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02 oct 2007
To standardise democracy is no equality, but fundamental discrimination - also when all are equally discriminated
Rotter (rotten) dam

I have had moments on the beach that I saw what kind of things have happened in the past and how I was left alone totally by everyone, including masters of wisdom, when I got a handicap.
Benjamin Creme says it would be preposterous anyway to expect a kind of loyalty from these masters (of Maitreya), and this is what my brother said at the time.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown recently by certain negative patterns I seem to attract. And my health was not so great, my heart. The last few years I made an effort to save some things I lived for which were never accepted.

Even as I went shopping for the first time in my life in a certain provincial town, the same day the front page of the local newspaper opened that a new safety plan will be worked out in the next two years to improve safety in the shops there. When I had to pass Rotterdam in the Netherlands by the Underground (Metro), I read that only certain passes, identity cards, will be accepted soon to enter.
These passes are fabricated from greed, in cooperation with banks.
So I can't pass here again or visit my mother in the future. I cannot handle even the supermarket with their passes for a discount and security guards. Really, these things give me heartbeats and heart trouble. The semi intimidation of these empty people is heart wrenching who make this control seem sexy. Many people start talking to me in a supermarket, often in an inquisitive tone of course, for they cannot do anything else to lift their own self-esteem than put the other down kindly and dirty your aura by direct or indirect suggestion, whereas everywhere else it will take ten years or so to get a normal conversation with anyone anywhere, if at all. People can not use their brains anymore outside the shop. It even seems they cannot think for themselves, independently, at all. They are so lonely outside the shop that they are even pretending and competing inside. And if you stand in the cue with just a few things, you are ridiculed.
The reason people cannot think is also why there are so many accidents in traffic. Also here more rules won't help, they will confuse more. And the rules in traffic have been a model for those concerning public health and smoking and much more. This is all imitation.
Another element regarding this obsession with regulation and passes and so on, is hygiene, a kind of concern of mainly women in politics - (being forced to): always carry a tampon and frequently check.

I got a fine near the train station (Central Station) in Amsterdam for smoking, from a police woman, very intimidating. I walked the corridor underneath connecting two public roads, and lit a cigarette, and realised it might not be allowed to smoke either here (which I knew it wasn't on the quay), but I didn't want to throw the cigarette on the floor, so I took it in my mouth when I was outside the station and was arrested by these two women. I disagreed and they warned me that I would lose all my civil rights if I would make one more comment.
Some genius, a woman, once said to me that if I always get problems it could be saying something about me. That is true, but this 'something' has been not only used as a negative indication by many people, also friends until then, when something negative happened, this explanation itself was the main line in these negative occurrences, supposedly my own projection according to these mentally lazy people who can easily give a kick in the back in this way for no reason at all.

Many have contributed to this character assassination. I don't want to revenge, but it is the truth. The only spiritual idea from the West is that of negative projection in clinical psychology: alike attracts alike or creates alike. In the East which is more esoteric and closer to the truth, it is said that the more light attracts the more darkness. The analogy in thought and speech is that the more you think or see and speak the truth the more lies you get in response, if people have nothing to give.
So we can start and keep lying for a long time. For this is the truth.
This is also why the State is constantly pestering through its army of dumb people boasting and pretending in their silly power game, playing the boss in the street, but being nothing more than volunteering slaves, sadomasochists and perverts.
It is recommendable that the police will get a number on their back again, as in the past, so that they can be more easily identified if there are complaints about them instead of the other way round.

An innocent man in Amsterdam was forced to quit his job as a photographer because he had a parrot on his back, with which people can be photographed. Keeping a parrot in this way was seen as mistreatment of animals. Whatever it is, let us compare this sentimental type of justice to what is really taking place in the animal world as well as the world of humans, and then start a discussion about morals. But leave out the police. They only like discussions which were set-up and they can only win, a form of contemporary politics and humiliation. In the Pyrenees in Spain, farmers were not allowed anymore to throw animal cadavers before the vultures that had already nearly become extinct in the last century if no measures had been taken, and so they spread around Europe. This rule was made by bureaucrats in Brussels, unoriginal people who have learnt to speak a few words, like parrots - also to protect animals from abuse. But who are the vultures?

When people start protecting people, we must suspect them.

Since Europe has become unified and communism disappeared, a certain check on our conscience was gone. Europe tends to even commercialise more than the United States in some fields like public services. People do not even understand what competition is. So manipulated and drilled they are in a pseudo morality of competing, that they don't see this is what they are doing and demanding of others, which makes it really criminal. It is a form of control, no personal choice or freedom, the free market; it is lack of imagination and common sense. Men don't even trust you if you don't compete with them, emotionally, for their own wives as it were. Women don't even understand if you don't crave them, and their arrogance is a rejection from pretence aimed at thin air and no reality at all. What society can live which is based on no reality? Is this emancipation? In this way people constantly both humiliate each other and themselves. Only dying people are safe. Fearful, people are trying to show they are not afraid. How can one stand this degradation? The only form of self-respect and romance is gained from the police going after you. There have been times that police didn't even exist. But there is no use getting rid of them if everyone is controlling one another.

Life has no meaning in this way. One can not put the disrupted pieces of society together by a million discounts of a penny and petty passes, just because you don't have a car or a wife. Neither does it help to make the fine ten times higher for urination in the street, as planned in Rotterdam. A police officer even feels no shame to catch an adult in the act of pissing, and he orders him to stop immediately. I have seen it happen.
Who are the ones who are shameless?

As far as the masters, they cannot be controlled, and they use different names and modes of appearance, or a messenger, exactly to avoid instilling official habits, or status or pretence in people's minds. The requirement to carry a pass is a reaction against this only, and it therefore concerns the meaning of life, which is interfered with.

That is probably why I am ill.

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