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Update to Red Alert: 9/11/06 (NASA, Ft. Monroe and Houston)
10 set 2006
With time running out on a Bush Administration that is itching for more war in the Middle East and more political control at home, a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer has a vital question for all Americans: Are this week's Al Qaeda news and secretive, suspicious government terror drills a set up for a new 9/11 5th anniversary attack, code-named 9/11-V?
(NASA, Ft. Monroe and Houston)

By Captain Eric H. May

Last Sunday the Lone Star Iconoclast -- and other media worldwide --
carried my "RED ALERT 9/11/06 (Chicago, Detroit & Houston)." The article
warned of a Bush Administration fifth-anniversary 9/11 attack, code-named
9/11-V, to justify Big Brother government and an attack on Iran. Mr. Leon
Smith, the Iconoclast editor in chief, and I have monitored developments
since then, and agree that the danger of a 9/11-V attack seems even greater
now than a week ago.

Bush Media & the Al Qaeda Script

Since Labor Day the media has blitzed us with terror, showing the official
devil, Osama Bin Laden -- along with the official diabolical team, Al Qaeda.
He praises the 19 hijacking terrorists officially blamed for the 9/11/01
attack, and the 19 are shown making pre-martyrdom statements with the
flaming Twin Towers and Pentagon in the background. Other masked and
menacing minions practice karate kicks and judo grapples as they go through
rigorous training.

Even normally mum mainstream media joke that it seems Bin Laden works for
George W. Bush. In the wake of the Bin Laden propaganda package, Bush has
asked Congress to strengthen his powers against the judiciary and
Constitution with specific regulation authorizing domestic spying and Gitmo
torture -- all to protect the public, of course.

Bush and his media know that the more they terrorize us, the more
willingly we shall accept a police state and a world war. The only thing
that could make us even more willing would be another 9/11 attack. The new
Bin Laden tapes reminds us of what the media constantly tells us: It isn't
really a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.

A Deadly Duo: Ft. Monroe & NASA

A rapidly growing third of the public now believes that the Bush
Administration staged the attacks of 9/11, and don't trust the government
when it conducts terror practice. They correctly point out that on 9/11/01,
US air defenses were running terror drills simulating aircraft crashing into
US buildings; and on 7/7/05 London police were running terror drills
simulating the bombings of their London trains. In both cases, the terror
drills were used to set up the terror events.

On Wednesday, 9/6, the Virginia Beach News reported that Ft. Monroe,
Virginia, will be conducting highly suspicious terror drills from Monday,
9/11, through Wednesday, 9/13.
In the last year, two Ft. Monroe exercises, each simulating a
Hiroshima-style Al Qaeda nuclear attack, have coincided with terror set-ups
in the Houston Metro area.

To make things worse, NASA's space shuttle Atlantis lifted off on
Saturday, 9/9, just ahead of the Ft. Monroe exercises. The launch of the
shuttle allows the federal government to exercise national security
controls -- especially in Houston, NASA's Space City -- that make it quite
easy to set up a terror attack, or cover up the details afterward. NASA has
sent the space shuttle into orbit two times since the Columbia catastrophe
of three years ago, and both of those shuttle missions have coincided with
terror set-ups in the Houston Metro area.

Ft. Monroe, NASA & Texas City: 7/28/05

Ft. Monroe was simulating a US Hiroshima and Discovery had been in orbit
for two days on Thursday, 7/28/05. That afternoon in Texas City, just south
of Houston, British Petroleum blew up. Hours later, after dark, hundreds of
thousands of Houstonians looked south and saw a sight that created mass
terror: a nuclear attack on Texas City -- or so they thought. My Houston
police contacts and I discussed the explosion the next day and agreed that
it was a one-hour eruption of energy that was intended to look like a nuke.
We wondered whether it was a new kind of weapon on board the space shuttle.
We placed the explosion either directly over Texas City or further south
over the Gulf of Mexico. We believed it was originally to coincided with
the Hiroshima nuke Ft. Monroe was setting up, and instead of being an
officially suppressed event (as it is now), it would have been played a
million times, the way the Twin Towers demolition has been played, to make
the USA want to
attack the Middle East.

Ft. Monroe, NASA & Texas City: 1/31/06

Ft. Monroe was simulating another US Hiroshima on 1/31/06, and we had been
warning the citizens of Texas City that they were in great danger for two
weeks previously. What sent us into red alert mode that time was NASA's
launch of the New Horizon Pluto Mission -- a 9-year mission to the 9th
planet, named after the god of death -- on 1/19. We believed the 1/19 date
(a backwards 9/11) and death god theme comprised a "go code" for another
attack, and events supported our analysis. As the Ft. Monroe exercises were
running, Texas City residents, edgy because of our Internet alert, became
terrified when Bush Administration nuclear forces turned up on the beaches
south of the city, saying they were part of secret exercises.

NASA & Baytown: 7/2/06

This summer NASA originally scheduled its space shuttle Discovery launch
for 7/1/06, and once again we were active in our public affairs effort to
warn the public, especially in the Houston area. In previous weeks I had
published a widely read article in the Iconoclast stating that the oil
president and former Texas resident might set up his own home state, in the
petro-cities of Southeast Texas. Again events bore out the analysis and
prediction: One day after the scheduled Discovery launch, there was another
set-up explosion of a refinery, this time in Baytown's Exxon Mobil.

Summing Up Serious Trouble

None of what I've written above is new to my readers. I wrote an overview
of the ongoing danger in my 7/17/06 Lone Star Iconoclast article: "9/11,
3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates -- Is There a Code?" The
article contains mainstream and alternative links to validate my assertions
of an official set ups of terror attempts, and official cover ups afterward.

The most frightening part of my red alert is the way the Pentagon, sworn
to defend the American People, has reacted to it. After weeks of
correspondence with command echelons of the Army, I sent it the red alert
straight to them -- but they have been anything but straight in reply. A
one-paragraph, unsigned reply from the Army Inspector General proves that
our military leaders are quite aware that the American People are in grave
danger, and quite intent on passing the buck and shirking their duty:

Captain May,

Perhaps you have the wrong agency. The Department of the Army is not
responsible for addressing criminal matters. I recommend you revaluate (sic)
your concerns and submit them to one of the agencies responsible for
handling issues of this magnitude. I am certain you know who they are. I am
sorry we could not be more helpful regarding your efforts. [Unsigned]

It's hard to read such a reply without remembering that the Pentagon
closed its eyes and ears when loyal American officers warned of an imminent
Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor 65 years ago. Historians have
suggested that the Pentagon did so because it wanted a Pearl Harbor attack
to mobilize the nation for World War Two. Do they now want a 9/11-V attack
to mobilize us for World War Three?

# # #

Captain Eric H. May is the founder and commander of Ghost Troop, the
300-strong 911 Truth Movement's cyber-cavalry unit, made up of of military
and police veterans, along with citizen researchers and activists. His most
recent interview and Iconoclast articles are available via Visibility 9-11.

Captain Eric H. May
captainmay ARROBA
Houston, Texas
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