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Italian Television the Latest to Enter the “911� Ring
15 mai 2007
In late April, Italian Television, Canale 5, aired a segment by that presents many questions to the official story of one of the most tragic events in US History.
Since the introduction of “911 In Plane Site� (1) in the Summer of 2004, there have been many revealing documentaries about the goings on surrounding the September 11, 2001 plane crashes and the disintegration of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7. Many of these fine documentaries have never been televised on the American mainstream media. Overseas television, however, has taken quite an interest in what American independent filmmakers have to offer. Some overseas stations have even begun producing their own “911� documentaries, with surprising results.

The collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, otherwise known as the Solomon Brother’s Building, has finally come under critical fire from outside the “911 movement.� In April of this year, another overseas production weighed into the awful “911 Tragedy.� Canale 5, Italian TV aired an excellent segment on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. The revelations in segment three, entitled “Seven is exploding� (2), presented by, are not really new to the 911 truth seekers, but for the rest of the world, these revelations should prove to be astonishing.

Many people that did manage to take a second, more analytical, look at the destruction of Building 7 think it looks amazingly like a controlled demolition. According to “Seven is exploding,� the official versions weakest point is “the collapse of Building 7, as no steel-structure had ever collapsed before due to fire.� They are not the first to say this, but at least it is being questioned, and not attacked, on Italian television, as attacks are ongoing in the United States. In “Seven is exploding,� one expert questioning the official story is Danny Jowenko, head of a controlled demolition company. He declares, “…it’s been imploded,� it was a hired job, done by a team of experts.

The horribly misguided English BBC special “The Conspiracy Files: 911,� (3), buys into the “official story� of the demise of Building 7, while the Italian program questions everything. In the BBC special, the narrator points out that the collapse of Building 7 was hardly reported by news outlets. There is also the observation of the cameraman shooting the interview with Popular Mechanics Researcher Davin Coburn, when he states that the destruction of Building 7 “…does look exactly like a controlled demolition,� yet in the end, the BBC program, with the help of Coburn, concludes “the idea that it was a demolition holds no water.�

Dr. Steven Jones, in a peer-reviewed paper (4), points out that WTC 7 had twenty-four “huge steel support columns inside…arranged non-symmetrically,� and there were some 57 columns around the perimeter. Only three of the support columns and nine of the perimeter columns were damaged, not by a plane or fires, but by falling debris from the collapse of WTC 1. Interestingly enough, both the narrator of the Italian piece and a recent Zogby poll state that the 911 Commission did not investigate the collapse of Building 7. Was that not something that should have been examined? Just another, more political, question…did our taxpayer dollars fund the 911 Commission and did we get our money’s worth?

Zogby International conducted a fascinating poll (5), nearly a year ago, with some intriguing result. Of the people polled, 43% did not realize that WTC 7 had, in fact, collapsed. These findings are shocking considering that other results during the same poll showed that 48% of the people did not think the government and the 911 Commission were covering anything up. This makes one wonder, if these people knew about Building 7, would the results have been different in the cover-up question?

There are a great many independent films out there that show video of the crumbling of WTC 7 in upon itself. There are many professors, Dr. Jim Fetzer, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin and others talking about the oddities of this and more, as well. “Seven is exploding� concludes with questions and statements being asked on television in Italy that I know many would like asked here. “But it appears to have been demolished in purpose. Why then not tell the truth right away? And if the authorities have been lying to us about building 7, how do we know they haven’t been lying about all the rest as well?� The conclusions seem to be the same; if it looks like a controlled demolition, falls like a controlled demolition, and compares to a controlled demolition, it must be a controlled demolition!


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