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pixel4peace-page© vote for peace
01 mai 2006
Pixel4peace© will use the power of internet to organize a worldwide voting AGAINST war and FOR peace and dialogue - specially and first of all for dialogue with the islamic part of our world PLEASE SUPPORT The Pixel4peace© now! Pixel4peace© is a worldwide initiative for DIALOGUE of the cultures and AGAINST WAR WITH IRAN !
Today's world is on the way to a huge conflict between the Islamic World and the so called 'free West World'.

America already prepares the world for this upcoming showdown.


We dont want to see at CNN another war for oil!

It's time for you to stand up NOW and take position.

DIALOGUE, NOT WAR - That is the ONLY option!

Open your mind, stand up for your position - stand up for peace

and, sign here at Pixel4peace© for DIALOGUE, NO WAR.

support the Pixel4peace-page© - USE THE POWER OF INTERNET TO VOTE FOR DIALOGUE.
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