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World Social Forum 2007, Nairobi-Kenya. Indymedia and social centres - widening the discussion
14 set 2006
Early next year the World Social Forum will happen in Nairobi-Kenya and a call out has gone out for indymedia support for the project. Along with the setting up of a "convergence-based" IMC for the event, some activists are organising to try to set up listening stations in social centres around Europe whereby more people can at least listen to things as they happen from Kenya. But experiments in participating in the WSF without physically being there are also being explored in an attempt to push the boundaries of how this world works today.
The call out has gone out for indymedia support for the WSF 2007 project to:
"set up a "convergence-based" IMC that will provide text-based, audio, and (potentially) video coverage of the World Social Forum, both on-line and through a local low-power radio station, enabling independent media coverage of the WSF during the forum itself as well as access through the world wide web to the WSF by an international audience. The IMC plans to be open from January 13 to January 25. The WSF itself takes place from January 20-25. "

With the creation of a strong radio network coalition for the WSF it is possible for a wider section of global civil society to tune in and listen live to the large amount of discussions, seminars and workshops as they happen in Kenya, as successfully happened during the G8 in Scotland 2005 with the radical radio coalition. ( ) But things can be taken to the next level, whereby those listening could participate in the Kenyan based discussions without physically being there. This would be possible by a network of social centres and/or local community centres around the planet organising to open up for the duration of the WSF and to have the tek stuff sorted so that people could use them as local nodes to call into to firstly listen to the different discussions live in real time from Kenya (ie - issues of Debt and the WTO, global resistance to all wars, access to the land and building sustainable communities, the use of direct action as a tool for change) but hopefully also to be able to participate in those discussions via the streaming technology that is available to us at present but that we are not availing of to the maximum; P2P streaming systems, skype, webcams.... A system of experimentation and simple trial and error could be used to tease out problems and make for improved efficiency.

Presently some people are working to understand further and to strenghten the European social centre and autonomous community network with the idea of trying to develop this idea of support nodal points for the upcoming WSF, this is still being worked on at:
Cities, radical urbanism, sqatting, social centres ( ) and a recent discussion happened at the Infospai social centre, Gracia, Barcelona which explored this idea (listen to audio file: )

Examples of this type of streaming communication system are last years streaming of the "future of digitial media" forum in Dublin last year ( )
and this weekends planned streaming of the Northwest Community Radio Summit in Seattle. ( )

While the still reletively new process of social forum has the potential to radically change the world, it already has it faults as was documented by one of imc-ie at the Social Fora in London 2004 ( and )

here are the call outs for the following:

1- Indymedia Center at the World Social Forum(January 20-25, 2007 in Nairobi-Kenya)

2- Northwest Community Radio Summit, Seattle Sept 15-17 2006 (streamed event this saturday)
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