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War on smoke
29 mai 2007
Full employment, taking the piss, or putting the cart before the horse
The war on smoke

The theory of the smoking gun has put the smoking before the gun.

The UK parliament has voted for a total ban on smoking in all public areas. One spokeswoman of the Liverpool anti-smoking campaign pointed out how they had been inspired by advisers from California where this trend had started. A decisive argument for the ban in Britain had however been to protect the health of workers. From the time of the mining-industry pubs already used to close early in Britain, to help workers go to bed and stand up early. This has also recently changed. But nevertheless workers as such have always enjoyed much protection, not necessarily as individuals.
Ronald Reagan, who moved California and the world in the rightist but not accordingly right direction, was a promoter of war on drugs. Influential people like Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman have warned although that such war is an exercise in futility and can never – either morally or strategically – be won as it would be criminalising the whole of society.
So it has been.
As indeed this war could not be won, its frustrated adherents have fabricated a ban on smoking as a form of compensation.
The war on terror was based on the same premises, and the UK has realised its error perhaps more seriously than the US in its involvement.
After the identity-card had been strategically introduced in several European countries and then Britain, in the context of a war on terror – to make up for a lack of inner identity, we saw no terrorists being arrested but many of the elderly, handicapped and children.
Something similar we have observed in the Dutch ban on wild urination (at large), one other variation on the war on terror. Only children were caught from behind a tree, hardly any drunken hooligans pissing in your porch at night. High fines were given in many parks by the alerted police, hiding in the bush, in this moral renaissance, survival of the fittest (an economic application, passed down by one Herbert Spencer, of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution on the origin of species), while urinals are inaccessible or no longer free of charge. Class has finally permeated the realm of urine by natural selection. Sigmund Freud has been posthumously awarded. The anal phase was true. Charles, say no more. Go and see for yourself how our respectable bideps have lost their tail and how we have evolved on Temptation Island!
Naturally in line with the concept of the origin and again rapidly progressing evolution of (the) species ought to be examined as well the many traditional street-benches in Amsterdam (Holland), having been divided by two iron bars to technically prevent the homeless from lying down and rest.
The ban on smoking was inevitable in a prestigious and global war about norms and values.
Because the war on terror was a waste of time and energy and a loss of face, perhaps the only effect having been rising oil-prices, the UK could only vote for a ban on smoking.

Since the masters of the wisdom have returned to the everyday-world, it seems a less actual aspect of their presence now, their suggested immortality, has been absorbed, only by ambitious people who have immediately assumed this to be theirs by greedy emulation and pretence, their own merit and success and even a favour to us, to be taken for granted – as long as nobody around is smoking. Yet, the aura of many, exactly such people remains quite smoky, even polluting. And those who are one of a kind won't prohibit each other poisoning either the spiritually more advanced minority. Instead of smoking in public, so-called for others, people are now watching, hating and checking each other in private.
We ought to imagine that most evidence is a technical copy of an original by reason of the secondary and therefore artificial nature of time, the great deceiver, unless to an adept for whom mechanical time doesn't exist as such.
There are many people, if not all, who are copies of an original, and likewise manipulators, who can only turn the facts upside down to prove – themselves.
Such as a famous Dutch writer, Multatuli, said: "A rider fell of the horse, and since that time everyone who fell off the horse called himself a rider."
Only the masters know the truth. They can be seen as the archetypal horsemen of our culture. There is no proof of their existence. For they are – too original – here and now. Acknowledging this is the modesty called objectivity, the source of honesty.
However, many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. This possibly makes clear as well why there is such a loud call for democracy. The majority of the citizens feel discriminated, especially in their car, whitened tombs in rush hour. And they will always tend to blame the proverbial other for their own lack of quality in life, likely me.
In many public places it was not even allowed anymore to sit and read (anything but the price). Conceit, control and consumption around-the-clock are already taken to be the same norm as non-smoking since a long time, and either complete silence or applause: talking or shouting, laughing or crying affirmative nonsense about the various brands of beer in stock is tolerated by law.
If politicians have nothing to do, let them at least not run riot and ruin all social structures pretending to be busy. Let us pay a sufficient amount of tax for their income provided that they keep their mouth from time to time and do nothing. To do nothing is not yet to do harm.
The problem is that full employment is needed to be able to destroy planet earth.

There is a negative side to a ban on smoking that has been overlooked.
It has been scientifically proven how schizophrenics who smoke, take a smaller risk in getting lung-cancer.
And smokers seem to be hardly ever schizophrenic. Who knows is smoking not an antidote to schizophrenia?!
If the cap fits, wear it.

He who has an ear, let him hear.

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