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Israel's latest black op - the most transparent yet?
19 nov 2005
This article raises questions about the Amman hotel bombings and the confession of the alleged would-be suicide bomber.
The reader of the mainstream media is confronted today by an awkward dilemma. Was the bombing of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amman, Jordan, on the evening of November 9, 2005, the work of a suicide bomber, as most reports maintain - or were the explosives actually placed in the ceiling above, as was reported by two sources, Reuters and Mary Fitzgerald, a former reporter for the Belfast Telegraph?

It may seem too early to make a firm determination; yet, as Fintan Dunne points out, the photographic evidence supports the ceiling theory. This image, for instance:

There is now aural evidence: Fadi al-Kessi - the DJ playing at the wedding reception - told the Associated Press, 'there was a loud boom. It felt like the explosion came from the ceiling, then people started running out.' (SOURCE)

It is perhaps because the evidence so obviously favours the ceiling theory - a theory which is incompatible with the theory that the explosives had been concealed on the person of a suicide bomber - that for the very first time 'al-Qaeda' (to be more precise, a website claiming to represent al-Qaeda) has chimed in almost immediately with confirmation that suicide bombers had been responsible. Yes, al-Qaeda explains obligingly, the attacks on the three Amman hotels (including the Radisson) were carried out by Iraqi suicide bombers, including a husband-and-wife team. (SOURCE)

What seems to be happening here is that, in the face of mounting scepticism about the official explanations for recent bombings like those in London and Bali, more effort is being made to reinforce unconvincing official conclusions by means of revelations from the hitherto secretive al-Qaeda. Indeed, this increasingly garrulous organization has already released three communiques on the bombing in as many days - which makes three times as many as it released in relation to 9-11. Of course, there is nothing to information emanating from 'al-Qaeda in Iraq' other than websites that could be being run by conceivably anyone. (That such websites are allowed to operate with impunity is clear evidence that they are not what they purport to be. In any case, who has actually seen the webpages in question? I haven't seen anywhere a single link to the website on which al-Qaeda supposedly issued its communiques.) But the alleged al-Qaeda websites are now in the convenient position of being able to confirm everything that the authorities have been saying. This would seem to be a godsend not for 'al-Qaeda' but for the authorities 'investigating' the atrocities, authorities who are no doubt under great pressure at the moment to reach politically acceptable conclusions.

Al-Qaeda's sudden co-operativeness in helping the investigation speed towards a predetermined conclusion is as deeply suspicious as its solicitude for the Israeli Jews staying at the Radisson, who were escorted to safety several hours before the attacks.* (Interestingly, the only Israeli citizen who remained behind was an Israeli Arab.) Who can seriously believe that attacks on three hotels - of which two (including the Radisson) are owned by Palestinians - in an Arab country that killed 'two high-ranking Palestinian security officials, a senior Palestinian banker and the commercial attache at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo' while Israeli Jews were allowed to escape could be anything other than an Israeli terror operation? Especially when the Israeli authorities who evacuated the Israeli hotel guests did not share their concerns with Jordanian or hotel security?

The fact that few (if any) Israeli Jews have been killed in any of the major terror incidents which have occurred in recent years - despite the fact that the alleged perpetrators are anti-Zionist - is indirect evidence that the bombings are actually being carried out by an Israeli agency, be it the Mossad or some other top secret entity charged with black ops of this nature. Similarly, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the 'al-Qaeda' websites currently being cited in news reports are anything other than undertakings of Israeli intelligence intended to help allay suspicions that the bombings were actually sophisticated operations involving explosives planted inside the hotels. What Israel wants us all to believe, of course, is that the bombings were carried out by suicidal Muslims because Israel wants us to believe that suicidal Muslims constitute the fundamental threat to western civilization at this time. Every major bombing which has taken place since September 11, 2001, has, with the exception of the Madrid train bombings of March 11, 2004, been attributed to Muslim suicide bombers.

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen for the hoax, proving what the Israelis probably suspect, which is that most of us are just stupid goyim. Within the space of a few short years millions of seemingly rational people have suddenly come to think of suicide bombing not as a strange and unusual aberration, but something which dozens of people scattered all over the world are willing to engage in at virtually the drop of a hat - provided, of course, that they are Muslims. In other words, thanks to the war on terror millions of minds have been 'zionised.'

To this still unzionised mind, the reasons behind Israel's faked suicide bombings is all too obvious. The Israeli-propelled war on terror aspires to foster identification with the sufferings of the Israeli people by replicating suicide bombing (which was previously an extremely localized phenomenon) at the global level. The more people all over the world who live in constant fear of suicide bombers, the more public opinion is likely to sympathise with the Israelis against the Palestinians.

This time, however, the Israelis have clearly overplayed their hand. Although the attacks were obviously staged in order to kill a number of Palestinian leaders, the Israelis could not resist masking the multiple assassination as suicide bombings. Without the suicide bomber scenario, it would be immediately apparent to the slowest imbecile that Israel had been behind the bombings. The Israelis decided that they could best conceal their hand in the assassinations by grafting a suicide bombing scenario on top. This way, it looks as though the Palestinian deaths were the accidental results of terror attacks which, we are supposed to assume, would have occurred whether or not the men had been present.

But, thanks to the revelations about the evacuated Israeli hotel guests and the early information that the bomb had been placed in the ceiling, the Israelis have been exposed in record time. You really don't need to be a seasoned investigator of false flag operations like Ralph Schoenman to figure this one out - Amman is just another Israeli black op. It's time we goyim got it.

BELOW: The Amman Hyatt also seems to have had explosives placed in the ceiling, although this was clearly not the scene of a major detonation:

NB: For shrewd (as always) commentary on the Amman bombings, see Kurt Nimmo, "Amman Bombings: Corporate Media Revises Script." Don't forget to read Fintan Dunne's article either, "Jordan Hotels Blitz Was An Inside Job" here. Don't forget, also, that Zarqawi can't possibly be behind the Amman hotel bombings because he's dead. Says Sheikh Jawad Al-Khalessi, imam of the Al-Kazemiya mosque in Baghdad, 'I don't think that Abou Moussab Al-Zarkawi exists as such. He is an invention of the occupants intended to divide the people, since he was killed in the north of Iraq when he was with the group Ansar Al-Islam, in Kurdistan. His family, in Jordan, even held a ceremony after his death. Abou Moussab Al-Zarkawi is thus a toy used by the Americans, an excuse to keep up the occupation. He is a pretext for not leaving Iraq.' (SOURCE) Israeli disinformation website Debka wants us to believe that Zarqawi is alive and directing al-Qaeda operations from his new base in Baghdad.

* A possibility that deserves consideration is that this is a cover story, and that the Israelis who were evacuated from the Hotel a few hours before the bombing were the very intelligence operatives who had organized the bombings.

UPDATE: OPERATION CLEVER TWIST: Jordanian intelligence has recently been identified as extremely close to the CIA:

Jordan's General Intelligence Directorate has become the CIA's most important and effective counter-terrorism ally in the Middle East, a standing once held by the Mossad, the Los Angeles Times reported in its Friday editions.
The newspaper reported that Jordan and the U.S. have cooperated in the interrogation of suspected terrorists, the methods of which have been subject to widespread media criticism due to the alleged use of torture. ...
The Times also reported that in addition to the CIA's funding of a significant portion of the Hashemite Kingdom's intelligence budget, the agency runs technologically-trained intelligence officers in GID headquarters in Amman. ...
Jordan receives annual military and economic aid from the U.S. totalling [450 million USD]. Analysts believe the sum does not include the U.S. financing of Jordanian intelligence. (SOURCE)

It is perhaps on account of the GID's 'sophistication' and its closeness to the CIA that we now have an all-time first - a 'confession' from one of the two would-be Radisson hotel suicide bombers. Conveniently, 'the 35-year-old woman, who police identified as Sajida al-Rishawi' says she tried to detonate her suicide belt, but it failed. (SOURCE)

This 'confession' is a clever twist, as the woman's testimony provides the only evidence that suicide bombers were involved in the attacks. Unfortunately, the woman was not apprehended at the Radisson Hotel, so it's entirely possible that she was never even there and her confession is just a cock-and-bull story (if not the product of torture). It is certainly a mystery how Jordanian intelligence tracked her down so quickly. She says she left the Hotel with the other guests when they ran out (which is quick thinking on her part - it's also rather convenient that she wasn't herself injured when her 'husband' detonated his suicide belt), and returned to her home, which is, according to Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher, 'a furnished apartment in the middle-class Tlaa' Ali suburb in western Amman.' Despite the fact that they had nothing to go on other than their inability to find the body of a female suicide bomber at the crime scene (and they were only looking for a female suicide bomber because al-Qaeda's communiques had told them that there was supposed to have been one), Jordanian intelligence was somehow able to locate her quickly enough. It must have been easy for police to identify her when they found her on Sunday morning, though - she was allegedly still wearing her suicide belt! (SOURCE) Some people have a penchant for incriminating themselves, don't they?

Additionally unsatisfying is the woman's claim that her husband detonated his suicide belt from in one corner of the ballroom. The damage to the ballroom shown in numerous photographs is inconsistent with the claim that explosives were detonated in a corner of the room. The damage seen in the photographs is, in fact, consistent with the original police explanation of the bombing, which is that the explosives had been placed in the ceiling. I therefore remain unconvinced that Sajida Mubarak Atrous Rishawi (if that's her real name - she could be a GID operative) was ever present at the Radisson Hotel, let alone that she tried to detonate explosives from a corner of the Hotel ballroom.

Nor should we forget that al-Qaeda seems to be unusually forthcoming when it comes to helping Jordanian authorities pin this atrocity on them. If al-Qaeda's communiques hadn't come so soon after the attack, the woman's existence would never have been suspected and Jordanian authorities would never have even started looking for her. Once again, we find ourselves wondering why, with every alleged suicide attack, al-Qaeda seems to be supplying the authorities investigating the attacks with more and more useful information. We also find ourselves wondering if the real story behind the 'confession' is not the extraordinarily close relationship said to exist between the GID and the CIA.
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Re: Israel's latest black op - the most transparent yet?
20 nov 2005
Molts analistes i periodistes de tot el mòn denuncien la falsedat de la reivindicació d'Al-Quaeda de les bombes dels Hotels d'Amman (Jordania)
Es imposible (segons testimonis presencials i fotográfics) que siguen "suicides-bomba" perque l'explosió va produirse al sostre de l'edifici, de manera controlada.
Qui va posar les bombes?
Segons el Diari Haaret'z (israeliá) els turistes de nacionalitat israeliana van ser avisats hores abans de l'atemptat i van abandonar els Hotels.
Com diu el refrá : "Blanco y en botella..."
Re: Israel's latest black op - the most transparent yet?
20 nov 2005
Tenim una llarga llista històrica.
Podeu llegir "L'americá impasible" de Graham Green i voreu que l'idea ès més real i plausible que la "fantasmal" existència d'Al-Quaeda.
Sindicat Terrassa