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Notícies :: criminalització i repressió
Irish Alliance for Choice supports 'yes' side in Portuguese Abortion Referendum.
20 gen 2007
This is a press release from one of the Pro
Choice Activist groups in Ireland.

we are here facing into a similar campaign.
It is copied as written:-
The Referendum on Feburary 11th will give
Portuguese voters the opportunity to end the
criminalisation of abortion. Refusing to allow
women the right to terminate a crisis pregnancy
has not ended the demand. illegal abortions
continue to take place, as desperate women risk
their health and evn their lives in the hands of
unsafe backstreet abortionists.

Irish women are also denied the right to have an
abortion in their own country. the majority of
Irish people believe that abortion is acceptable
in some circumstances but sucessive governments
have failed to legislate so that Irish women
can have abortions safely and legally in
hospitals here. They are forced to go to Britain
and elswhere, causing additional delay and
anxietyfor women who are already in difficulty.
Many women do not have this option, if they
are constrained by poverty or immigration

The Portugeuse people can put an end to unsafe
and illegal abortions by voting to change the
laws on Feburary 11th.

The Alliance for Choice will be supporting
pro-choice activists in Portugal and urging that
the government here should follow suit and call
a Referendum for repeal of the eight amendment
to the Constitution. Without this we cannot
even legislate for termination in the first ten
weeks as in the Portugeuse proposal.

Fifteen years after the 'x' judgement, when the
supreme court recommended that abortion should
be allowed in the case of a woman who is
suicidal, such a woman cannot get this
medical procedure in her own country.

This work is in the public domain

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