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Of our sins.
16 jul 2006
on the cultural diversities and the mistake of trying to impose a culture and a morals the other people
The trainer of the team of tennis of Iraq and two tennis players were murdered to shots on this Thursday in Baghdad, he announced the Iraquian Olympic Committee (COI). in agreement with witness, the three men were murdered because they used shorts. Armed "men murdered trainer Ahmed Rashid and two tennis players, Nasser There Hatem and Wissam Adel Odah, in the afternoon of this Thursday in the district of Saidiya (Baghdad) ", Amer Jabar, general secretary of COI said. Few days before the crime, a group militant Sunnite had made a warning and he/she had prohibited the use of the shorts. On February 25, the former-champion of Iraquian boxing Jasseb Rahma was murdered to shots before the family in the city of Basra.
of France Presse, in Baghdad

It is that the reality of a people given to the absolute disarray, a people in evident situation of government's lack, of vague stances, hostage of several guerrilla groups, appeared from everywhere, it interns and externally, put under the sign of the chaos.
we can in the strange opinion and, even insane, the reason of those murders, but we should analyze some facts before we pré-judge.
The Iraquian violence is fruit of several âshocksâ?: so many governments' religious persons, cultural, economical, as they are the existent groups; that under it massacres him/it diary of a foreign army without any bond with his/her people.
That external and internal dominance gives the dimension of the all is serious and insane any attempt of intervening in the balance, even if can in the cruel opinion, of a people.
The awkward actions of the American Empire on the Iraquian people, firstly taking to the power a Sunnite for fear of the Shiite ones, for later to drop him with the support of the Shiite ones, to the which it tries to inhibit, of all the forms, in the neighbor Iran, they demonstrate where the crazy American president was to enter.
To each action of the American Army, they increase the bitterness and the hate fomented by an absolute unbalance.
She cannot imagine in an end for that War, to not to be the bloody and catastrophic Civil war that it will come after the inevitable retreat of the American troops of Iraq.
That measured it will cause a terrible carnage that, unlike what we can think, he will bring the balance of the several Iraquian forces.
His diversified culture and their extremist lines are visible to all, less to the American Government, whose thought and it is the most representative of the North American people, it turns God American north and his people, the contemporary errant Horsemen.
It would be good if Cervantes was more known for there or, at least read and understood.
âWhat is good to the United States is good for the humanityâ?, that affirmative, besides inexperienced is criminal.
The disrespect to the people has effect as devastating as the disrespect to the balance of any ecosystem, and the human reactions are devastating and more immediate.
The identities between the western people and the radicals of the healthy East, entirely, ignored by the owners of the power and contradictory.
A murder because of a shorts is so strange to us, as the disrespect with that we treated the nature frightens our less "civilized" natives.
Now, if we draw a parallel one between that reality and ours, we don't have a lot than we make proud ourselves not.
I remember the murder, in the electric chair of one of the largest defenders of the human dignity, in the USA, showing for the hands of the vile Governor of California, that the pardon is simply rhetoric illustration for the âChristianityâ? North American.
Other times come me to the memory the Iraquian prisoners' images, humiliated in animalistic way for the same ones âgentlemenâ? of Christ.
Massacre them of the natives in the colonization of the American soil, besides the caged terrorist's image for public exhibition sponsored by the criminal Peruvian former-president.
The murderer's image in Chilean series, with his doctor's indecent help, leaving âsickâ? and walking for disgust of who loves the freedom and the truth.
Another thing that brings me that Iraquian reality is the applause of part of us, Brazilian, to the murders in series, the slaughters without judgement, or the default committed at that country.
Be in Carandiru, in the streets from São Paulo, in General Vicar, in Candelária, in Carajás, everyday, in our History.
To what extent done the murder cause on behalf of God, of shorts he does have and which are the differences for our sins?

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Re: Of our sins.
16 jul 2006
very good
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