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Why is George Bush Alienating America Russia China India Muslims et al
17 oct 2007
Does anyone know the answer?
One of George Bushâs favorite sayings is that the United States in Iraq is but one member of âthe coalition of the willingâ?. It turns out that George Bush is paying 30 nations hundreds of millions of dollars each to send three non combat soldiers each to Iraq to build the fiction that the United States has international backing in Iraq. In fact Kofi Annan called George Bush a war criminal for invading Iraq.

On 9/11 the United States of America had the support and the goodwill of the entire world. According to the Oxford Research Group George Bushâs retaliatory Crusade against Islam, his war on terror aka his war on Islam has backfired and fueled more and more terrorist extremists. George Bush is acting like a bull in a China shop, deliberately alienating every country in the world, including his own. The key question is why is he doing this? Does anyone know? I personally have no idea. Maybe you could explain it to me. Is he just a madman, stupid, insane, or is their a method to his madness?

Not content with alienating Afghanistan and Iraq, George Bush is now threatening to nuke Iran. One would think that George Bush would need Russia as an ally in any attack on Iran but instead George Bush is doing everything he can to alienate Russia. Why is George Bush installing nuclear missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland? Doesnât the European Union have radar? This move has so infuriated Vladimir Putin that he is threatening to aim Russiaâs nuclear arsenal at Europe. Vladimir Putin has called George Bushâs policies unrestrained out of control violence and he has likened George Bush to Adolf Hitler. This has led Vladimir Putin to form a strategic alliance with Iran.

Another country which could be a key U.S. ally is China. Today despite the strong opposition of China George Bush entertained the Dalai Lama in the White House. China has now called for a strong Iran. Another key American ally Turkey has just recalled their ambassador from Washington and is now threatening to use the second largest army in NATO to invade the American colony of Iraq. India has now backed out of their agreement to purchase nuclear reactors from the United States because they fear getting too close to George Bush. Now that George Bushâs poodle Tony Blair has left office the United Kingdom has left Basra and has only 2,500 troops remaining in Iraq.

The country which loathes George Bush the most is the United States of America. Thanks to George Bush lying us into Iraq under false pretenses and manufactured evidence George Bush has crippled the American military, run up a $10 trillion deficit for the next generation to choke on, sent the dollar into a free fall, sent oil through the roof, sent our jobs overseas, and has left the U.S. with no money for education, health care or social security. For those people who thought that the master of Katrina would conquer the Middle East oil fields, he has now been checkmated by a strategic alliance of Russia, China and Iran. The Muslim world wants his head for launching a Crusade against them in 2003. The simple question which I pose to you is why is George Bush deliberately alienating the United States of America from Russia, China, India, the Muslim World, and the people of the United States of America? Does anyone know? If so, please tell me. Iâm very curious to know the answer.
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