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We will resort to all possible means of defense to defeat "Israel"
23 jul 2006
Full text of 2nd Sayyed Nasrallah speech: We will resort to all possible means of defense to defeat "Israel" Number of missiles we have fired so far is extremely insignificant proportional to what we have
We will resort to all possible means of defense to defeat "Israel"

Number of missiles we have fired so far is extremely insignificant proportional to what we have

The secretary-general of Hizbullah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, declared in a speech today that the party would resort to all possible means of defense, promising Israel, which chose an open war, defeat. Only hours after the Second Israeli television channel announced he was injured in a bombing raid, His eminence said to the Israelis in his audio-visual address: "I bring you news of your defeat ". He also said: "we will resort to every defense means possible, so long as this enemy practices uncontainable aggression devoid of any red lines."

Sayyed Nasrallah added: "We still have our full strength and force. We will choose the place and the time. Meanwhile, we continue to manage our affairs in a rigorous and systematic manner, that is least expected by the enemy, whose behavior is based on making these days harsh, in the hope they will cause disintegration at our leadership and base levels, the thing which has not happened."
Nasrallah also said: "The main points of our strength are that the enemy, unaware of our capabilities, bases its estimates on erroneous as well as incorrect information, and resorts to lies."

His eminence said: "We will carry on so long as they are the ones who chose this open war (...) when the enemy acts as if there are no limits or red lines, we are then entitled to the same right." In reference to Hizbullah military capabilities, he said "we have considerably a lot more and we are still at the beginning of the confrontation". Threatening to "resort to every means possible to defend ourselves", he said: "our arsenal which you have always been mindful of is still present, and the number of missiles fired is only very small in comparison."

The Secretary-General of Hizbullah said that "during the first days of the Israeli military operation in Lebanon, the party remained calm and precise, avoiding non-military targets. However, the Israeli army targeted Lebanese villages, towns and civilians", pointing out that "the Israelis mistook our patience". He also talked of Hizbullah military achievements in targeting Israeli military post, adding that today he had to "honour the promise" of shelling Haifa city. However, he said "we deliberately avoided the petrochemical plants in Haifa, which fall within our missiles range, only to make sure our weapon remains one for deterrence rather than vengeance."

His eminence added: "By no means should this avoidance be taken as our permanent course of action". Nasrallah also promised "surprises in land confrontations, which we anxiously await", pointing out that "any land advancement is a good omen to the resistance because it will bring us closer to the victory and to humiliating enemy soldiers."

In addressing the Lebanese Sayyed Nasrallah said "do not be concerned by what the enemy war machine destroys." Also, he indicated that "what gets destroyed will be built in cooperation with the Lebanese state." He added: "We have true friends able to assist us with clean and dignified money, free of any political price (...) what is important, is to emerge victorious from this battle."

He then directed his speech to the Arab people saying "he does not ask for relief or assistance", adding that "Hizbullah is not fighting Hizbullah battle, or Lebanon, but the battle of the nation" and wondered "where this nation is, in relation to this battle?"

Here is the text of the appeal: "Through this address I make on this day, Sunday, to touch on some points related to the battlefield and some important political points, the current delicate and crucial stage require handling them.
First of all and in relation to the field events, from the beginning we said that we are confronting this assault calmly and meticulously. In this context, we made clear stances and gave forewarnings.

On the first day our missiles were focused on shelling military sites only, excluding Israeli settlements and colonies in north occupied Palestine. Yet, the enemy army, unable to confront our warriors, started from the first day targeting towns, villages, civilians, civilian installations and infrastructure.

Nonetheless we continued our fight against soldiers in the south and military sites in occupied north Palestine, where significant successful strikes took place, particularly against command headquarters of various brigades in "Israel" northern region, such as the Northern Area Command, the marine forces command and the air force operations command; operations on these levels were highly successful.

Yet in contrast, Zionist campaigns focused on civilians and civilian installations. They tried to make an advance in Ayta Shaab area, where our Mujahideen warriors confronted them destroying one of the most technologically advanced Israeli tanks. Other tanks intervened, they too were destroyed. A third tank joined the confrontation and it too was hit. This incident was an occasion to demonstrate the strength of Israeli land forces on the edge of Mount Aamel, who targeted Lebanon main cities, villages and killed people in their homes. In this town they shelled a house killing a father, a mother and the children. They even reached a level of killing displaced people on the move from Marwaheen village ... women and children, and their bombing destroyed a number of villages, especially in the southern suburb.
This enemy seems to have misinterpreted the patience we expressed in these first few days."
He added: "In truth, we have been patient in the face of this assault, and only retaliated against the military in order to emphasize that our battle is against the military, even though we consider everyone in "Israel" partner in their crime, but so long as there was no need to attack civil targets, we will not.

We waited and made another accomplishment when we hit the Israeli Navy warship off the coast of Beirut, in a clear signal that we are punishing those who bombed our cities and infrastructure.
But with the Zionists, carelessly exceeding the proper limits of engagement, their inability to read current events has pushed them to continue their extensive assaults of South Lebanon and Bakaa, especially the cities of Baalbek and Hermel and to take the choice of hitting the newly built infrastructure.

Today we were left with no choice but to deliver on the promise of shelling the city of Haifa. We know the importance and the gravity of this city. Had we aimed missiles at the chemical plants, a major disaster would have struck that region, but we deliberately spared these plants from our missile-range in the interests of restrain rather than pushing matters into the unknown. To make certain, our weapon is not one of revenge but deterrence, to inject some reason and deliberation back into the heads of the lunatics in Olmert government, and rid them of hang-ups of arrogance and tyranny, even idiocy, their specialty.
Just avoiding such targets, does not mean we will continue down this course of response. We may, at any moment, consider it our duty to protect our homeland, people and families and resort to any means possible to provide such protection.
So long as the enemy practices this level of aggression without hindrance or restraint, we will therefore go to the same level in our defense, relinquishing limits and red lines".

He went on to say: "Oh dear people whom I address with this speech, after this battlefield account, I wish to assure you of some points. Thanks to Allah/God we are still with all our strength and energy. We are the ones who choose the time and place. This enemy cannot impose on us the method or time of when we use our weapons. We continue to manage our affairs in a rigorous and systematic manner, something least expected by the enemy, whose behavior is based on making the first days harsh, in the hope they will cause disintegration at leadership and base levels, which has not happened. The main points of our strength are that the enemy is unaware of our capabilities and bases its estimates on erroneous as well as incorrect information, and resorts to lies."

For example, on the first day all targets hit by "Israel" in the southern towns are civilian population targets, free of any missile bases, rocket caches or anything the "Israelis" claimed. "Israelis" even came out claiming that the larger bulk of Hizbullah missile strength was destroyed on the first day. I say to the Israeli army: you are wrong and so is the information you possess, since those you killed are civilian inhabitants, women and children, the houses you demolished are civilian homes free of any missiles that you talk about. The arsenal which you have always been mindful of, still exists, and the number of missiles fired is only very small in comparison, and our ability to launch a great deal more still exists."

He added: "Today, the Zionists build their calculations on the basis of that which occurred in Haifa or Acre or beyond Haifa. You believe you can base your battle on this ground, hence I herald your defeat Allah/ God willing, because this increases our optimism, strength and belief in our ability to confront you. I will also say to the people of the Zionist entity that what frightens or even terrifies your government and army from the "Grapes of Wrath" experience, is that the entirety of the battle they fought, was on the basis that all the Katyushas the resistance in Lebanon possessed, did not exceed 500 rockets, only to discover that the information was wrong.
Here I stress that the Israeli enemy has no idea what our capabilities are or what we have on every level, which is the most important point of strength we are proud to possess in the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. In Lebanon we are proud that our security is not breached. We are proud that we have been building on more than one level, with the required silence and confidentiality, for we were preparing the necessary precautions for the day when Israel will try to avenge the defeat Lebanon inflicted on it."

He said: "In the next phase we will carry on so long as they are the ones who declared this open war. Yet, we will practice extreme caution to avoid civilians unless we are forced to do so.
During the recent period, even now, while able to strike every settlement, village and major city, in occupied North Palestine to say the least, we only used such an option to apply pressure on the enemy government; even when forced to strike civil targets.

When the Zionists in their conduct abandoned all rules, red lines and limits of engagement, it becomes our right to respond in like fashion too."
He pointed out that the "Israelis today speak of heavy shelling. Is what went down in the past few days called mild bombing? Is that level of devastation wreaked by the Israelis in buildings, cities and villages and on the day before yesterday in the southern suburbs (Aldahia), where neighbourhoods were destroyed? The entire world saw the level of destruction, even when we had reservations at initial stages regarding some of the images the world began to see.
But will this limit our resolve and will power or change our decision? Never. Anyway, we will go on and we have a great deal more, we are still at the beginning. The Zionists will come to see, again and again, the truth in what I say to and promise them."

He further pointed out: "there is talk going on today in Zionist circles about the idea of a land infiltration towards some locations. They made an attempt at the current post in Ayta Shaab, but quickly retreated. We heard today that they had resorted to some of internationally banned weapons. In all cases, we are presently located in the south ever ready and impassionedly waiting to confront and deal them a defeat Allah/God willing.
Here I do not speak of people looking for martyrdom, but hoping for victory. They want to present a new scene of victory against this enemy, thus just like we surprised in Haifa, we will again beyond Haifa. I also promise them surprises at various confrontation levels we impatiently wait for with great hope, as it will allow us to directly retaliate against enemy tanks and soldiers, against those now hiding in fortified castles and fighter jets of the strongest air force in the region. Any overland advances will be the harbinger of a victory drawing nearer to the resistance and humiliation to the Israeli soldiers, similar to the humiliation they received in the last few days...."

He added: I say to the good honourable steadfast people whom we heard through the media during these days, we heard their patience, support, backing and love: you are truly a great people, this is not a word of exaggeration or a flattering remark. You are a historic people on whom hopes hang for delivering not only Lebanon, but this entire nation (Ummah) out of disgrace and shame to rekindle hope within it".

He went on to say: "Again I say to you, we will be victorious with your support, embrace, love, goodness and steadfast stance. We will certainly coordinate with the institutions of the Lebanese government to rebuild demolished buildings and places Allah/God willing, but in this context I say to you not to be concerned over what this "Israeli" war destroys. We only wish speedy recovery for the wounded, and a long healthy life for the living, but as far as what gets demolished and destroyed, Allah/God willing in coordination with the Lebanese government will be rebuilt, but as a concerned side, we are determined to take the rebuilding process seriously.

I say this without going into details, for in this domain we have serious friends too, with extremely great capabilities, with clean, pure and honourable money that is free of political conditions.

Do not be concerned over rebuilding our homeland. What is important is to be steadfast now and emerge victorious from this battle."

He directed a word to the peoples of the Arab and Islamic worlds: "The enemy now is resorting to lies and a lot of psychological warfare. This is very natural, especially with an enemy of this kind. For example, they tried to say at the outset that there no frigate was destroyed at sea, but later admitted it. I assured you and we have proof that confirms this boat was struck by a direct hit with two rockets. The attempt to say the resistance missiles targeted a commercial vessel, will prove an "Israeli" lie, just like the other lies that were proven and continue to be. If we assume that a commercial vessel was targeted or hit, certainly what was targeted is the Israeli warship."

He added: "With regards to the existence of Iranian soldiers who were able to launch these missiles, Israeli reconnaissance planes flew over the area where the rockets were fired from and was accompanying every move. How could that narrow circle widen to include Iranian soldiers?
In any case I categorically deny the existence of any Iranian soldiers in this operation or in others.

Those with experience using these capabilities currently available to Hizbullah are Lebanese, sons of the Lebanese from Lebanese families. While they speak of Iranians and Iranian soldiers, they may speak of North Korean, Japanese and Russians too, even Chinese and the like, in order to underrate and make little of our abilities. The "Israelis" always and consistently act towards the Lebanese and Arab peoples as of a low level, that we do not have the competence, the capacity nor the required expertise for a confrontation of this type of lies used by the Zionists in this war.
This is an issue I certainly wanted to make clear a, thus, God willing, in the next stage with the help of these honourable Lebanese Mujahideen warriors we will be able to continue our battle to defeat our enemy."

He then directed his speech to the peoples of the Arab and Islamic worlds: "to make clear the responsibilities ahead of them, I am not in the process of making an appeal, nor a call for assistance or make any requests. This was our undertaking, which we agreed to the brothers and me from the moment the "Faithful Pledge" operation took place and the ensuing confrontations, not to ask anyone for anything, though a great many have contacted us and offered their services. We said we are not asking for anything, nor have we requested anything on the financial level, political level, media or military level.
We certainly appeal to Allah/God praise and glory to him, because we believe in him and in his ability, greatness and the promise of victory he makes the believers "For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs" (Quran 3: 173). We do not address the Lebanese and Arab peoples to ask them for help, for we are a thousand times well, thanks to Allah/God in a very strong position at the beginning of a confrontation, upon which a great deal of hope we invest.
But I want to put a responsibility on you, especially the Arab peoples. See the results of the Arab Ministerial Council and what came out of the Arab League. They themselves spoke of the failure of the so-called peace process. It was also clear that they are incapable of doing anything as governments and leaders.
In any case, it is your. The Arab and Muslim peoples concern to take a stand for your afterlife, if you believe in life after, for your life in this world, your destiny, your honour, your future and the future of your children.
In other words, the scene now is this: should "Israel" inflict a defeat, Allah/God forbid, against the resistance in Palestine or the resistance in Lebanon, then Arab world governments and peoples, will drown in eternal disgrace and degradation without no way out. The Zionists and those who are behind them, American masters, will stand higher over and above the Arab governments and people. American and Israeli interference in the affairs of these peoples and governments will get worse Looting our resources will grown greater and so will the deforming of our culture, civilization and the dismantling of this region, dividing it and pushing it towards internal strife.

Today, the Arab and Islamic nation faces an historic opportunity to unite, as a way out of the plot of fragmentation through sectarian and civil wars pushed onto the peoples of the region by America.

Today, the peoples of the Arab world stand at the threshold of an historic opportunity to accomplish an historic victory over the Zionist enemy; it is not a question of who imposes their conditions over "Israel". Today there is a big chance and I am not exaggerating.

In year 2000, we in Lebanon presented a model of a resistance capable of winning against the army of state, with modest means and efforts, together with a few faithful warriors (Mujahideen), equipment and materials.

Today, we offer a model and with us the Lebanese people and all of Lebanon even if we are the ones who now represent the spearhead. The village, town or district, attributed to us is being targeted by killing and destruction. When we are the focus of the attack, we are trying to offer another example of steadfastness and resistance, a model of endurance, ability and courage, capable of dealing a defeat to the enemy, in a disproportionate battle, but in spirit and morale, will and wisdom, in planning and in putting our trust in Allah/God praise and glory to him, this battle is unequal to our favor.

Where are you, the Arab and Islamic peoples? What will you do, how will you conduct yourself? This is your concern.

As far as we are concerned, when we started in the resistance in year 1982, we did not look outside the border. We relied on Allah/God only, on our people, the faithful warriors (Mujahideen) and ourselves as well. But what I wanted to say in this delicate moment after so many military accomplishments in these days, and after the many surprises, that Hizbullah is not fighting Hizbullah battle, or Lebanon now, but the battle of the nation, whether we like it or not, whether the Lebanese like it or not.

Now, Lebanon and the resistance in Lebanon are engaged in the battle of the nation. Where is this nation in relation to this battle?
This question is posed to you for the sake of your life in this world and your afterlife".
He concluded: "Brothers and sisters, especially the steadfast people in Lebanon, the steadfast people in Palestine, and the honourable fighters, put your trust in Allah/God, and seek his assistance for he is the Oft-supporter and Oft-helper."
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