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Of the need to do a Genetic Bank.
11 jul 2006
About the possibility to preserve the several life forms in the Earth
One of the things that have been observing, on those modern time, is the fair concern with the animal and vegetable species that you/they are threatened of extinction.
That cruel reality, every day gives us news of disappearance of animals and plants that live in the Earth there are millions of years and that gives a dimension of the destruction promoted by the man.
Obviously, that extinction has natural aspects, and, independently of the human action, there was always the disappearance of whole populations, arriving to the extinction.
But, with the current technology, we have the possibility to avoid that that happens.
Anything more obvious than, if there is interest, we could create genetic banks seeking to the preservation of all the life forms.
The own man, agent of the death, can be the agent of the survival.
Scientifically, starting from the reproduction in vitro of animals, so much males as females, we can preserve any species.
Why no there is the interest that that is made?
Starting from the moment in that a life form is become rare, she is valued in the criminal immoral trade involving those species.
The more rare, in other words, the more if it destroys, more money is made. And the man's action, purely economical, it supplants the ideals of a survival of the life in the planet.
We can mention the interests of the superpowers, mainly the USA in not having their affected economical interests for the control of the emission of pollutant in the atmosphere. As she don't get to stop the destruction of the natural habitats.
But, the formation of a genetic reservation could transform that reality, giving the opportunity to recreate true ecological shrines, allowing the life to prevail about the human being's avarice.
I want to believe that that is, not only possible, but also probable.
It is an idea, only an idea, but that can have positive results.

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Re: Of the need to do a Genetic Bank.
11 jul 2006
Re: Of the need to do a Genetic Bank.
13 jul 2006
The fact is that lots of coorporations are allready doing that!!!!
But there's not and non profit org. or ONG or nothing like that , doing it.
You need lots of money ,prepared people,equipment....
It's a pity but is so dificult but so importatn at the same time....

Basicament el missatge diu que degut al proces de extinció de mmilers de plantes i animals.I pel fet que aquest proces està acceleranse....S'hauria de fer un banc genetic de les diferents especies....
El problema es que per aixos es necesita molta pasta,coneixemets , infrastuctures.. per tant no hi ha ningú fent-ho.Nomès algunes ultinacinals amb finalitats comercials.Les mateixes multinacionals culpables d'aquestes extincions.....
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