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Google informa
21 oct 2005
Si fas la busqueda en Google de la paraula "Failure"
(Fracas) o millor "Miserable Failure" (Fracas Total), surt en primer lloc la pagina web del Sr Bush. Aran de les quiexes, Google ha publicat un convincent (?) perque.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Google informa
21 oct 2005
'Miserable failure' links to Bush
George W Bush pauses during a press conference with Tony Blair in London
Bush has been the target of similar pranks before
George W Bush has been Google bombed.

Web users entering the words "miserable failure" into the popular search engine are directed to the biography of the president on the White House website.

The trick is possible because Google searches more than just the contents of web pages - it also counts how often a site is linked to, and with what words.

Thus, members of an online community can affect the results of Google searches - called "Google bombing" - by linking their sites to a chosen one.

Weblogger Adam Mathes is credited with inventing the practice in 2001, when he used it to link the phrase "talentless hack" to a friend's website.

The search engine can be manipulated by a fairly small group of users, one report suggested.

If you are George Bush and typed the country's name in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly (IRAQ)
Prank website
Newsday newspaper says as few as 32 web pages with the words "miserable failure" link to the Bush biography.

The Bush administration has been on the receiving end of pointed Google bombs before.

In the run-up to the Iraq war, internet users manipulated Google so the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" led to a joke page saying "These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed."

The site suggests "clicking the regime change button", or "If you are George Bush and typed the country's name in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly (IRAQ)".
Re: Google informa
21 oct 2005
hi ha algú per traduir-ho? gracies
Re: Google informa
21 oct 2005
El mateix google t'ho fa.
Re: Google informa
21 oct 2005
"Google Bombing" és una pràctica típica dels últims anys.

Resulta que si 10.000 persones que tenen una pàgina web apunten un enllaç amb la paraula ladrones a la SGAE, pues cuando escribas ladrones en Google la primera entrada será SGAE, así de fácil.

Por cierto, SGAE = ladrones :-)
Re: Google informa
21 oct 2005

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