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The Temple of Love Endorses the Global Green Parties
27 set 2007
It’s a matter of survival.
The fox in âThe Little Princeâ? said âWords are a source of misunderstanding.â? In a world where human beings are quickly poisoning the components of which human beings are made of, earth, water and air to death, when it comes to planetary poisoning the people of the United States have put George Bush, the fox in charge of the hen house.

Today The Temple of Love â The World Peace Religion renamed âGlobal Warmingâ?, âPlanetary Poisoningâ?. George Bush was quick to react negatively. The President of the United States and his partner King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are oil guys. The more oil that is burned the more money they make. This is why the White House staff has continually doctored the scientific research to say that scientists are divided on whether or not global warming is even going on.

You can add this to the Presidentâs lies that the United States had to conquer Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from imminently attacking the United States with nuclear weapons, that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, and that Natalie Maines had a yeast infection.

Often times words are a source of misunderstanding because often words have many meanings. The environmental movement has suffered greatly because of their use of the words âenvironmentâ? and âglobal warmingâ?. To many people the word âenvironmentâ? conjures up images of mentally ill people. This is why oil man George Bush Sr. referred to the environmentalists as âThe Spotted Owl Crowdâ?. To many people, especially those living in the north, âGlobal Warmingâ? sounds like a good thing. To these people global warming means longer summers and less snow to shovel in the winter. The second that you abolish the name âGlobal Warmingâ? and replace it with the words âPlanetary Poisoningâ? it doesnât sound so good anymore. Let George Bush sit behind his desk in the oval office and tell the world that the scientists are divided on whether âPlanetary Poisoningâ? is going on. Let him wrap his lips around the exhaust pipe of his SUV for 10 minutes and then tell the world that âPlanetary Poisoningâ? is a myth.

Before Johnnie Cochrane (PBUH), Clarence Darrow was the finest lawyer in America. Clarence Darrow said, in a time when you were not allowed to use the word âDamnâ?, âThere are damn few words in the English language that people understand so we damn well better use all of them.â?

Human beings have become so refined, so sophisticated, so civilized, such city dwellers, that they have forgotten where they came from and that they are just animals. Several years ago there was a girl by the name of Monica Lewinsky and a man by the name of Bill Clinton. The two engaged in some hanky panky in the oval office. As a result of this, the American people spent a year glued to their television sets watching the trial of Bill Clinton. President Clinton sat behind his desk in the oval office and told the world, âI did not have sexual relations with that woman.â?

The prosecutor in the case drew up a seven line definition of the words âsexual relationsâ?. Had Ken Starr merely said to President Clinton, âBill, did she suck you off?â? the United States would have been spared a year of baloney. After all, the special prosecutor had the smoking dress.

Our grandparents lived in the jungle. Snakes bit their legs and injected deadly venomous poison into their bloodsystems and killed them. Every Bible Scholar knows that Greek Authors wrote the New Testament, which says that âIf you have faith, poison cannot harm you.â? This led to the annual kool aid festival in Jonestown.

An environmentalist sounds like a person who hypnotizes enviros. Actually it is a person who works to prevent the poisoning to death of the earthâs air, water and soil and the exhaustion, elimination of the earthâs natural resources, like trees, air and water. The word âloveâ? means âDo not hurt yourself or others.â? The Temple of Love has now renamed the word âenvironmentalistâ?, âSaviorâ?. Become a Savior. People do not know that the New Testament was written in Greek by Greek authors and that Jesus Christ flying down from Heaven on his flying horse to conquer the Devil and save the world is a dead on plagiarism of the Greek myth of Prince Bellerophon flying on his flying horse Pegasus and defeating the part snake, part goat, part lion Chimera. Because of this, 2 billion Christians and 1 billion Muslims are waiting for their Messiah Jesus Christ to fly down from Heaven and end âPlanetary Poisoningâ?, when all they would have to do to end planetary poisoning forever is to immediately stop poisoning the air, water and earth. Is this too simple? Itâs not like trying to make a downhill sidehill 10 foot putt on glass greens for the U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

Similarly, the way to achieve everlasting peace on earth is today at the United Nations 200 people agree to stop fighting forever. Is that too simple? Nuclear World War 3 will soon surround the tiny ball called âEarthâ? in a radioactive poisonous cloud for one year. The sun will be blotted out from the sky for one year of nuclear winter as the rain pours down poison radioactivity which will permanently poison the air, water and soil forever causing the extinction of all life on earth forever. The radioactive cloud will eat all of the ozone in the atmosphere causing ultraviolet summer, so that the nuclear rays of the sun will melt lead on the earthâs surface as it does on Venus, causing the extinction of all life on earth forever. Every nuclear scientist including Dave Pelz knows that Nuclear World War III will have zero survivors.

The 6th Commandment of God of Mount Sinai is âDo Not Murder.â? This means do not kill the components we are all made of, earth, water and air by poisoning them to death. From now on pollution shall be named poisoning. The poisoning of our home the Earth by human beings is already murdering and injuring millions of men, women and children of every race and religion every year. Poison does not discriminate. Here are the Earthâs 10 most poisoned places and fascinating real live Erin Brockovich accounts of death, disease, cancer and birth defects already in your city. The poison coming out of your exhaust pipe is a cancer bullet shot into children which explodes 10 years later. We are all mass murderers and our society not only allows it but encourages it.

George Bush even today is blocking the U.N. environmental agenda. God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, Adonai must be burning at what we are all doing to his planet, Earth. The time has now come for all of to choose whether to be Saviors of Earth or Destroyers of Earth forever by poisoning the Earth to death. Hillary Clinton voted to spend millions of dollars to study if video games are harmful to children. The U.S. government is bankrupting the country with another $200 billion to build killing machines when the money could be used for windmills and cars that run on water and emit water vapor.

Hopefully, renaming pollution what it really is, âMurderâ?, will set us on the right course. It will require extreme sacrifice and will power to stop poisoning the air, water and soil immediately, but the alternative will make Hell look like 1 Night in Paris, starring Adam and Eve and the talking snake, Mr. Bush. The time has come to clean house and replace every warmongering planet poisoning Repbublican, Democrat and Independent with the Global Green Parties. Our very survival as a species depends on it. At least on Judgment Day you can say to God of Mount Sinai, âI voted to end war and planetary poisoning.â?
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