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Comentari :: globalització neoliberal : mitjans i manipulació : guerra
French elections : capitalism and imperialism are the "danger"
06 mai 2007
Nicolas Sarkozy is not more "dangerous" than Ségolène Royal. The SYSTEM is the "danger". Royal supports the euro-militarist strategy of François Bayrou, and wishes to prevent Iran from developing CIVIL nuclear technology. Furthermore, the French "left" is not well known abroad. Even young French ignore what "their left" really is.
François Mitterrand was close to the extreme right before World War II, and started his political career after the war with funds of the founder of l'Oréal Eugène Schueller. Source: "La main droite de Dieu", by E. Faux, T. Legrand and G. Pérez, Paris 1994. See also:ène_Schueller .

He was an important minister during the Algerian War, and in 1962 a defence witness (together with Jean-Marie Le Pen) at the trial of the officers involved in the Algiers putsch (about the putsch, see: Since then, the French extreme right always voted for him.

In 1982, Mitterrand organized the rise of Le Pen's party ( ) and, in 1984, he was at the origin of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior ( ).

Ségolène Royal owes her full career to Mitterrand. She was his "chargée de mission" (official representative and special adviser) in 1982-88.

Most young French do not know all that. Nobody tells them. Buffet, Bové, Besancenot... stay silent.

About the euro-military policy put forward by François Bayrou, see:

Whatever the result of the election will be, the basic problems will remain the same.


This work is in the public domain

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