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Notícies :: corrupció i poder
The Gigantic Narcotics Connection at Google
24 set 2007
Not really an Internet firm, not at all...
Google started as a decent Internet project, but then greed and avarice transformed Google in a drugs venture. Today, the biggest narcotics connection in all of California and one of the biggest in the USA hides behind the Google name.

Universities, Schools, Radio stations, TV Stations, Parks, Venues, Stations, Libraries, Cinemas, Theaters, Hollywood, Celebrities, the Mexican frontier...the tentacles of the narcotics monster known as Google reach everywhere...

Opium and Heroine brought from China disguised as "dark fiber" are also part of the connection.

The brains behind the Google narcotics venture are the directors Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the agents in charge of the opium and heroine brought from China.
Eric Schmidt is in charge of the cocaine, heroine and opium distribution at Stanford University and at Berkeley. Sergey Brin distributes within the Sherpalo University and in the San Francisco area and Larry Page is in charge of the Mountain View metropolitan area, as well as of being in charge of the Los Angeles area, Hollywood in particular. They have hundreds of dealers operating inside those Universities and thousands of them in different areas of Mountain View, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley, etc. They also have distributors in Washington and accross the Mexican frontier, even though their stranglehold in these areas is smaller.

The name Google is the money laundry for the biggest narcotics connection in all of California. And the thing gets even worse when you learn that some of their contacts in the police are also involved in their operations.

Google keeps buying Internet Networks, as well as other kind of firms to clean the dollars they make through their narcotics venture. All this expansion could not have been possible as a result of legal business because most of the services they offer on the Internet are carried out free of charge.

Google. Not really an Internet network, not at all...

This work is in the public domain


Re: The Gigantic Narcotics Connection at Google
24 set 2007
You can say to me from where you have removed this...??
That it is a joke?
That is to say, Google is the narcotic distributor of California and blanuean $ through ?
It demonstrates what you say.
I do not doubt it but it is necessary to resist it and that that to my google me sweats it as tb me sweats their contacts with the CIA to give information or...makes Microsoft but....
Me puedes decir de donde te has sacado essto¿?
Que es una broma¿?
Es decir, Google es la distribuidora de narcoticos de California y blanuean los $ a traves de ¿?
No lo dudo pero hay que contrastarlo y eso que a mi google me la suda como tb me la sudan sus contactos con la CIA para dar información acercad...como lo hace Microsoft pero...demuestralo.
Re: The Gigantic Narcotics Connection at Google
24 set 2007
Això és una tonteria! siusplau retireu aquesta tonteria, és que no qued amassa bé tenir a tarats explicant tonteries sobre una conspiració impossible.

No ofereix cap proba. Si Google distribueix la droga a Californa perque callen els seus competidors: Microsoft... Com es que Google genera tants diners sense que el consum d'heroina hagi augmentat tant?
Re: The Gigantic Narcotics Connection at Google
01 oct 2007
This is silly. The founders of Google make billions from the sale of shares. Why would they risk everything to make a small amount of money selling drugs. This author of this blog hasnt even offered a reason let alone methedology. The founders of Google are simply fat rich Americans and although we can be jealous we cannot make up lies otherwise we are as bad as Americans.

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