a Cathedral Square

Melbourne, Austràlia: Manifestació en suport als detinguts al Consulat General de Nova Zelanda


Entrevista amb Annette Sykes, advocada de Tame Iti
Video del telenotícies
Indymedia de Aotearoa per als últims esdeveniments

This work is in the public domain


Re: 17 activistes arrestats sense dret a fiança a Nova Zelanda. Més de 300 policies entren a les cases
20 oct 2007
A report on world wide repression
from Bologna to New Zealand

On Saturday 13 October at around 04:00 am, in Piazza Verdi, Bologna,
Italy, a girl was sleeping. Police officers awoke her and told her to
leave. The Police judged her attitude to be "abnormal" when she refused,
and called a team of Psychiatric nurses who, facilitated by the police,
tried to force her into an ambulance for Obligatory Sanitary Treatment, or
in other words, to be committed to a psychiatric prison.
5 by standing individuals tried to obstruct the nurses and police in
solidarity with the girl who was not consenting to being put into the
vehicle. She had committed no crime and therefore legally had the right to
refuse to be taken.

More police arrived and responded with violence beating 2 of the 5 and
also drawing a gun on them. After a struggle, the other 3 individuals
managed to escape onto via S. Vitale where police found them, beat them
badly, handcuffed and arrested them. The noises woke up some residents who
tried to stop the police violence and almost got arrested themselves.

A witness contacted Blackout Radio (Torino) in order to tell the facts
directly: he confirmed the violence from the police to the 5 and that
during the scuffle one police officer lost his hand cuffs and concluded
with out reason that one of the individuals had stolen them.

The accusations against the five are heavy:
Theft of police property (handcuffs),
property damage (of the vehicle into which a girl was been forced)
and resisting arrest.
3 are in detention and have been moved to the jail of the Dozza.
And 2 have been put into house arrest.

On the following night at around 1:00am 6 people were arrested in the
Bologna University district suspected of graffiti and detained for 36
One of the girls was released after 12 hours or so as she was under 18
years old. The other Woman was held in solitary confinement for 28 hours
in a tiny cell aprox. 3 by 2 meters with blood and shit smeared all over
the walls... the others were denied food, water and toilet for more than
12 hours straight...

They were brought to court Tues 16th, and over 12 more hours of detention
and process, charged under Terrorism acts with: destroying a Bank-o-mat
ATM machine, damaging an ancient stone, smashing a butcher window and a
whole mismatching assortment of graffiti in diverse locations and with
diverse materials including things which happened after their official
time of arrest.
(The judge was the same who some months before tried to charge a group of
people under Terrorism acts for squatting a house! The defendants won that
case though.)

Enragingly, 2 of the 5 were sentenced to 10 months in prison because
they had past records in Italy for "political crimes". The other 3 were
let free under the conditions that they stay out of Bologna for 4
The police, lawyers and judge were not interested in proving who did what,
or if any one of these individuals did any of these crimes. It was stated
clearly in the court in so many words: Than these individuals need to be
punished for the ideas and beliefs they supposedly have against the state
and for anarchy, and because of their supposed connection to other
recently arrested "Anarchist Terrorists" in Bologna (referring to the 5
from the Piazza Verdi incident).
The only reason the 3 released were not sent to prison, it would seem, is
because there wasn't enough proof in past records that they believed in

Twice in the hours the group were detained, a manifestation of 40 or so
people passed the police detention center in solidarity with all prisoners
shouting: TUTTI LIBERE!! (Free them all!!)

Out side the court there were lines of anti-riot police blocking the
entrance and 20 or so people were waiting in solidarity, some of them had
been there for over 12 hours....
Once the 2 sentenced to prison had been driven away the manifestation
moved to the prison to continue an all night vigil of solidarity, throwing
fireworks against the prison walls and shouting for the companer@s inside
to hear.

Another individual in Switzerland was arrested this week accused of
painting a message on an Italian embassy in solidarity with the situation
in Bologna, but has been released.

The Italian news coverage has been shallow and sensational. Only
reinforcing the lies and opinions of the court and police. Fascist
journalists seem to be the only ones there are, or the only ones
interested in this story. And to top it all off, the Left political party
of Italy has extended its official solidarity to the Bologna Police
department, having been attacked by anarchist terrorists.

In these same days in New Zealand many activists from indigenous rights
and environmental campaigns around NZ have been arrested under new
Terrorism and Weapons acts. The police raided social centers and homes all
over the country.
The arrested are being detained waiting for trials to begin, denied bail
and under name suppression. There is an international day of solidarity
declared for Saturday 27th of Oct. Many demos of solidarity have been
taking place all over NZ and also in Australia, Germany and Greece.
for more info visit:

or to express yourself to the prime minister of NZ :
Helen Clark
> Telefono: +64 4 471 9998
> Fax: +64 4 473 3579
> Email: pm ARROBA

The names of those in prison in Bologna are:
Juan Antonio Sorruche Fernandez (Juan)
Miroslav Bogunovic(Bogu)
Andrea Tessarin (Texino)
Cristian Facchinetti (Faco)
Federico Razzoli (Fede)

Letters of support can be sent to:
C.C. La Dozza
Via del Gomito, 2
40127, Bologna, Italia

We know well which are the real crimes of our friends and companions:
To have chosen with courage to stand up against this system of legal
violence, repression and exploitation.
Being conscious that fighting is necessary in order to not be silent
accomplices in the injustices of our societies.
Resistance is not Terrorism. Terrorism in its original conception is a
political tactic for a government to use to control its people.
We will not be frightened by the terrorism of the state... we have an
international community based on solidarity that extends beyond the logic
of capital and forges connections in a web unfathomably diverse and
To the arrested goes solidarity and affection from all around the world.
No one is free while anyone is behind bars!!!

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