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Impeaching George Bush
18 oct 2005
Republican conservatives are asking for the impeachment of George W. Bush due to incompetencey -

Impeaching George Bush
Altermedia News: 2005-10-18
By Ian Mosley

Paleo-conservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts is now taking the lead from the right side of the aisle in demanding the impeachment of President George W. Bush for lying us into a pointless and bloody war in Iraq and other acts of stunning incompetence. Some conservatives by now feel so betrayed by Bush that they are also trying to get an impeachment bandwagon rolling. (One Democrat John Conyers has been pushing for an impeachment for years, but the press has largely ignored him.) Critics point out, correctly, that Bush’s disastrous predecessor, the atrocious Bill Clinton, was impeached over much less. They claim that Clinton’s cavorting in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky at least didn’t get anybody killed. (Actually, that scandal may have caused the war on Serbia as a distraction, but that’s another long story.)

Is impeachment the best solution to the Dubya problem? Not really. In a best case scenario, we could impeach Bush, Cheney and enough people in the line of succession until we get down to someone, who is not part of the neocon cabal. That person would (hopefully) be intimidated enough to pull our troops out of Iraq. At least that would solve one problem, but the political cancer caused by the Israeli dominance of our government along with the corporate vultures of Halliburton would be lurking in the shadows waiting to start yet another war.

If we only impeach Bush, Dick Cheney emerges from his Undisclosed Location, steps forward, and assumes in public the power which he has been effectively wielding in private for the past five years. Cheney is sufficiently stubborn and evil to keep the Iraq War going even if Bush is impeached over that. Cheney’s only concern in life is making billions for Halliburton and his old business cronies. While it may be possible to impeach or simultaneously prosecute the entire upper level of the Bush administration, this would be unprecedented and seems a remote possibility. It’s common knowledge that Cheney and Halliburton call the shots from the corporate end of things in Washington just like the neocons and their magazines like Weekly Standard and Front Page call the shots ideologically. Bush is nothing but a drunken sock puppet for whoever’s turn it is that day to handle him.

George W. Bush is in fact a powerless figurehead, who is up there for the purpose of taking the heat for the sinister interests and people who actually hold and exercise power behind the scenes. Bush has no will and no real views of his own. He is notorious for parroting back the views of whomever the last person to speak to him was; this is one reason why he is kept so isolated and only a few carefully selected neocons actually have access to the President. If David Duke could sit down with George Bush for an hour and talk to him free of interference, Bush would likely come out for White Civil Rights at his next press conference.

Impeaching Bush will not change things because he does not in fact wield the power of the Presidency. Dick Cheney and a small oligarchy of Zionist neocons do. An impeachment would be a nice gesture, and the show trial would create a kind of national forum for the nation to explore just how the hell we got into Iraq, but for that very reason, an impeachment will never be allowed. The Republicans still dominate the House and Senate and the Israeli lobby still exerts enormous control. Israel wants us to occupy Iraq for as long as possible. The fact that we were lied into the war is unlikely to blossom into an impeachment since the lies were created to benefit Israel. Our problem is systemic: it is with the very institutions that govern us and with the corporate super-rich and Zionist ideologues who control those institutions. It is not enough to bring down one man who is nothing but a sock-puppet for the neocons. We need to go for the puppet masters.

Source: Altermedia News U.S.A.

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