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Gays Demand- George Bush & Tony Blair
01 ago 2006
Would the celebrities succeed to drive-n-dodge out rationalisms-n-religions away ? – Naresh Sonee finds out - Giving A Crush Crash Course –A roller costar ride through this article- President George Bush or Pop Star George Michael-the code of conduct differs from political to entertainments celebrities ? - Gays-Lesbians Celebrities On Noble Cause – Gays-Lesbian – Trans Gender Marriage Justified-Points those were never raised before.
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United Nations – Human Rights Commissions / Watch – Presidents ; Prime Ministers -Leaders of Countries - House of Lords – Global Country Constitutions- Law Makers –– Royal Societies – Celebrities – Grants & Trusts - Should Attend –

Through a deep root-n-route since love had come a long way engrained from ape to human who further rationalized and subdivided into religions . Like wise gay and lesbian sex traveled in minor proportion censor-dly fearing to face civilization. But now when Gay-n-Lesbians marriage would be legalized . Would also human-n- animal sex awaits justification ? Naresh Sonee seeks all of your honorable intervention.

The said article is suspended on a roller coaster ride exposing or questioning every religion, rationalism, political and entertainment celebrities of every regions who are absolutely responsible and contribute to shape up such kind of world.

May one be President George Bush or Pop Star George Michael- why a scale of ‘code of conduct’ and expectation differs from Political to Entertainments Celebrities. Though professionally they differ but persons form both federations shape up the world is the exposed fact. When any such celebrity express their emotions related to affections , intimacy etiquette, behavior there raise many questions in eyes.

Subject such as infatuation-flirt -crush-lust- sex which further promote seductive behaviors that provoke one to molestations , rapes or lead further such crimes or defects spreading in society - And How religion and rational beings are concerned to it ? –And how the mass-n-media follow them can be underlined below.

Meanwhile as with the need of time when gays-lesbians would be legalized ? -Would also human sex with animals at later stage justified ? A root-n-route of aped love-n-sex from rationalism to religion. Naresh Sonee try to analyze -n-highlight.

At global mental state-n-stage- when President George Bush or Pop George Michael affections effects or reflects in media-n-mass who are concerned or responsible?
At the G-8 Summit when President George Bush suddenly attacks the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s shoulders or when celebrities like Pop Star George Michael plan a marriage with his old gay love Kenny Goss, or else when Alicia Silverstone openly declare to have her new crush on Queen Latifah. Such topic are bound to catch gossips of all top international news.

However the people are so crazy to read-n-watch such flaring-n-glaring news that -even if a celebrity sneeze out it become a news. Staring spectators or peeping paparazzi are very curious and particular to analyze – ‘if’s – but’s -do’s –n- don’ts’ of such celebrities. Whereby, the gravity or ratio proportion for sex or affection that effect the celebrities lives in questions are yet not finalized by rational or religious beings of this earth.

Under the media-n-mass eyes many yet un-mentioned un-written codes of conducts keeps them glued and recruited to scan and investigative their choice of celebrities and so they watch , condemn or spare their actions allowing or restricting them as per dependent or demand of self moods which can stick-sustain-suspend to strictness or leniency keeping their value of needs-n-deeds of the celebrity in question.

The spectators chalk out and question their etiquette, discipline, behaviors those celebrities of certain fields are meant to maintain or sustain in public. However the civil code differs from common person to known person or say celebrity of a field to celebrity of another guild.

Mass-n-media’s mind never forgets and had still clicked in and registered the affairs of President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky behind their contact lenses. If Prince Charles carrying old affairs decide to wed his old love at later age or if late Princess Diana had an affair with Harrods’s son at her early stage - a gossip of world unites and rumors die hard digging and hunting them even after their graves. If Bush keep hands on Tony Blair shoulders their integrity-n-intimacy raises the brows of public.
If a country’s president or prime minister devote entire life without marrying still their integrity or loyalty or respect can be ruined by a single envy or enemy person weeding up from same country who may challenge to decode years of dedications the former did to uplift the nation.

Similarly if Dan Brown writes a fiction challenging to decode the Holy Bible – And declare that Jesus had an extra love or marital affairs apart from holy affairs, people of every cult-n-culture summon Jesus’ soul and demand their religious or rational rights to sort vivid ridiculous inquisitive queries . People have a strong belief that love or marriage affairs are not meant for holy people. Of course to question renowned people of the world adhere as a global birth rights of every common mass-n-media.

Needless to state people self authorized themselves, self assess and declare the celebrities either as victim or culprit to their self designed ‘gossipal court of law’ and so even old Jesus’ ‘gospel ethics-n-authenticity’ has to stand-n-face in every people’s box to clear up the constructed or conceived images of such magnified persons who was registered in mass-n-media’s head-n-heart. Similarly well known figures who make or run history or create hysteria in media-n-mass too have to answer their infinite or undefined questions even after they are graved or their skeleton perish away.

However as mentioned the rule of conduct, condemning or sparing these celebrities differs from celebrity to celebrity. If one is a politician the rule differs. If one belongs to sports or entertainment the clause differs. If one is a religious caretaker the expectation again differs.

Every one notices - everywhere ‘Love’ tops the chart and sustain up in each-n-every pupil who stay inside this universal hall. ‘Love’ is carried-n-bought forward or is a sort of epically aped icon so is expressed in many forms – There may be many emotional forms-n-factors of ‘Love’ but justifying love for anything human take it as his birth right. So they consider love as granted for certain factors. Love which tops out in every human agenda can be categorized in even numbers – Love4wealth , Love4fame , love2crush , love2lust , love2grudge, love2jealous , love2hate , love2terror and so love could ride in 2 & 4 on-n-on….

In a crude form love can be get multiplied again with even numbers - many words – love4(ecstasy x euphoria x elation =contentment ). If love doesn’t reach such it co exists again with even numbers Love4 ( rage x hatred x envy x jealousy = harm ) . Love is expressed in crude or diluted form of anger that is impulsive and repulsive and subjected to time or demand of situation. To conclude in an easy manner –Any living being is born from ‘Love’ so this emotion further takes various extreme forms while shape up with so many advantages cum disadvantages. However the very first emotion of every being is ‘love’ bifurcated or sub divided further to many variety of branches concerned to emotion or sentiments to sense. It is a tedious math .

However if you need to express any form of emotion, your instinctual love for that particular emotion should stay-n-sustain as your must or you can’t do justice for that particular emotion or sentiment you ‘ love to do or achieve for self deliberated actions of having satisfaction. Every such move along with love if one attempt or achieve relaxes head-n-heart cells- muscles or nerves for a while.

Globe had observed -If Jesus loved his God, Bin Laden too love his Allah. May be the former loved ‘peace-n-progress’ of the world connecting Himself to a Greater God the invisible idol He discovered in self’s head-n-heart. But it stay the known facts that the latter too loved to ‘damage-n-destruct’ covering or justifying his Allah The Only True Lord of earth -his forefathers named or invented to gift him. Needless to feed even a foolish nut know - God has many religious name though s/he is one and same old senseless useless invisible God playing with us , Due to self lonliness keep on teasing-n-tingling us from above.

One see - if a scientist love to invent, a philosopher love to pen, equally religions are made to love ‘selves’. And so needless to argue - one start loving own religion so much that s/he is bound to nurture-n-culture ‘love for hating others religion and their regions’. Love for own religion get cultivated right from hereditary cult making a unknown deliberate or non deliberate reason for hatred for other religions and their regions. Individuals get deeply influential and involved from instinct-n-intuitional source if thoughts to adhere religious loyalty stay injected since birth from inner-n-outer source. How the matter is linked by the raised issue of Gays-n-Lesbians would follow and succeed soon.

Since beings took over and it took light years for animal instinct to develop into human emotions. From the un-recorded pre-historical times - Love in human had have taken many forms – Today too you get a lively multiple examples of that animal instinct. For instance -If a female start to love a dog or horse – it is available on net offering x rated porno. Similarly if a male start loving other male or equally if a female start loving other female you again have countless lively examples and proofs of gays-n-lesbians. Love for couple or cupid orgasm had been substituted by multiple swapping and orgies. They damn care to universal rationalism or religion they were born in.

All such characteristics those are influencing on human disturb the love and upbringing within a family and society where mother’s love for son, or a brother’s love for brother , or a father love for daughter, or sister love for brother become or queue up mistakenly in such awkward crude category of sex drives. Of course this practice may be prevailing in human one which was in ape days. It is true the first family of human had to multiply within loving or making sex within each other whoever s/he might had belonged in family. Than brain was of animal instinct . With the pace of time common sense to civilize made a way . Doubtless human had came here a long way, rationalism grew, reasoning grew, religion grew , civilization or society norms grew. Why ? How ? need thousands of pages here to add . This can move-n-carried forward in a different debate or issue.

Coming to the main point- In civilized countries of today where a parent take absolute emotional affectionate care with certain degrees of sophisticated precautions for the up bringing of their child. But the fact state today even a nursery child pretends to ignore but get access to all sort of sex sites scenes , sitting watching tv at home or surfing net or emails by mingling or migrating with fellow friends or companions at indoors or out source.

Knowingly or unknowingly, innocently or intentionally s/he is bound to come across x rated clips, pop up and films at the early stage of childhood. Everybody understand love-n-sex if soberly done with consent is not a crime . Whereby if sex is not a crime and law full activities essential for all –then why a civilized society should restrict children to have open sex with other children or adult? Every one understand sex is the strongest human need . This again is a strong point and thus need a logical civilized debate.

While in civilized society - crush, passion, infatuation, lust , flirt , molestation, seduction seem to be diluted or distorted or carefree attitude od celebrities – Thus impulsive or provocative forms of love if objected by the victim or practiced by un-consent is only considered or categorized as crime. As have been noticed -justifying un-natural, un-human sex may be non sense but for sake of fun gives a sensational and civilized enjoyment (ecstasy ) for some if done with agreed consent.

Today various forms of sex are needed to create an excited euphoria orgasm for many sane or like minded heads. Sex has traveled a long way since ape transformed into human. Right from the age of dinosaurs if human had been than, only human growing with cogent levels took initiative to ethically transformed into a civilized, rational or religious beings topping all next or lower grade beings leving behind or below on universal chart.

Meanwhile on earth one rarely believe or come across myths of ‘reel or real’ when a tiger loves to enjoy sex with a horse, donkey, pig or crocodile enjoy intercourse with whale or dolphin fishe. No body see bull or horse interested in human beings. Haven’t anybody seen a snake attempting sex on mouse or frog. Are because they are un rational un brilliant animals so not yet logically or sexually correct , prepared , decent enough to know the value or meaning of ‘love-n- sex’ to select ? Never did the God came down to give tutorials to sparrow or insect to do love-n-sex with opposite sex of own breed . But if sex is concerned why do they never attempt sex with same gender ? Neither God come down and show the creature where to insert their sexual organs for absolute orgasm to get conceive in right holes. And how come they are naturally legalized and already know their G-spots and it limits? One never see a crow kissing a parrot or doing orgasm with same gender. If gays-n-lesbians could show at least one example of any animal have a love of desire like them.

Nature is applauding to human being too. As their basic animal instinct is on change. From carnivorous desires celebrities or people are switching to vegetarian meals . What for? They are starting to empathy animals. What for ? Give one example where animal are at sex with same gender. Shouldn’t human take example from their harmony of civilization pertaining to same gender? Even if a dog is not shown a bitch would not treat other dog like this . ( It) He may wait for a bitch to satisfy his sexual needs. In frustration or desperation he may rub his organ aggressively here-n-there but by nature’s instinct spiritually he also s know where it actually fits.

One may not see a dog having orgasm with another dog or a bitch having orgasm with another bitch giving an excuse to self that the situation or circumstances of need had made them so . No animal complaint as their characteristics demand . But dignified human do have reason to justify and command. One comes across bunch of street dogs trying to play an orgy on bitch. But have you ever seen bunch of bitches orgy on a single dog ? but human have reasons and freedom to do it. And one day a Human Right would support swapping or orgy too.

It appear ridiculous to justify, support or excuse self in society by undergoing or facing a inner sense of gender conflicts as an instinctually desire so just to satisfy arousing sex need to harmonize poor un privileged bothering organs needs anatomical sex change by hormonal therapy or surgeries. Needless to debate - Only fortunate filth wealthy people could afford such sane full demands. Every poor of the world can never afford.

No body must have viewed a horse or dog desperate to f**k a human. But civilized god fearing human have every reason of argument for any kind of love which satisfy their emotions for amusement to select a self choice celebration. Is this because human enjoy liberty in form of every freedom of right - Rights to expressions? Right to exposures? Right to desires? Right to religions? Right to regions? Right to fame? Right to fortunes? Right to maintain wealth? Right to sustain poverty ? Right to love any form of emotion may they be unnatural un civilized lust, sex , terror , jealous, anger , hatred , harm etc.
Yes human enjoys such exclusive rights.

Whereas, right of breeding, eating, killing certain animals or sparing some animals is again - right to human exclusive will. So the question of confusion here is - If human goes on demanding time-n-again to amend or introduce a new law on land raising one wish after another for self created or own crafted interest to which s/he is solo responsible . Should it be granted ? ––If so , meanwhile than - Right to all sort of consented sex should also be termed legalized ? And new terms should be allotted by terminating all old rules introducing fresh new? So should sex to anyone into own family legalized ?

While as all such things stay only as human exclusive rights – Would human come out with more such demands? - Right to anyone2family sex ? Right to human2animal sex Right to children2children sex , Right2adult2children sex once again pressurizing it as ‘human birth right’ ? If not all thinker thinks but does a foolish thinker has a freedom or right to think?

Possibly many thinkers are concerned about poor speechless animal who are circus-sed to serve human as their domesticated needs since the time un known. Would they become victims and may not alleged human as manipulative selfish culprits ?

So the subject of focus demands- Should un-natural sex flourish and encouraged in civilized society? And one should also ask gays-n-lesbian celebrities - if at all God grants them a miracle stick – Will they change all human into their own sex? Or would they make every member/adopted child /medical child belonging in their family -gay or lesbian ? However it is true sex play relaxes-n- release stress and gives a momentary recreation but should it be practiced purpose-lessly on same sex or animals even if they are impossible to generate creation ? (New birth). Where a rational line of sense concerned to relativities should be drawn to restrict and comply minimum civilization is now in law makers hands.

Even if a deliberate attempt is made on dog or a horse taming them to do sex with human or otherwise they can be trained to their master’s wish? Artificially one can change sex with help of science and wealth but does such theme lead an individual somewhere sane? And can every person on earth with a transsexual / transgender wish afford it ? Today a male fall in emotional love with another male or a female sexually lust for another female . What if a new breed comes out and emotionally get desperate to have orgasm with domestic dogs, cats, horse, sheep , cow etc taming them to their sex need ? Would Human Right stand beside them too ?

On seeing lesbians –n- gays all around many thinkers wonder how the civilized world still appear sane normal -healthy-n-sound? Law is being made in many countries which would approve gays and lesbians affairs and marriages – For rich breeds it is ok , but can a poor gay or lesbian of every country afford to have a sex change ? So would not anal or other form of un natural sex need invite more hepatitis and aids or other health draw backs ? Can the rich wealthy gay-n-lesbian saints realize where such law would take or lead a family of poor whose child cultivate such ambition ?

Right to gays-lesbians marriages had already twisted-n-turned- many homes destroying many families. Needless to argue they would tingle-n-trouble many more homes in coming future. Of course- empathy, sympathy , pardoning should be done to the present breed of Gay&Lisbions who are above 18. Those who are already victim by self or other will and find no alternative /reason / means to come out. One should fully agree – No- discrimination , No- un justice related to job or professional opportunity should be done to such innocent-n-ignorant or intentional victims who are already into it. Obviously -These G&L should be honored in society for their contributions which they do for world welfares and cares .

However legalizing their marriage is an open invitation or persuasion to promote and cultivate more such seeds-n-breeds injecting in or encouraging new raw and tender little generations ( teen/children/babies ) ahead. Human Right should also see that defected from birth / or castrated eunuchs for one or other reasons should also be included in Human Right Campaign for G&L & Eunuch . G&L should invite them too . They too are human beings.

Eunuchs from all parts of the world should be included and invited to join this indiscrimination mission of human rights with gays-n-lesbians . And further see-scan-n-check that coming generation never get encouraged to cross such ( psycic) limits like them. Experienced victimized Eunuchs /Gays/Lesbians of the word who had felled out or left behind from the civilized society should give their own examples starting counseling to any such upcoming children or generation not to harbor such G&L ideology or dreams from which they are already suffering so that coming next generation may not suffer or get cultivated like them more on earth.

Human Right should appeal Gay-n-Lesbians instead of justifying themselves they should provide their examples to man kind and next little generation that children should correct their thoughts and never indulge to such un natural practices for which they are suffering or blamed today. Such gays-n-lesbians can become good counselors to children best than any guardian , parents and teachers. Who can teach better than them that what are the pitfalls to think in a un-natural, un-civilized or un-rational way.

And for what psycho-therapists are meant or paid for ? If child are born with such abnormal defects these psychiatrist can take well care of. Parents should open up with their children right from beginning and start giving anti lessons cautioning them of becoming gays-n-lesbians. At early stage of childhood if parents come across such symptoms of G&L in their child . They should consult psychiatric and get the child check.

As there are old age home , blind, deaf, dump, insane , addict homes , rescue home similarly for Gays-n-Lesbians there should be such homes. Brilliant Gays-Lisboans should not only focus to their present selfish gains. They should look at future generation. They should also think about little next generation future and their normal parents from where they have come from ae bound to get disturb if they find their sibling either blind, deaf , or dump or addicted to some one.

British of past in India are condemned for so many things but did they abolished many bad things ? For instance if ‘Sati’ in India (women sitting or jumping in the dead husband flaming pyre to express her loyalty-n-love for spouse ) was considered as religious of right in past ? Should it be justified for next generation too ? Present Gays-n-Lesbians deserve empathy, sympathy equal respect in their lives in every field they comply or apply today . Human right should help them and allow to stay as group of civil agreement , They can be given marriage certificate for a while if such thing work to satisfy or cover their self respect. But doesn’t marriage sound ridiculous if sane minds are rationally questioned ? Moreover , do they really believe by achieving all this the sane rational or religious world would really sympathize with their unusual demand?

A tag or certificate of marriage if not so significant for human- rational or religious beings than why for name sake of spreading or confirming beliefs - it should be promoted or carried forward by natural born or behaved bio- heterosexuals ?

If civilization and law goes on approving each-n-every demand as sane, very soon law would also be demanded , amended or created as a new law for - ‘human sex with animal’. As everyone would agree human love some animal so much that they become their domesticated family members . They hug them , They kiss them , They can go to any extremes to deliver-n-demand rights for their beloved animals ? If they ask for something more- Would such also be considered as rational , civilized , emotional or sane approach?

The matter which would interest or instigate or influence many is - If ‘reel’ lives can demonstrate such emotional needs -Why ‘real’ lives shouldn’t?

Similarly along with cupid , gays, lesbians- swapping , orgy or animal sex would also be practiced on street shows and open streets of many countries’ people in coming future would come forward to justify them. One more Human Rights Campaign would be formed.. Countries allowing this would consider this as form of -freedom to free expressions, freedom to free entertaining or freedom rights to free essential exposures. Strippers with such shows in many countries or territories are already into it from years.

Is the day not far to re-erupt and take off again like past ancient earth born Gods-n-Goddess , kings and queens - God & Kings doing ras lilalas charming many girls , Gods & Kings maintaining hundred of wives . Five brothers having one wife. Cleopatras would re-exist in every homely life ?

To sum up , as systems, law-makers or human rights are shaping up in civilized societies - any form of sex carrying a harmless , un injurious agreed performances by each others consent would rather be exempted as sane full approach apart from deliberated or force full sex which only be considered as objectionable rape , molestation , seductions in coming times. Father having sex with daughter, brother having sex with sister would not be considered sin and the golden days of human beast would re-emerge and probably the era had already began.

In future ahead -Children too would be allowed to choose their sex with anyone child-2-child , child-2-adult, male-2-male or female-2-female , human3animal as law of lands would understand later that love or need for sex should not be discriminated as sex-n-love is not only fun but just a basic human need thus essential requirement for every . Love would be considered -Not at all a peccadillo. After all every living being or human take birth out of it. So as hetero opposite sex or same gender sex would be honored so along with them swapping, orgy , animal sex would be honored and respected . All would be legalized as they were in apes days. Marriage Certificates and Ceremonies would be switched off and would appear things of past.

Its true political or entertaining celebrities are becoming more sensitive and caring with animals than to needy hopeless human who are more than insects and living worse than rats today any how struggling to survive in poor under developed countries.

Emotions for animal is not at all bad but capable and privileged celebrities should care for un capable un privileged human and should bestow their emotions or surplus wealth to uplift their own breed prior to bringing up animals who can’t design a better world than human breed. Many talent die in poor countries for inadequate education, disease, under nourishments of food, cloth and shelter. Fortunate Celebrities should give a mild mind full though to focus more on such type of needy human beings of the earth if they consider them better than other un natural -self created trivial matters or problems.

Emotional demands of human who are born equally but later start mushrooming transforming into gays-n-lesbians humming everywhere in society . Simultaneously adult-child sex, swapping , orgy, human-n-animals sex are flourishing out of limit or making way in global society. The day is nearing when human love and emotions would also arouse-n-rise for animal needs as it is happening for other greeds. But one gets afraid when a lesbian, gay or orgy practitioner raise their voice for animals. Now how one can verify or guarantee in future – if love for animal lives doesn’t ruin up more further transforming or taking a more emotional to transcended stage-n-shape among some unusual beings who would next justify such cases and would ask to recognize that also ? So Human Right should verify if animal lives are too not on such stakes?

Orgasm was made by that foolish invisible nonsense God to practice only within male-n-female beings of opposite breed-n-genes , But human are not satisfied with such beautiful heavenly offer of God and discarded it as a stupid gift restricted to stipulated limits. A human desire never cease there , The bargain is on – He need more pennies with multiple pe**s and clit**is all at a time. So a part of intellect human had designed and discovered new form of love- Love of gays, Love of lesbians, Love of orgy , Love of sextoys , Love of animals – exemplifying and simplifying –catering them to their freedoms of thoughts–n-desires.

The point or issue is- Where human rights must draw a ‘line of limit’ ? Right from dinosaur, ape ages human had traveled with time and come a long civilized way educating and experimenting or learning from their own mistakes by struggling preparing drawing or chalking out ‘code of conducts’ – ‘do’s and don’t by putting tremendous ethical efforts time-n-again converting or cultivating them into many religions. Since un known or un registered span of history -logics to question unwanted damage-n-destruct gave a way to think on ethics- which were further replaced by religions –and snatched away by politicians at large –lost at last. Needless to say politicians govern the law of land. (Earth) today. They need to get elect or select no matter what are the means

While after giving a zig-saw, roller coaster ride crashing with few sensitive issues at length . Meanwhile let us come to the main point - However everyone would agree -Art and Entertainments and their celebrities are ruling the world on top today, May be Hollywood, Bollywood or other Goodwoods stay the lively examples. People are influenced with entertainments and sports celebrities. Mass hysteria ceases to see and follow them. May one become famous by singing songs, (pretending) acting or scoring by giving kicks or strokes to a sport’s ball. S/he is considered genius and tall better than Jesus today. So when a celebrity does or attempts any action on ‘reel or real’ mass-n-media keep themselves ready and are bound to follow them. Hence fans consider every activities of celebrities sane-n-sound so their examples are justified easily, well carried away and followed by the mass religiously.

People forget the inventor of camera, projector, television or light. No body bothers to know or praise Edison’s creativity of light. Least they care Einstein , Abraham Lincolns, Gandhi’s contributions that made the world intellectually bright; however today people are more crazy and go hay sake raising their eyebrows when entertainment celebrity put a finger in nostril to remove crust at sight.

People very well do know celebrity vanishes with phase of time but the truth is they rule because they amuse their emotion of unlighted dim world riding-n-swaying them away to temporary dreams of world practicing wrong more and right less . Such are the deeds they do cater in reels-n-real. Whether these entertainment celebrities are choosing right or wrong becomes the inspiration-n-aspirations of fans to undertake , imitate their ideology that they pose. Stay it smoke, alcohol, drugs or sex abuse. The fan is ready to clone and do.

Apart from oral, anal, orgy, gay, lesbian sex if a celebrity announces that he had also tried to enjoy putting in ears, nose , eyes , armpit of a human and had taken - tusk, horn, thorn trunk, tail of beast etc. It would be tried and carried away by many of their fans religiously. Meanwhile we can await or un earth more such hidden unexposed mystery or incidence if apart from male2male, female2female, swapping , orgy-sex , sex with animals or some more needs-n-wants in the form of -Love to sex and desires , erosion to ecstasy have shapen-n-taken up by this civilized mass of human those had come up better than beasts or other class of un rational beings.

Meanwhile, human to animal forms of sex clips and videos are available on net and streets. In fact many think tanks are wondering when they would come across on internet human loving and enjoying sex with donkeys-n-chimps. Even snakes are sane enough to choose their opposite partners. A snake never arouses by curling or hugging a piece of pipe or twig as a sex partner but human does. Yeah , Human have right to enjoy sex with poor dump rubber or metal toys too. Decent civilized ethical human are not keeping behind raping them too as they know these dump can’t sue . Collectively many bunch of sane decent human enjoy and justify swapping or orgy as rational-n-reasonable sex needs. However one night stands are celebrated religiously apart from marriage code.

How many lesbians-n-gays or heterosexuals celebrities take or sustain their love@first sight till their grave is a different issue. But as gays-n-lesbians or other normal celebrities in Hollywood announce their love and change love@second site – and are desperate do romance@multiple sites- while previous sites are still on old under processs-n-progress . Meantime , one view they are quick to process of search, finding Mr. Right inspite of self being Ms.Wrong. But outstand to justify-n-clearify self . One see Ms.Right still lusting over crush@first site feeling infatuation@second site, and again desperate to flirt@third site without informing the former lovers-holding@previous sites. Such all are the decent appreciating practices of all most every entertaining celebrities at sight. However they instantly replace former lover with later –apologizing or confessing each other after sex-n-shower. Same in lives their fans follow.

Civilized human or many celebrities enjoy right to many or multiple affairs -love-marriage-divorce and thus throw away each other like a useless condom which have no significance after one use. However responsible ‘animal caring celebrities’ who hardly cares for each other emotions ditch and change each other as toilet napkin . This delivers a very significant messages to their masses and fans. Love-care-loyalty for animals stands prior than loving their first love to human.

Desperation, frustration of not finding Mr. Right takes Mr.Wrong to many long trials-n-errors of rides - love@first/second/multiple sites in a short uncertain span of life. They do not want to miss any fortunate opportunity/chance which Destiny had offered or bestowed upon them by fluke . In haste they want all of a sudden to enjoy every fruits of absolute luck. To search-n-surrender to a psychotherapist , professional gurus of various cults is the after effects - methods of alternatives or alterations these celebrities choose- Such counselers who teach ,cure , rescue them with medicines , mediations, spirituality , yoga, fengshui , tarot , candles , birth stones etc. Such well wisher caretakers seers and doctorates of the world leave poor world blind and stick to help celebrity removing evil spirits from their toilets and beds promising them to replace with an angel one exactly just like them.

Well one see today celebrities are regarded-n-adored while honored bigger and greater than Jesus. If Jesus wasted his entire life roaming along herds of sheep or sitting on donkey’s back what stay the Hollywood Celebrities’ fault? Why a celebrity should suffer like Him? And why should not s/he enjoy his well privileged and fortunate life which s/he must have achieved by offering flesh, songs, dance ,acting (pretending) or hitting kicking a ball or person? No body can blame these respected celebrities who are always ethical plus logical in their approach – May s/he be a hetero , gay or lesbian celebrity , time2time they devote less time than Jesus but do or announce more then Him. Is this the only skill full qualityof ‘acting’ in ‘pretendence’ which that sane fellow didn’t have ?

If Jesus had set an example in Holy-wood. Actors too are setting examples in their Hollywood. So to honor so many angel entertaining celebrities their clones are installed in House of Tussad too . May it be human rights, aids , animal cruelty, gays/lesbians movements they are first to appear-n-support, collecting funds by singing or stripping off.

Meanwhile , Its time for UN – Rationalist and Religions to check every stock for the betterment and uplifting or at least sustaining human civilization which our great forefathers had worked hard and built lot.

Choosing among infinite –but meantime few of the basic question that hammers and bother minds- pertaining toward Civil Partnership /Marriage Act as legal recognization of Gays-n-Lesbians to be analyzed or seek justification are –

1. Can’t such G&L if not sexually but emotionally involve persons or partners do anything in their closed doors or groups?
2.Are talented G&L celebrities always genius-n-wise in approach so they can support justify any sort of demand for un-natural wish at any prize?
3.Considering talent-n-wealth of a person should a wrong or ‘nature against’ demand be granted ?
4.As privileged powerful person having abundant fortune-n-wealth justify becoming lesbian or gay likewise -Could a poor un privileged persons meet the expenses to maintain-n-sustain like them ?
5)Such filthy rich G&L celebrities can life time sustain-n- afford to continue and celebrate throughout maintain relations with same gender sex by getting hormonal-sex by surgeries change , and can even adopt child etc . But can poor of under privileged countries afford ?
6.Can wisdom be debated or challenged on accepting all unnatural form of sex as freedom or liberty of human mere ?
7.Can an adopted child of gay or lesbian bear a life time trauma of being child of gay or lesbian in society ?
8.Will an adopted child be also developed or brought up as gay or lesbian ?
9.Would the adopted child ‘s/he’ feel fine or comfortable in society if s/he wish to lead normal life like common heterosexuals?
10.Would the adopted child-upbringing by G&L in society not get exploited or feel-n-face embarrassed as other normal child prevailing in society?
11. Would a already normal grown child or teen would love to migrate for ever as son or daughter with family of Gays-or-Lisboans - If a poor under privileged good G or L want to adopt him/her to help pull G or L livings?
12.Reg Sex-n-Love : Which sex or love seeds or what lesson of examples a gay or lesbian parent would germinate or give while bringing up their adopted child ?
13.What type of partner G&L would prefer or insist while selecting for their adopted or madicaly approved child ? – Their child should be - bio-hetro-homo-gay- lesbian?
14.How G or L would get ready to answer and face the questions while grooming or trained the adopted child while s/he grows from child2teen2maturity ? And what if s/he ask why parents are behaving so ?
15. In such cases -Would not that ‘adopted child’ is likely to become one exactly just like them ?
16. What would happen if the prevailing normal society still do not accept that hetro sexual adopted child of G&L during child’s raising or maturity ?
17. What type of assurance or insurance claims they will give or maintain to raise their child if god forbid G&L become hand to mouth or handicap to raise the adopted child?

If Hollywood script writer or Dan Brown doesn’t steal the idea the writer of this article is considering to write a book ‘Jesus was not a gay-or-eunuch ’ decoding the roots of gays-n-lesbians. As gay/lesbian is no longer considered as obscure or objectionable word in Royal Society or House of Lords or UN Councils of Human Rights as because the fact is Gays or Lesbians tend to sit-n-move among honorable citizens of the world. They had contributed lot for the welfare of society at large. Am I right - Sir Elton John?

At last – Compared to other celebrities of the world – Had George Bush attempted a grave sin by just touching shoulders as a friendly gesture of the most pretty germen chancellor?

The writer have high regards and empathy for every gay-n-lesbian or such community of today or yesterdays who had already crossed this sex bar having chosen their identifications and limits for same gender. The author believes the matter could be solved by medical or meditating counseling during childhood when a child is suspected and get diognized with such gay or lesbians sort of desires. re can be rare cases of incidence in childhood where-n-while such cases cannot be counseled out. that but the author personally feel the world can never be better of or square up if such circumstances or relations are carried or forwarded or encouraged to the next little innocent-n-ignorant up coming generation of the globe.

It’s easy to force and legalize such issue but this form would not be acceptable by majority of the world. Rather it will stay-n-linger as long- may generation struggle. G&L are likely to face many hurdles of human frame of mind which is stubborn either by religion or rationality. Even if G&L succeed to win this battle of legalizing it by gaining mere a married certificate for mere as they are facing indiscrimination of allowances at professional job levels. Still they would be restricted or not considered more than better half of a rare or schedule tribal society who are still struggling in front of every civilized religion of the world who disqualify them time-n-again since pre-historical periods.

However G&L should admit without arguing normal - parents can never dream to afford risk and encourage their new born child to become G&L. Further mingling with other children of an adopted or medically conceived child would move on children teasing discriminations and humiliation of innocent child of G&L. Neither any parents would encourage their children to get engage with them out of fear . For instance – Even If parents are habitual smoker, drinker or drugs taker they would not prefer their child into it and get addicted or chronic to same. For betterment of their child up bringing they would always alert their children not to indulge in such abusive practice if they accidentally /incidently /innocently/ignorantly had jumped in to develop such taste forming into a chronic habit of practice by choosing such abnormal and unnatural characteristics.

Through own experiences the author could also had divulged or diverted in such un natural practices during his tender age of childhood when one get influenced or carried away by such small friends or adult . If at right time , right frame of sensible mind had not worked enough to scan self moral guilts penduluming right-n-left to justify reasons. He could also had have developed into one . Meanwhile – it seem difficult but every parents or universities should mandatory educate-n-alert their children-n-students from very nursery period so that they don’t become victim or indulge in G&L activities -one out of ten.

Government & Human Rights & Grant Providers or Trust of every countries should come forward and make counseling centers , rehabilitant centers and asylums for such victims who had fallen in such un natural activities of requiring same gender sex. Just as even a brilliant drug addict need to rehabilitate so should other un natural addictions. Law should prevail equal for any law full activities. Unless such measures-n-methods are adopted by countries God is not going to come down and save.
One can’t legalize the demand of a brilliant drug addicts if they collectively come and say - drug should be legalized .

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