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Prisoners revolt around Greece
25 abr 2007
Sublevacion en las carceles griegas
Ongoing story, please check back regularly for updates

April 25, 12.05GMT Last night greek state officials were claiming to have "fully restored order" in the revolted prisons following the entering of MAT (Riot Police) units in the prisons of Korydallos (Athens) and Patras. However, they now admit that at least 250 prisoners still stand on the rooftop of the Malandrino prison. At least 50 prisoners are still standing on the roofs of the Corfu and Alicarnassos (Crete) prisons. Solidarity demos are taking place across the country.

April 24, 23.30GMT At around 1.30am local time, a 120-strong motorcycle demo reached the Diavata Prison, around eight kilometres outside the city of Thessaloniki. The demonstrators and the prisoners are chanting slogans; the prisoners are throwing burning blankets out of the building.

In the morning of Monday 23/4, prisoners at the prison of Malandrino in Fokida, mainland Greece, revolted. The spark igniting the revolt was the beating of anarchist prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis as well as the vicious, violent response of the guards to the protests staged by his co-prisoners.

Disgraceful holding conditions, lack of water, regular beatings, electronic surveillance and the extremely short times allowed at the yard comprise a grim reality for the Malandrino prisoners.

The revolt of Malandrino ignited a series of other revolts in prisons across the country: there is now unrest in at least eleven prisons. Latest info (12.30GMT, April 25) indicates that riot police have entered two prisons (Korydallos in Athens and Patras). There are reports of 250 prisoners still standing on the rooftop of the Malandrino prison, with another 50 at Corfu and Alicarnassos (Crete).

Solidarity Actions

Solidarity action outside the residency of the greek president: On the night of the revolt, 150 anarchists gathered outside the house of the greek president, chanting solidarity slogans for the prisoners.

On the same night, anarchists gathered spontaneously in Thessaloniki, distributing texts, spray-painting and chanting slogans.

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Re: Prisoners revolt around Greece
25 abr 2007
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Re: Prisoners revolt around Greece
25 abr 2007
abajo los muros de las prisiones!
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