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Poem For Rachel: There Are No Sides To Peace
16 mar 2006
Rachel Corrie (1979-2003)
There Are No Sides To Peace

by Mary La Rosa

The years pass.
The poems continue.

Words string together
homage to Rachel
songs for Rachel
theatre about Rachel

not only anniversary
and memoriam
but constant
shining and reminder.

We do not forget
who are the peacemakers.
We do not forget
the actions they take
in the name of non violent peaceful struggle.

We do not forget
the injustice and the harsh penalties
towards those who stand unarmed but righteous
against the machines of war and occupation.

So many innocent broken bones and smashed lives!
between those who act and speak out against the violence
and those who perpetuate the violence.

But, through the dark prevailing doom
wrought by bombs and Caterpillars
and weapons of any destruction

hate does not diminish
the life and spirit of
one who acted upon good and peaceful intentions.

Rachel who put her life's conviction
into daily practice
Rachel who moved bravely beyond
a more comfortable life
in order to sustain oppressed lives.

Rachel did not only pray
She became the prayer
the hope of the world

There are no sides to peace.

Mary La Rosa
March 16, 2006

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