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Error en códigos internacionales de cuenta de Ruben e Ignasi
02 mar 2006
Debido a un error, los códigos internacionales (IBAN) de la cuenta corriente solidaria con Ruben e Ignasi estaban incorrectos. Se había publicado un código que empezaba por ES33, lo cual era incorrecto. Los códigos correctos para hacer transferencias desde el extranjero son

ES52 0182-4209-47-0201518073


El numero de cuenta nacional sigue siendo
0182-4209-47-0201518073 (BBVA)

Si conecéis alguna página donde estén publicados los incorrectos, por favor, indicarlo en marssmith2003 ARROBA , desde donde trataremos de subsanar el error. Gracias.
Hello everyone!

Ruben and Ignasi (9-f anarchist prisoners from Barcelona) bank codes:

Due to a problem with the bank, we were given a bad IBAN (International Bank Account Number),
which, together with BIC (Bank International Codes), are necessary to transfer money.

In some mails and texts we sent, such as "A thousand reasons to keep fighting" the code started
with ES33, but the good one starts with ES52 !!!

So, the codes you need to transfer money in solidarity with Ignasi and Ruben, are as follows:

ES52 0182-4209-47-0201518073


We ask you to try to spread the good codes everywhere you can: editing webpages with the
old wrong number and putting in the new one, spreading this mail to your contacts and e-mail
lists... Also, if you see a web page containing the wrong number, let us know so we can contact
them and explain the situation.

We're very sorry for any incovenience and problems this problem has caused.

marssmith2003 ARROBA

This work is in the public domain
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