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Notícies :: especulació i okupació
Fotos de la Nueva Makabra- Can Ricart
04 des 2006
Ayer por fin terminó el cerco policial que rodaeba e impedía el acceso a la nueva Makabra. A eso de las 21hs vimos cómo se retiraba la policía entre los chiflidos merecidos y luego llegó la celebración correspondientre entre los que estaban dentro y las que estabamos fuera. Aquí algunas fotos de ayer...
La Makabra ha resucitado en Can Ricart!
Mira també:


AUDIO de la Nueva Makabra- Can Ricart
06 des 2006
audio from new makabra

Makabra audio : el arte de okupacion : the art of occupation

interviews with people about the situation;
occupation, squat support from the UN, background into speculation 22@ and the Peuble Nou barrio, the community stance and support groups, what this ocupation might lead to...

Emilios views, one of the neighbours who came to last nights assembly speaks his mind.

UN housing officer meets Makabra in Can Ricart

Poble Nou and speculation part 1

Poble Nou and speculation part 2

people starting to wake up, what this Makabra maigical spark might lead to...

the Makabra funeral procession

crying girls at makabra funeral procession

makabra wake, sounds from the procession 1

makabra wake, sounds from the procession 2

music outside the gates of the Can Ricart factory

drumming at the gates

reggae at the gates

talk at the gates - hallelujiea

chanting at the gates - carer mos mas

sounds from the crowd at the gates

inside the gates
gates opened, sounds from the newly occupied Can Ricart factory

inside the gates - makabra okupa music

inside the gates - makabra accordian and flute reggae

inside the gates - makabra Can Ricart bello chao

inside the gates - makabra Can Ricart bom

inside the gates - makabra fire in babylon

inside the gates - makabra human sound system

inside the gates - libertad hip hop

later on in the occupation

comida, we have food

cops create tension at gate when makabra say hi to amigos outside

cops leave friends arrive into okupa

banjolin music at fire, relaxing after the siege


earlier audio:

audio from the eviction:

1 - when the last bit of the makabra circus roof came down

audio from the manifestations in placa Jaume

makabra musicians, placa Jaume, start of the street circus, musicians play while a girl dances to the music waving a large red flag

makabra musicians 2 and the MC speaks to the crowd

makabra musicians 3, the girl with the guitar

makabra musicians 4, girl sings "girona" and crowd joins in

makabra musicians 5, the orchestra plays gentle under the conductors dancing

makabra musicians 6, the orchestra raise the tempo

sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhuuuuutttttt, time to depart

crowd chants "otre okupacion"

always drinking marching band, night 2

night 3, african drumming and dancing


related Barcelona squat info

3 part audio interview, in spanish and english, with some of the Pallars squatters

audio part 1 : (6 minutes - english)
"pallars , mondays battle to resist the false eviction"
interview with J.

audio part 2 : (22 minutes - english)
"backround to palllars squat, the legal situation, Peuble Nou: resisting speculation of @22"
interview with J. and Y.

audio part 3 : (6 minutes - english)
improving the squatter network, homeless and political


Makabra film screening from streets of Gracia

manifesto read in gracia, after nightime street screening


related infos

Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA

Makabra : the art of occupation : el arte de okupacion - indymedia ireland thread with ever helpful commentry from barcelona resident iosaf.

building up the RADICAL radio network

Revolt video collective (ireland)

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