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Apartat amb codi "Un altre"
Anàlisi :: ecologia : educació i societat : sanitat : mitjans i manipulació : sexualitats : dones
Is Homosexual Activity Normal?
01 set 2006
We are constantly (and falsely) told that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle, no different from normal heterosexuality. This document exposes the shocking practices and horrific consequences of the lifestyle lived by gays, lesbians and pedophiles.
Homosexuality: is it normal?

The Gay Lifestyle Exposed


By Dr. E. R. Fields

*Homosexuals first brought AIDS to America

*Homosexuals have spread deadly hepatitis to heterosexuals.

"Gays in the military" - "gay rights" - "they are everywhere and are like us"- this is the line promoted by the liberal press. Is homosexual activity good for the armed services, schools and society? Is this lifestyle as desirable as a heterosexual relationship?

The press, schools, politicians and even some churches are parroting the line that homosexuality is no differe nt than the union between a man and a woman. The graphic details and consequences of homosexual practices have been suppressed in all discussion and debate, even that of Congress considering the desirability of allowing them in the military.



Aids first became pandemic through th sexual activity of homosexuals and from them it was spread to other segments of the population. Were in not for the homos, this menace would have never swept America and Europe as it is mainly spread through their disgusting and unsanitary sexual practices. HOMO "bi-sexuals" and homo IV drug users are infecting the heterosexual population with AIDS! All evidence now shows that this disease is beyond human control.

Despite this plague, liberals maintain that there is no difference between heterosexual sex and homosexual sex. To avoid shocking normal people with the manner in which this disease is spread among homosexuals, the press simply does not detail any of their abominable practices.





1) ORAL SEX is practiced by all homosexuals. In most such acts, they ingest semen. Semen contains the same germs carried in the blood system. As a result, consuming semen poses the same risk to health as would the consumption of raw human blood.

2) ANAL SEX is practiced by 90% of the homosexuals and two-thirds participate regularly according to the Corey and Holmes study. The group studied had an average of 110 differant sex partners and 68 rectal encounters per year.

During anal intercourse, the rectum becomes a mixing bowl of saliva, feces, semen and all of the germs from these sources. Since the rectal wall is only one cell thick, tearing of the anal wall frequently occurs allowing direct access to the blood stream of these contaminants. THIS CAN ALSO TRANSMIT HEPATITIS B, ANOTHER DEADLY COMMUNICABLE DISEASE THAT CAN BE EASILY TRANSMITTED TO INNOCENT PEOPLE THROUGH FOOD SERVICE, a favorite career of homosexuals.

3) FISTING is the homosexual practice of inserting the hand and/or arm into the anus. In the kinky sex frequently practiced by homosexuals, various "sex toys" are used as well as bottles, carrots, cucumbers and even live gerbils. In large cities where homosexuals tend to congregate, hospital emergency room workers are routinely called upon to extract such foreign objects from their rectums. Damage is frequently done that is not easily repaired by surgery. Some are so badly maimed in the course of such activity that they are forced to wear colostomy bags for the rest of their lives!

4) FECAL SEX is practiced by 80% of gays. THEY LICK OR INSERT THEIR TONGUES INTO THE ANUSES OF PARTNERS AND INGEST FECES. Half of these admit to such loathsome practices on a regular basis. Dr. J. Elford of London in his 1992 study found that homosexuals continued this practice, which they call "RIMMING," at the same level as in his 1984 study.

THIS REVOLTING PRACTICE OF INGESTING FECES IS THE CHIEF CAUSE OF HEPATITIS AND PARASITIC INFECTIONS COMMON AMONG HOMOSEXUALS. According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, 70 to 80% of that city's 75,000 cases of hepatitis are among homosexuals. The Centers for Disease Control issued a report on hepatitis among gays and found that they are carriers of this disease in 29% of the cases in Denver, 66% in New York, 56% in Toronto, 42% in Montreal and 26% in Melbourne. Hepatitis is highly communicable and is spread by unsanitary conditions. It kills by destroying the liver. Innocent people are in danger of hepatitis infection from homos who work in great numbers as cooks and waiters at restaurants.

Medical authorities, writing in publications oriented to homosexuals,named the chronic infection of gays with various intestinal parasites the "GAY BOWL SYNDROME." Similarly, the eating of feces has been blamed for causing typhoid fever, herpes and cancer. SOME 10% OF GAYS ADMIT TO THE PRACTICE OF DELIBERATELY EATING FECES AND/OR DRINKING CONTAMINATED ENEMA WATER!

5) URINE SEX is practiced by 29% of gays who call it "GOLDEN SHOWERS." This is drinking or being splashed with urine, a highly toxic substance. Death can occur from urine consumption.

6) SADOMASOCHISM is the pastime for 37% of homosexuals. This is giving or receiving torture for sexual pleasure. Many deaths in cities with a large homo population have been attributed to "ACCIDENTAL" strangulations and related causes during the course of a session of S & M sex. In San Francisco "CONCERNED" medical authorities felt it necessary to conduct, at taxpayer expense, CLASSES IN SADISM AND MASOCHISM FOR "GAYS" in the belief that it would prevent "ACCIDENTAL DEATHS." In such cases, they learned how to tie up a partner without cutting off circulation.

7) ANONYMOUS SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS with strangers in public restrooms is practiced by 41% of gays while 60% commit such acts with strangers in so-called "BATHHOUSES." During these already high-risk encounters, some 64% admit to using illegal drugs. In one study of 824 promiscuous gays, Dr. Steven Morin found that the media-promoted "SAFE SEX" campaign resulted in their reducing their appetite down from an average of 70 to 47 sexual encounters per year.

A Corey and Holmes study in Seattle during 1992 found that THE AVERAGE HOMOSEXUAL IN ONE YEAR SODOMIZED 108 MALES AND SWALLOWED SEMEN FROM 48 OF THEM. THEY ALLOWED 68 MALES TO PENETRATE THEIR ANUS WITH THE PENIS AND INGESTED FECES FROM 19 PARTNERS. Not surprisingly, during the period of this study 10% contracted hepatitis B and 7% got hepatitis A.


The aforementioned promiscuous and unsanitary activity leads to some 78% of gays contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Depending on the city, some 30% to 59% have been infected with intestinal parasites such as worms, flukes and amoebae. THESE TYPES OF INFECTIONS ARE USUALLY WIDESPREAD ONLY IN THE BACKWARD NATIONS OF THE THIRD-WORLD, WHERE THEY ARE SPREAD THROUGH FILTH AND IGNORANCE.

UNNATURAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY OF THE HOMOSEXUALS IS THE SOLE REASON THAT AS LATE AS 1992, 83% OF THE TOTAL AIDS CASES IN THE UNITED STATES WERE STILL AMONG HOMOSEXUAL/BISEXUAL MALES. Bisexual males are the main vector of transmission of this dread disease into the straight community, through normal heterosexual activity with a luckless female who may then develop the disease herself. Although any person can become infected with AIDS, gay sex is like playing Russian roulette as the injury done to the body in the course of such activity will help the AIDS virus gain entry.

It is difficult (but not unknown) for homos to transmit AIDS to innocent people through non-sexual contact but they can VERY EASILY TRANSMIT OTHER LOATHSOME DISEASES. The great preference for homos to gain employment as food service or medical workers should be cause for concern. HEPATITIS, TUBERCULOSIS, INTESTINAL PARASITES AND OTHER DISEASES CAN BE CONTRACTED FROM INFECTED PERSONS HANDLING FOOD OR BY BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THEM! Instead of preventing such persons from contact with food or patients, the pro-homosexual Clinton Administration has passed laws preventing their removal from such positions under the guise of "preventing discrimination."

*********SAFE SEX FOR GAYS A HOAX******

THE VERY NATURE OF HOMOSEXUALITY CRIPPLES ANY FEEBLE EFFORTS BY SYMPATHIZERS TO INSURE THAT THEY PRACTICE "SAFE SEX." Homosexuals are by nature promiscuous and many take great pleasure in orgies, sadomasochism and anonymous sex with strangers.

In large cities with a sizable homosexual contingent, "business establishments" catering to their unnatural cravings have sprung up like so many poison mushrooms after a spring rain, These establishments, such as the well-known "GAY BATH HOUSES" and the lessor known RENTAL TORTURE CHAMBERS, replete with whips, chains, sex toys and leather goods for "PUTTING A LOVER IN BONDAGE" are popular and RESPECTED parts of the gay subculture. Woe be unto any urban politician who attempts to close down such businesses, for they will find a cohesive, organized and concealed bloc of militant activists eager to destroy his or her political career.


Dr. P. Cameron of THE LIFESPAN compared 6,211 obituaries from 16 homosexual publications with those from regular newspapers over a 12 year period. He found that the median age for death of White, married men is age 75 and for married White women, 79. This means that 50% live LONGER than this age.

In Dr. Cameron's study, the MEDIAN LIFESPAN OF GAY MALES IS ONLY 42 YEARS with only 9% living past the age 65. If AIDS is the cause of death, the median age drops to 39. Lesbians have a median lifespan of age 45 with only 24% living past age 65.


Gays are 100 times more likely to be murdered, usually by other gays. They They commit suicide 25 times more often and have traffic-accident death rate 19 times greater than heterosexual men. This indicates that there are SEVERE EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH HOMOSEXUALITY. Prior to current era of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, HOMOSEXUALITY WAS DEFINED AS A MENTAL ILLNESS BY THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION. Similarly, 21% of lesbians die of murder, suicide or accident. This is a rate 534 times higher than that of heterosexual White females, aged 25 to 44.


Keeping in mind the previously discussed prevalence of bizarre sexual practices among homosexuals, we find that many of the notorious mass murderers of recent memory are homosexual. Well known examples are the recently executed John Wayne Gacy in Illinois, cannibal-sex killer Jeffery Dahmer and Atlanta child killer Wayne Williams. In the cases of Dahmer and Gacy, the young male victims of these predators were subjected to fiendish sexual torture in basement dungeons before being strangled and in Dahmer's case, they were eaten. There are many gay serial killers waiting on Death Rows across America for their trip to the death chamber.


"SEX BEFORE EIGHT-BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE" is the rallying cry of a new species of organized pervert - the PEDOPHILE. Although it is not widely known to normal people, thanks to a blackout by the liberal mass media, militant and self-righteous groups with names like the NORTH AMERICAN MAN-BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION (NAMBLA) and Pedophiles Anonymous(PAN) have leapt from the closet to swell the ranks of the more accepted "mainstream" gays.

Far from being an embarrassing fringe group, NAMBLA has THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS who hold public meetings demanding an end to restrictions on their loathsome behavior. Many of these pedophiles import CHILD PORNOGRAPHY to America from countries where such despicable activity has the protection of liberal governments such as Holland and Denmark.

At a recent homo parade in New York City, NAMBLA members were enthusiastically welcomed to the event from which more cautious gays had quietly sought their exclusion. LED BY A PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER WHOM THE AUTHORITIES HAD UNSUCCESSFULLY TRIED TO OUST FOR HIS SEXUAL APPETITES, the NAMBLA contingent openly cavorted with fellow homos, many of whom were totally naked, as they spat and jeered at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue.

Groups promoting such crimes slyly advise their adherents in the best ways to gain the confidence of children. Some of the methods by which deviates entice children are through obtaining positions of trust, such as school teachers, ministers or boy scout leaders. One should bear in mind that a Clinton Cabinet member, The San Francisco LESBIAN Roberta Achtenberg, waged a two-year vendetta against the BOY SCOUTS for their refusal to allow homos to be scout leaders there. Clearly, the worst types of perverts have powerful allies.

Since homos do not reproduce, THEY MUST RECRUIT THE YOUNG INTO THEIR RANKS. Although there may be debatable evidence that some of the more effeminate homos may have indeed been genetically programmed that way,homosexuality is far more likely to be an acquired perversion. Liberals who use proclamations from mental health organizations to "PROVE" that "HOMOS ARE NORMAL" are doing a great evil to the innocent young people targeted for seduction by the homosexuals!

The daily press and mass media have ridiculed efforts by decent citizens to protect their children from these predators and have only briefly reported on the existence of the organized child molesters' lobby. ONE WOULD BE TEMPTED TO SAY THAT THE MASTERS OF THE MEDIA ARE DELIBERATELY PROTECTING GROUPS LIKE "N A M B L A."


Throughout history, we find the homosexuals come out and flaunt their aberrant lifestyle in the face of normal people, that society is in rapid decline.

ALL CIVILIZATIONS ARE THE CREATION OF HETEROSEXUALS. When civilizations reach the point where males are no longer builders, warriors, and fathers the cancer of homosexuality makes its appearance. Soft living encourages the onset of this degeneracy. GREECE AND ROME WERE TWO GREAT ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS WHICH COLLAPSED IN PART DUE TO EFFEMINIZATION AND HOMOSEXUALITY.

Patriots should condemn homosexuality as a threat to the family and the nation itself. They comprise a major part of the liberal-minority coalition that is arrayed against Christian Conservatives.

Instead of nurturing wholesome families as the foundation of a healthy society, our corrupt government panders to the ultimate symbols of our society's decay: the festering growth of the homosexual element. The liberal press and Clinton Administration actually encourage homos by promising them SPECIAL RIGHTS.

Although it is too early to determine its ultimate result, the UNPRECEDENTED RISE OF THE AIDS PANDEMIC that stalks the homosexuals like a giant grim reaper COULD BE THEIR DOWNFALL. As the numbers of deaths from this disease escalate, even their friends will begin to shun them as the DISEASE SPREADERS that they are.

In conclusion, there is really one great question regarding homosexuality - IS IT NORMAL? Upon examining the revolting record of their sexual practices and the deadly danger it poses to the innocent, we can conclude that it is NOT normal and is thus PERVERSION. It should be cast out of a healthy society forever.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Is Homosexual Activity Normal?
01 set 2006
No he llegit tot el document sencer perquè m'ha semblat de molt mal gust. Ara resulta que els gais no són normals? Totes aquestes proves, suposadament científiques, que esmenten al document, són certes?

Sincerament, no crec que la homosexualitat sigui tant dolenta per a la salut com aquí se'ns vol fer creure. Del contrari no seria aquesta la primera notícia, ja portariem molt de temps infestats de propaganta preventiva contra l'homosexualitat.

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