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Neconservative criminals
26 nov 2006
will neoconservatives stand trial on war crimes
Neoconservative Criminals
by Stojgniev OâDonnell

If Saddam and Slobodan Milosevic are, as American pundits and preachers claim, certified war criminals, epitomes of evil, where does that leave Americaâs neoconservatives? What of the innocent Iraqi children, women, and men sacrificed during Americaâs war in Iraq, to say nothing of victims in Palestine, Lebanon, and Afghanistan exterminated beneath the noisy camouflage of the war on âterrorismâ?? Does the world consider it permissible to kill one kind of victim, while then caging and parading about murderers of others? My own sense of moral outrage tells me that Americaâs neoconservatives must someday stand trial for their own war crimes, though I know they are far too clever to ever pay the consequences for their actions.

By neoconservatives, I am referring not to George W., a simple dupe of the neoconservatives. W. wouldnât know a weapon of mass destruction if his derriere were impaled upon one. Same for Rumsfeld, Powell, and Rice. By neoconservative, I refer to those officials, lobbyists, and journalists who hold American citizenship (and some of whom receive a hefty salary from the American government), all the while their true loyalty, no matter the cost, is Israel.

Neoconservatives provoked the war in Iraq, doing whatever it took, including lying and falsifying evidence, to mobilize America and its population against Iraqi âterrorism.â? The real interest of the neoconservatives, which they have never publicly discussed and which, for all practical purposes, is unknown to the general public, is Israelâs temporary well-being. By neutralizing Iraqâs missiles and plunging that country into chaos, the neoconservatives believe that they have guaranteed Israelâs security, for a couple of years at least And neoconservatives are tickled pink that Iraq has descended into civil war. The war in Iraq all along for them has been a âpreventativeâ? war, designed to prevent outraged Arabs in Iraq from retaliating against Israelâs criminal acts of war. (For neoconservatives, the total count of non-Israeli victims is meaningless, since an Arab life is ânot worth the fingernail of one Jewâ?).

The neoconservatives have committed crimes against more than one nation. Theirs is an international criminality. First of all, they are responsible for death and destruction in Iraq. As noted above, the neoconservatives are also to blame for the recent innocent victims of Israeli-American terrorism in Palestine, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. Who knows if Lebanon will ever recover from what Israeli-America has done there recently? That terror boggles the mind. But it doesnât matter, the neoconservatives suggest, because they are keeping the âfree worldâ? safe from âterrorism.â?

One of the greatest crimes of the neoconservatives concerns the Christians of the Middle East (not the pseudo-Christians of George W. country, but the ancient Arab Christian communities of the Middle East). Neoconservatives imagine the Middle East simplistically as a scenario of âterrorist Arabsâ? vs. âJudeo-Christian civilizationâ? (whatever the latter is supposed to mean). Americaâs sectarians cannot comprehend that, in supporting W. and the neoconservatives, they are helping to destroy the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East. And the non-Christian neoconservatives could care less.

The neoconservatives have lied, cheated, and conspired, and those consequences now endanger the peace of the world. Neoconservatives are also guilty of some serious crimes against the United States. Their ultimate loyalties are to Israel and to the interests of their own ethnic group. Willfully, they have harmed the United States in their efforts to advance Israeli interests. (Itâs sometimes called treason). The long-term implications are frightening for Americans. The neoconservatives have driven America into the arms of Israel, and they have united much of the rest of the world against that union of evil. Israel is a parasitic leech, and America is a foolish, warm-blooded creature that lurches about clumsily in blind efforts to supply the Israeli leech with blood. America has no friends left in the world, except for effeminate toady England, and there are nations today which would welcome Americaâs destruction. Thus, the neoconservatives not only have committed treason, but they are to blame for the disastrous, deceptive path of foreign policy down which they are leading and deluding America.

Considering the spectacular successes of the Israeli campaign, it is difficult to ignore charges of conspiracy. Like a symphony moving in rhythm to the baton of one conductor, the strategies of the neoconservatives are oft predictable. Their general, well-orchestrated rule is to ignore all criticism. They seldom dignify the charges against them with a response. This means that the public record is nearly clear of any discussion which would in the future implicate themselves or Israel. Clever schmucks they are. Only when criticism reaches a certain level, e.g., the recent report by two distinguished scholars of Jewish origin which blames the Israeli lobby for Americaâs recent disastrous foreign policy decisions, do the neoconservatives unleash their mad-dogs, e.g., Alan Dershowitz, who shriek distractingly about âanti-Semitismâ? while ignoring all factual accusations. It is all a splendid display of marketing and spin, with a long-term design of insuring that history will absolve the neoconservatives of all blame for their own war crimes.

Their manipulations are designed to place the blame for the war in Iraq solely on people like W. and Rummy, vain figureheads and dispensable allies with some vague ties to big oil or hefty defense contracts. All the while they argue the righteousness of their cause in Iraq and other hotbeds of âterrorism,â? the neoconservatives skillfully manipulate public opinion, hinting to the future that just maybe oil and defense contracts could have played some role here. But nary a word about Israel.

Still a generation ago there was hope for peace in the Middle East. There were Arabs back then who were willing to accept some compromise with the state of Israel. Today the neoconservatives and Bushiâites donât realize how much things have changed, largely as a result of the sins of Israeli-America in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. Some Americans now are calling for negotiations with Iran, for example. Yet the time now has passed for those negotiations. Do Americans really think Iran will negotiate with Israeli-America? And who would blame the Muslim world today for refusing to negotiate with Israel? Large parts of the world today will be satisfied only with the destruction of rogue Israel, even if that be accomplished with nuclear weapons. In Europe and other parts of the âcivilizedâ? world, one hears the opinion that Israel is a violent, criminal state which cannot be allowed to continue so long as its apartheid policies persecute autochthonous Palestinians. The one true black-and-white evil of the contemporary world is Israel.

There is no voice of reason today in the Middle East, or at least no reasonable voice powerful enough to influence future history. There are two opposing camps, both committed to violence. First, the entire Muslim world, including no longer just radical militants, awaits the destruction of Israel, the total elimination of the racist Israeli state. Even those Muslims inclined towards peace point out that, based upon history, Israel can never be trusted to treat non-Israelis fairly. The opposing camp, comprising Israel and America (with England), is as much bent on violence and destruction as is the Muslim world. America no longer has the best interests of America at heart. Americaâs common sense has been sucked dry by a thirsty, clever leech, a shoddy little criminal country for which Americaâs influential neoconservatives are willing to sacrifice the whole world. Violence will confront violence, and the result will be destruction.

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