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Blair - Blair - Blair - Notting Hill Housing Trust - Blair
21 feb 2007

Mr Blair indirectly controls the biggest social housing scam in this country. Housing = Votes

If Notting Hill Housing Trust is a Charity I'm an alien.

All my mates and the Internet is a buzz with the fact that we're being duped rotten.
Blair duped us. Labour Party deceived us. Notting Hill Housing Trust betrayed us.

Blair corrupted us with Notting Hill Housing Trust. Told to do business, so I've started my own. They sold me off a flat for a grand. Told me I could have one with a garden if I gave them two grand. With cash there's no questions asked. No half measures, My business, i've started a factory! A drugs factory. All the rooms I've turned into growing weed. The management love it. They say that's alright. Lifestyle choice - they say. What's more they tell me, that's no probs with the law.

I can sublet and all, as that's no probs with notting hill if they want you to grass up another tenant. They let you do as you want if they want a tenant out. They'll invent what they want and leave me alone. A great laugh. Like they stitch up tenants something rotten. I pay them off so they leave me alone.

They say they control the law so the law won't ever nick me.

Everyone knows the little secret that Notting Hill Housing is giving away our best homes not for us from the Caribbean but for those claiming asylum and immigration. I've told all my friends Blair wants more drugs from the Caribbean.

Many of my friends have started up drugs factories in their Notting Hill Housing Trust homes and they're making a fortune. Management encourage it. They say that's fine. That's OK. Remember to say it's a lifestyle. It's a lifetyle choice. Management say it's best to get some guy with mental problems as a cover. Then they can't get you. Or if you want, just sub-let your flat. Management like that as well.

Private education, good college, wheels - black beamer, four wheel drive SUV -another house - like Tony Blair in Connaught Square, next to Edgware Road, London W2 in Westminster (near 'Marble Arch Food and Wine' where Tony will have to shop)(next to all the wealthy Arabs, all nouveau riche they call it, the neighbourhood is quiet, secure, enforced by law and residential) - in my case, in the caribbean - good pension - buy off cops - Notting Hill Housing Trust offer me a good flat with a garden, no disrepair, for a grand. I saw another give two grand cash for their flat. Yeah. They've got 19,000 flats worth a cool four billion (£4,000,000,000) yes, four billion, to give away and they're flogging them off as fast as they can. Besides, they're getting millions and millions of taxpayers money that can't be accounted for, far far faster than Notting HIll Housing can spend the money.

Just look at how senior management are all on the spend. Look at Kate Davies, the main manager, she really knows how to spend. They give her more than she could ever spend in a lifetime. She's Labour Party, so she got the job. The charity shops are all a cover. That's what they say. Just like a guy with mental problems is my cover for my factory. But it's not a factory. It's a place of sanctuary for the plants. I'm a bottanist. That's what Notting Hill Housing Trust management say I am. Just a bigger bottanist. I've got a big bottany. Other's call it a big arse. Lifstyle choice - innit! That's what they say to tell the law and I'll be OK. Notting Hill Housing Trust say that's OK. They are there to be bought. They're corrupt, so I can buy them. So that's OK. Like the Labour Party that control them. And that's OK. Go to bed with my female Caribbean Housing Allocations Officer. That's OK. Lifestyle choice! Get another flat.


This work is in the public domain


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Re: Blair - Blair - Blair - Notting Hill Housing Trust - Blair
16 mar 2007
F*** off B.Liar with that murderer of human spirit Kate Davies (29/3/56) from Flat 2, Corner Lodge, 107 Sussex Gardens,Radnor Place, London W2 2RU
she uses poor tenants to exploit them and her and her partner Nick Johnson of 2nd floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY become a millionaire out of the poor, vulnerable and disabled tenants?
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