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Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government Harsh Economic Policies (video)
14 set 2005
Video from the dynamic reaction by anarchists against the harsh greek government's policies, especially in relation to the economy, employment and suppression of personal rights and liberties.
Salonica Greece Riot 10-9-05 (2).jpg
A 1000 people strong anarchist block took part in an anti-government demonstration along with workers’ unions and left wing parties. The demo took place in Salonica outside the Annual International Economic Exhibition building in which the prime minister was giving a speech on his governments’ new employment policies as long as his new anti-terrorist plans. The anarchists waited for the demo to end so as not to interfere with the peaceful protesters and then decided that a more direct action was needed. Consequently, (at the same time in both cities of Salonica and Athens) they attacked several banks and the governing party’s offices. In retaliation the riot police immediately started firing volleys of teargas and charged against the demonstrators, resulting to a fierce clash that broke out during the whole of the night between the anarchists and other demonstrators that joined them and the police.

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* Duration: 1m.12s
* Soundtrack: Adiexodo

Stills from the video in the following collection of available media.

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Re: Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government Harsh Economic Policies (video)
15 set 2005
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