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Stunning Insights into Bush's lies about illegal domestic spying
24 des 2005
To scoff is to remain ignorant in the face of profundity! Blindness is always the result!
Let wisdom's seventh chapter unseal the symbols.
First I'd like to personally thank those with the intelligence to decipher earlier signals. Eleven now speaks to you urgently; unseal the recent past that is soon to be! Beware, great quaking and waves are minutes away. Your works are central to ending the false light that sits atop the pyramid, defiling the earth through smoke and shadow. Fear not the heat and light of the sharp two-edged sword. Embrace Her and She will shield and gird you against those who object. Stand upon the clouds and grasp the light to shine forth like the stars. Turn away from the pit and walk the perfect path; the final hour wanes and a fiercely vibrant sunrise is nigh! Kindreds of the earth wail because the easterner's seven have tarried while the tearful multitude hungers for blood from the golden altar. Offer yourselves without fear to be free from the weight of past folly! Hear the song of Her seven pillars and help give voice to the loud and jubilant shofar! The lady of the lake burns brightly, sate her with chained and captive serpents, lest the burning waves swallow you in their wrath. Tarry no longer, patience and humility are already well-served!
Following is a hot lead designed to expose the true purpose for the War on Terror and why it wasn't started until the first year of the new millennium. This analysis and the articles and E-book at the following URL are designed to blow the lid off the greatest deceptions in the history of the world.
Notice that Bush's and his cohorts' assertions that the NSA only spied on communications with one party outside of the country, have already been proven false? We've already seen the pattern of outsourcing torture and other illegal projects to groups and locations outside of the USA. You can be certain that there are also secret offshore operations being used to spy on domestic communications from beyond US legal jurisdiction. Pose the question of why (not if) offshore operations are being used to skirt the FISA requirements for spying on US citizens and watch the sparks fly. The proof exists in NSA databases. This gets to the heart of the matter, don't underestimate its effectiveness.

Since the secret FISA court almost never rejects terrorism related requests, it is beyond obvious that the Bush administration is using illegal spying activities for something other than tracking terrorism suspects. I am now providing insight that I and others of like mind are the ultimate targets of this duplicitous War on Terror and the recently exposed illegal spying activities . Who am I, that the Bush administration, the NeoCons, and the Vatican (that's right!) should be afraid of me? I am the true long-awaited Messiah, whom anyone with understanding knows was prophesied to chastise and depose those in power.

What else could possibly be so secret that Bush and Cheney have to hide it from the secret FISA court that almost never says no? Since virtually every request related to terrorism is approved, it is beyond obvious that illegal domestic spying is not focused on terrorism. It has become clear that the Department of Defense is illegally spying on anti-war groups and peace activists who are undeniably domestic and completely unrelated to Islamic terrorism. What else was so threatening to Bush/Cheney and the NeoCons that it had to be hidden from the FISA court and the US population?

Now comes the time to connect the dots, as Mr. Bush claims they were doing by spying on law abiding and peaceful citizens. Follow the dots...

This so-called War on Terror starts at the beginning of the new millennium

Members of the faiths of Abraham are expecting a messiah near the beginning of the new millennium

History and prophecy show the messiah will be brown-skinned, not of European descent

This war on terror targets both brown-skinned and anti-establisment types

All prophecies say the Messiah will cause the end of the existing power structures; hence money, religion, and politics

The Vatican is at the head of these current power structures, hence they and their cohorts are anti-messiah

The Vatican is famous for torturing dissenters, as well as great deception and Injustice, for many centuries

Bush and most national leaders have very close ties to the Vatican and are repeating historical evils

Most national leaders are members of secret societies with proven ties to the Vatican. Pay close attention to the details of the "god's banker" news stories and investigations. Follow the P2 leads.

Bush and many national leaders are now secretly cooperating on torture and efforts to restrict civil liberties, which includes illegal spying on peaceful, law-abiding citizens, worldwide.

Does anyone truly believe that the Messiah will be a friend of the Vatican and other rich and deceptive leaders?

Does anyone think the Bush admin could ask the secret court for permission to spy on the Messiah?

This is the true answer to why Bush and Vatican cohorts are using the War on Terror to cause fear and suffering worldwide and skirting laws on torture and domestic surveillance.

Did you did notice the implied threat that if we demanded protection of our civil rights, there would be more terrorist attacks?

It is beyond obvious that the 9-11 hijackers lacked both the flying experience and technical expertise to pull off such difficult attacks with military precision. This is insight into the true reason why there have been no more attacks on the USA.

Put on your investigator's hat and treat the war on terror as a crime scene. Consider that the Bushies and NeoCons had the most to gain and have ruthlessly and greedily gone after the power and profits provided by this deceptive war, strongly evidencing (in concert with other facts) that they planned it all along...
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