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World Peace Forum Documentary DVD
25 jul 2006
The Think Peace Documentary Film Project to release DVD of the World Peace Forum.
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The World Peace Forum took place in Vancouver, BC, Canada from June 23-28, 2006 attracting over 4,500 delegates to engage in the process of achieving World Peace. Delegates came together to build networks of citizens and civic governments committed to a culture of peace and sustainability. The issues covered by the Forum were broad and wide ranging looking at the political, social and spiritual aspects of peace.

In order to preserve this historic event over forty volunteers got together as the Think Peace Film Project. Our purpose was to capture on video as much of this vast, historic event as possible given our limited resources. We conducted hours of interviews with such figures as Hans Blix, Medea Benjamin, Marianne Williamson, K'Naan, and many others. We recorded many of the panel discussions and sessions and interviewed many of the delegates as we wandered the campus of the University of British Columbia with our cameras.

We are now in the process of logging and labeling this footage to prepare for the editing stage of the creation of this DVD. By releasing this documentary we will be providing a useful tool for those who are engaged in building a network to achieve world peace. By offering bulk discounts to groups and organizations we hope to aid them in their fundraising efforts. We will also encourage and help groups and organizations arrange public screenings as a means of reaching out to the general public.
In order to achieve our goals we need your help. We are pre-selling our DVD for the introductory price of $15.00 CDN plus shipping and handling. This works out to $19.95 CDN for those living in Canada and the USA and $23.95 CDN for International orders.

You can also help us by promoting our project amongst your organization's membership or your own personal networks. To find out more about us you can go to our website at:

or email us at info ARROBA

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