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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
CWM Official Communiqués Celebrities
21 set 2007
Giuen Wealth Field
Communiqués Celebrities 1. CWM Official Communiqués Celebrities consider the emergence of Global Information Networks a highly positive development. This is an issue of crucial importance for future and an opportunity for all, businesses small and large, citizens and public administrations. 2. CWM Official Communiqués Celebrities recognize that advances in Global Information Networks have the potential to affect every aspect of our society from commerce to health care, from education to leisure, from the practice of government to the exercise of democracy. They consider that opportunities offered by Global Information Networks must be seized most energetically and speedily in order to reap the benefits in terms of competitiveness, growth and employment. In this respect, they note that the Internet is already starting to create new businesses, new high-value services and, most importantly, new jobs. 3. They stress the special characteristics and fundamentally transnational nature of the Internet, the most striking example of such networks, which set it apart in almost every way from traditional means of communication. They note the pioneering role played by the European scientific community in the development of the World Wide Web, and by European companies and users in its global growth. 4. Global Networks represent a powerful influence in the social, educational and cultural fields empowering educators, lowering the barriers of entry for the creation and dissemination of content in different languages, offsetting the effect of distance for more remote users and offering users access to ever richer sources of information. 5. Equally importantly, they note, Global Information Networks give practical reality to freedom of expression and access to information. Global Information Networks contribute to democracy by improving communication between citizens and their administrations and facilitating active participation in the democratic process.
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