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Margaret Hassan - a letter to Iraq (BKH)
18 jul 2005
Will King George get brave and take the next reckless step?
Before I begin I would like to let everyone know, if you don't know already, that the Melbourne indymedia site where I posted my letter to the Iraq resistance requesting that they stop making those videos (last November 6th) has been knocked off line after my posting, and still is not back on line. This would be another one of those well timed coincidences that are a little to well timed to seem like a coincidence to me. Just wanted to pop the question, and draw some attention to this matter.

The story which included the link to the Melbourne page is here
How to end terrorism and the Iraq war

Now one way to find out if it is a coincidence, would be to post the letter again, this time spamming Indy sites with it, and thus see if we can knock down the entire indymedia network, to stop people from finding out that the war on terrorism is a big fraud. For you see, they might want to end oppression instead of fighting terrorism if they found out that this worked. that would be a much better idea than beating a wasps nest which is the strategy of King George, the supposed reigning champion in the terrorism fight, which would of course only cause terrorism, not solve it, which is obviously what King George wants, since he is beating the wasps nest.

As you might have noticed, we haven't got any more videos from Iraq since November, 2004, thus winning at least one war on terrorism.

Margaret Hassan - a letter to Iraq
November 6th, 2004

Can a nobody from the Middle of Nowhere send messages to a place like Iraq. Well given the internet and modern technology, I suppose anything is possible..

There is this myth that people like George Bush attempt to perpetuate, which states that there are these 'terrorists' in the world, who are nothing more than blind animals, and thus they have no ability to reason, and the only thing you can do is to fire up the American Military Industrial Complex to hunt them down like dogs and kill them.

The truth of the matter is that all people do the things they do for a reason, and actually you can talk to anyone.

With that in mind it seemed good to me to talk to that element of the 'resistance movement' in Iraq which has been doing all those kidnappings and making those extremely harmful video tapes that have done so much damage this year, because, in spite of how damaging and how useless such tapes have proved to be and how much such tapes have helped George Bush by pulling his decietful tongue out of the fire, there is some sort of 'reasoning process' going on here that motivates such actions.

Now if the idea here is to enter into a 'war of nerves' with Bush and the rest of his cronies, I would point out that this would be pointless. If you think back to the Vietnam war what you would find is that Lyndon Johnson was haunted by Vietnam, and ultimately he was defeated by Vietnam, indeed he defeated himself. Johnson was trapped in the same failing empire, the same fragile system as any other American President, and thus he committed acts of great evil and cruelty as all American Presidents must and as all of them have. One of the noteworthy aspects of the American Presidency is the general evil nature of the deeds of those who occupy that office. The reason for this goes backs to the roots of the collapsing American Empire, when the system was designed to facilitate the greed of the greedy and the grasping, who can just never get enough, and are always demanding more and more, and given how once the system was designed to facilitate this greed, the seeds were sown for the eventual collapse and destruction of the empire. Feeding the greed of the greedy forever and ever is mathematically impossible, and the fact that greed is at the heart of the design of the American system explains why American policy has always been so morally corrupt. It has also been intellectually bankrupt, based as it is upon the idea of growing by three or four percent until eternity, which isn't golng to happen, and given how every American is held a hostage themselves to the greed of the greedy, greed which must fed constantly every single year, the system moves inevitably towards the trash heap of history. When that Russian Animal Farm collapsed, there was arrogant hubris pouring out of the high heights of America, since, apparently blind hubris rendered such people unable to understand that the next empire to follow Russia into history's trash can was in fact the United States of America and its morally, intellectually (and increasingly, economically) bankrupted system.

It was this process of insanely fueling 'growth' to line the pockets of the hostage takers of America that fueled American Foreign Policy throughout the last century. It explains the banana republics, the constant drive to robbery and plunder of small nations, the coups, the vicious attacks on any attempt at reducing poverty, since poverty feeds the greed which resides at the heighest heights of America. Stolen bananas generate profits and theft can be considered growth, and while this strategy put off the day of reckoning over the course of the last century, and while this process is what creates the phenomena of the evil Presidents, there remains a day of reckoning, which cannot forever be avoided, only delayed. And that is why that bankrupted nation is now an aggressive imperialist and has turned back the clock to invasions and colonial exploitation. Iraq is worth trillions, and America requires trillions just to get by and buy a few more years for herself. The bigger that dinosaur gets, the larger its appetite, and soon enough just devouring the resources of some small country is just an appetizer before the main course of the meal.

Sometimes one sees angry young people marching in the streets with their fists in the air screaming the slogan 'Smash the State!' These are young people, and thus it is not surprising that they lack a deep political understanding, for if they had this understanding they would realize that 'smashing' the American state is not required, since America is a self smashing state. For all practicial purposes, America has already destroyed itself since the seeds of its self destruction were sown long long ago when the wheels of this current system began turning. Since the time America established itself as a nation of inequality, a nation of masters and slaves, and since the time it designed its entire economic system around generating growth and increasing wealth and profits for the priveleged few it has been on the road to destruction. All the coups, all the psychopathic dictators, all the death squads and banana republics, every attempt to crush every other type of system, all the crushing and oppression of the poor of the world, the insane attack on Vietnam, all of this was just feeding the beast, buying more time, and the bigger the American Beast has become, the harder it becomes to feed. Which explains why America is in Iraq, and why she is transforming into an nation of aggressive imperial conquest, since really, there is nothing more dangerous in the world than a failing empire with a bankrupt ideology, especially when that nation has been as full of arrogant hubris as was the case of the powerful rich elites of America since the Soviet Animal Farm collapsed. It was 'the end of history' they boasted, as they imagined themselves continuing their impossible, implausible system forever and ever, since apparently hurbris leads to incomprehensible stupidity and a complete lack of judgment.

And the bigger the beast grows, the harder it gets to feed, and the more impossible the problems become and the more damage that is inflicted, and eventually the more violence and bloodshed that is required. There is a disturbing lack of political maturity in the United States which no doubt is a result of the narrowness of what passes for 'political debate' in the American system. For example, in the recent election there was the 'Anybody But Bush' phenomenon, which is evidence for this lack of deep political and economic understanding of the processes that are driving American policy. The Democrats were a bankrupted and useless party, and there are those who feel that only if such and such a candidate would have been proposed things would have been different, once again this being evidence of just how shallow the debate is in America, and just how deeply conditioned the thinking patterns of ordinary citizens are by their media propaganda organs. Every American President has turned to evil and this is not a problem of 'bad apples' but rather the insane system in which all Americans are trapped and in which they are held prisoner is what drives these processes.

And the bigger the beast gets, the harder it is to feed the monster. For example only 5 per cent of the old growth forests are left in that nation, and the Bush administration, like the Clinton Administration before it, is clearing the way to destroy the little that remains. I am reminded of an old Star Trek episode wherein the people lived within a system of ignorant stupdity which was maintained by 'feeding Vaal', a giant monster with a big open mouth that required constant endless feeding. The American Vaal is different in that each time it is fed it gets bigger, and thus its appetite increases as well. And thus Vaal hungers. He cries out for us. We must go to him now. Vaal hungers for trees, really big trees, and so it is not surprising to see those big trees disappearing down the gullet of that thing, although really that would just be an appetizer, and the main course for a beast as large as Vaal would be something more along the lines of the Amazon rain forest, which Vaal is also devouring, along with just about every thing else on the planet.

And the Americans must go on feeding Vaal, following the lead of their politicians, the ones with the antennas on their heads that allow them to keep in constant communication with Vaal, attenna which their politicians were given by Vaal long ago back in the Dim Times. If Vaal is not fed, then he will stir up lightening and start burning houses and spreading destruction. As ridiculous as the demands of that oversized Vaal might be, both the politicians and the people must feed Vaal, perhaps ram a bunch of old growth trees down the throat of Vaal to satiate its ever growing appetite, lest the nation face the wrath of Vaal. In time even the entire planet would not be enough to satiate the ravenous appetite of Vaal, but the system would have gone to its self destruction long before that time came. The American system has been designed from the start as a type of trap, a deadly snare, in which everyone is held hostage, staring down the end of a gun barrel, and thus they are dragged along as Vaal goes off to inevitable destruction, the idea being that if Vaal goes down everyone goes down with him in some sort of flaming Gotterdamerung.

Now this leads me to make a couple of points. First, it is not required that anyone 'defeat America' or that anyone 'smash the American state'. The American system is ruinously self destructive, and that process of self immolation only picks up speed as time goes by and Vaal increases in size, along with that things appetite. And at the present time the stresses and strains on that American state have become more severe, which explains why America is now undergoing a transformation into an aggressive imperialist nation, out conquering colonies which it can then rape and exploit. The entire system is becoming riddled with implausibities and irrationalities. In the 1990s we saw massive corporate fraud and book cooking. This led to a stolen election. Now in order to stave off the collapse of the Vaal system, we have since then seen the unsustainable building of a mountain of debt unlike anything the world has seen before. You might say that the Americans are feeding Vaal by using their Visa card, but a better solution is required. We have seen interest rates near zero, and the Anmerican dollar deliberately devalued. The effect of this policy is to feed Vaal by robbing Japan and Europe (by making their imports more expensive). We have also seen outsourcing and the devestation of jobs occuring in America, and while cheap labor does generate 'growth' and thus 'profits' which can then be fed to Vaal, forstalling that thunder and lightening, it also undermines the base of the economy, just as trade wars undermine the economies of those nations that one would hope would suck up American exports, thus generating growth and profits which can then be fed to Vaal. As for that unsustainable debt mountain, well that can't go on forever, and while the spending is keeping Vaal fed, all of these solutions cannot work forever, and are just buying time. And so we find American aggressive American imperialism on the march, and we find the American powers hatching that plot to feed Iraq to Vaal, and even though Iraq is worth trillions, just like that debt mountain, even so Vaal has a large appetite, and so we can assume that while a country like Iraq might provide meals for Vaal (oil and 'reconstruction contracts' as they are called) this won't last a long, long time, and so I would expect the American powers to feed Venezuelas nationalized state oil industry to Vaal as well, just as they are feeding Iraq's nationalized oil industry to Vaal right now (its called 'privitazation', which is a euphemism for feeding Vaal). One has also heard bipartison mumbling about the need for action against Iran, you know, because of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Iran is also worth trillions and it is certain then, when you have a clear understanding, that despite what Jack Straw of Britain was saying about how 'inconceivable' it would be for America to feed Iran to Vaal, actually that is hardly inconceivable, but rather should be thought of as inevitable. After all, even America has a limit on its credit card.

Similarly, The election safely out of the way, Bush wasted no time in announcing that, during his second term, he was going to feed the Social Security System to Vaal as well. This is inevitable. No doubt progressives and liberals will be driven to hysterics by his announcement. Looking like the cat who just swallowed a canary Bush held out his hand in unity to those defeated progressives while at the same time rubbing salt into the wounds by announcing right away that Social Security would now be fed to Vaal, as fine an example of bald faced hypocrisy you will ever see. Now given the dysfunctinoal level of political debate in America it would probably be the case the progressives would respond to this deliberate provocation by doing some more bad analysis, declaring Bush to be a real bad apple, and moaning about how if only they had elected a more progressive candidate Social Security could be saved. What they are forgetting, or what they don't know, is that the Clinton Administration already had a detailed plan in the works to feed the Social Security system to Vaal during their second term, you know, as the crisis mounted and corporations bought time by cooking the books and practicing fraud. But the plan was shelved as the right wing war against Clinton broke out, culminating in the desperate act of stealing the 2000 election. During the first Bush term Vaal was kept fed on credit, and by such tactics as zero per cent interest rates and tanking the dollar, and continued outsourcing, and now that the coast is clear, Vaal will be fed Social Security. This will buy some time since it is taking much longer to feed Iraq to Vaal than planners anticipated. The cost is also increasing, and even though Iraq is worth trillions, when you are spending hundreds of billions that comes right off the bottom line, and as the years go by, and those hundreds of billions pile up, the cost benefit analysis of raping and plundering Iraq becomes less favorable. Another response I would expect from the defeated progressives is an analysis of Social Security, which would reveal that Social Security is being deliberately underfunded to artificially create a crisis. According to the pencil pushers in the Social Security administration itself, all that is required to 'save Social security' is to impose the Social Security tax on the richest percentage of the working population, and like magic, no more 'crisis'. Currently the tax is capped, and by removing the cap the program is adequately funded. Now this leads one to ask why when such a simple common sense solution to the 'crisis of Social Security' as its called is readily avaiable, why then is this not done. The answer is as follows - Vaal Hungers. He cries out for us. We must go to him now.

This element of the analysis will be missing from all the progressive analysis I am going to be reading in the days ahead, just driving me to distraction, and after going through the ordeal of putting up with that gutted, pointless election campaign, I have decided that someone is going to have to do something, and that someone is going to have to be me. One can either bitch about how things just don't get done, or do it yourself thus seeing to it that it does get done. My short term strategy therefore is to become like the unwanted house guest that just does not leave, invading the consciousness, or even the unconciousness of the mind, putting my shoes up on your coffee table and eating all your unconcious snack foods while making rude burping and farting noises (and if you have read this far its already to late, for while it might be possible to kick someone out of your conscious mind, the unconcious mind is more difficult to deal with, and that is where I plan to set up shop). You see a sower went out to sow his seeds, and you can think of me as being Johnny Appleseed from this day forward. For far to long America has been plagued by a disjointed and incoherent political understanding, whereby issues are isolated and improperly understood. Of course, given your chains, and the thunder and lightening of Vaal, that sort of thing might very well happen, for who wants to burn to death in a house fire. Putting off that house fire for another day however is not a solution.

Now having invaded the unconcious mind and scattered my seeds, I will now try to come to the point. The first point is that America is a failed empire, with a discredited ideology, which is heading towards its terminal stages, just as you would expect would happen to any patient with a malignant cancer. This is why the American powers are in Iraq. This is why there are alarming signs of a rising fascism in America. This is why old growth forests and Social Security are heading down the gullet of Vaal. This is why neither the Clinton or Bush administration were to keen on signing that gutted Kyoto Accord. You see, Vaal Hungers. He is crying out for us. We must go to him now. So then one needs a holistic understanding of world events, and this is found in understanding that America is failed and collapsing empire with a bogus ideology, which is following the Soviet Animal Farm into the dust bins of history. It is not required that one 'smash the American state' or 'defeat American power' since America is, and has always been, a self destructing entity. So then we must understand what is going on before we can be sensible, and given this last election campaign, it is evident to me after enduring such a disaster, that this sort of elementary common sense is badly lacking, leaving in its wake incoherence and confusion.

Similarly, just days before the election we heard from Osama bin Laden, who remarked about how the American people still did not have an anti-war movement or a resistance movement, and thus he seemed to conclude that perhaps what Americans need is one more act of terrorism, since the last one didn't work well enough. Apparently Osama, while he often makes sense and makes some good points, I thought, nevertheless does not have an accurate political understanding of what is taking place here. The first thing he fails to understand is that the American system has been designed from the very start to cater to greed, and that most Americans are slaves in chains. They are not 'free' people. Free people could choose to join the system or choose to leave the system, and here you cannot do either, since America is a nation in chains and their 'democracy' is a malfunctioning sham. It is also incorrect for Osama to believe that the economic problems of America are directly related to the activities of Al Queda. The problem has very deep roots and has been gradually developing since the birth of that nation and its mathematically impossible bankrupt ideology, an ideology based on greed and thus both morally and intellectually corrupt. The results are self evident and becoming clearer as time goes by, and the problems compound and become more and more impossible to solve. Thus it is not required that America be defeated since America is self destructive and thus self defeating and it is only a matter of time. Furthermore 'destroying America' only empowers the extreme right wing, alllowing them to rape and plunder while nattering about terrorism, spreading lies and delusion to a politically unsophisticated population, and thus buying a little more time for a collapsing empire. If the goal of Osama or Al Queda is to help America to rape and pillage, and thus last for decades off the blood and plunder, well then by all means another attack of terrorism would indeed help Bush and the Pentagon and the Have Mores of America. It would not be a permenent solution to the problem, because no such solution exists for that bankrupted empire, but it would allow them to keep their powers for an unspecified period of time, while plunging other nations deep into ruin, to no point, since America is going down the sewer in any case, the only questions being when and how. The only contribution Al Queda can make to this process is to either strengthen the American powers, allowing them to rule for perhaps a few more years, depending on how much mileage they can get out of terrorism. Targetting civilians is also very helpful to the American powers for it binds the people to them, thus keeping them stupid and in chains, helping to keep the American powers powerful. Terrrorism against civilians gives George Bush a halo and the Pentagon a propaganda weapon, and if that is what Al Queda wants to have happen, well then by all means, bring on more of that terrorism against civilians, and perhaps the American powers can then move on to their next objective and devour Iran, which can then be fed to Vaal for a certain number of years, since Iran is worth trillions. Of course as the pursue the justification of their corrupted and discreditable ideology the American powers will leave in their wake suffering and impoverished nations as a heap of ruins, and so a lot more civilians will be targetted, and all for nothing I might add, since America does not need to be defeated, since it is an irrational nation which is already defeated and collapsing under its own illogic, and its only a matter of time.

So the first point I wished to make here is to hopefully plant seeds and thus educate Americans, but also to educate what are known as 'terrorists' since despite what you hear, people do things for a reason, even if their reasoning might be incorrect, in which case it doesn't hurt to at least talk to them, since everyone has ears to hear.

There is a second point I wished to make here. Now it is possible that these 'terrorists' in Iraq who are making those hideous beheading videos imagine, in their own minds, that there is a good reason for doing that, and think they are accomplishing something or another. Perhaps they think they are engaged in a war of nerves with George Bush and if that was true I would like to point out that it would be impossible to engage in a war of nerves with someone like George Bush, since he doesn't have much nerves to war against. Some commentators have described him as being a psychological sadist. Certainly in his hypocritical acceptance speech after the election, with his characteristic smirk showing deep satisifaction and enjoyment, as he hypocritically reached out in 'unity' to defeated and demoralized progressives he also took the opportunity to rub salt deep into their wounds by announcing his plans to feed the Social Security System to Vaal during his second term. I think he enjoyed goading them, and provoking them, looking as he did like the cat that swallowed the canary while he tormented them in that victory speech of his. Similarly you might recall how female prisoners were about to be released during the captivity of Bigley, but then George Bush stepped in and crushed the attempt. The point to be made here is that the more heads sawed off and video taped in Iraq, the better for George Bush. You see, Lyndon Johnson was tormented by Vietnam, while Nixon didn't appear to have that problem, and as for Bush, well he doesn't have a problem with all this either, and given his characteristic smirk, and his post election performance, not only does he not have a problem, he also enjoys himself from time to time. Let's just say he won't be losing any sleep, like Johnson did, which did not stop Johnson from wallowing in evil and cruelty, mind you, since he was an American President, and thus did what they all do once climbing into that office (and what Kerry would have done as well had he been decked out with those attenna, becoming the Voice of Vaal).

So if the point of those rotten videos is to win some 'war of nerves' with George Bush, don't bother. He doesn't have the nerves required. He is a dysfunctional individual, who doesn't really feel much of anything. Like many adult psychological sadists, he began according to the stories, by torturing small animals in his youth, then moved on to torturing pledges in a cruel way in college, and given his nature, he was then preselected by the American Powers to take care of the business of raping and plundering for Vaal, since they required someone with a cast iron stomach (and that was not Bill Clinton, who while he was a President, and thus by defintion, an evil doer, was not George Bush, another President, and thus another evil doer, but George Bush is not another Lyndon Johnson, and thus doesn't have a problem with his job, making him the perfect choice).

Because of those Iraq video tapes that were released this year, George Bush has been sainted by many people in America. At one time he was trapped by his lying tongue, but now he is more widely regarded as 'honest, full of integrity, a man of moral courage.' I am sure those Iraq video tapes helped Tony Blair as well, since at one time he was in even more hot water than George Bush, but now the heat is off. A majority of Americans now believe that the Iraq war is not about rape and plunder of O-I-L but the Iraq war is about fighting terrorists, and this big change in public perception is due to those video tapes, which explains why George Bush stepped in to stop the release of female prisoners in Iraq, so that Ken Bigley could have his head sawed off and another video tape released. The Pentagon is now a Knight in White Shining Armor, a heroic institution about to carpet bomb the evil terrorist city of Fallujah. This is the same Pentagon that carpet bombed about four million vietnamese into oblivion, and let's keep that in mind, the difference being that the Vietnamese resistance movement was disciplined had a keen sense of poltics, and in the end they sent the Pentagon packing, leaving that place with the odiferous stench which is suitable for those who violently bully and attack a tiny third world nation. The stench was so bad that it took the Pentagon over a decade and half to get rid of the smell, something that was accomplished by means of deciet and lies (the one about the compassionate Pentagon that never kills civilians because of their careful targetting of weapons). That lie has now been replaced by the one about the Pentagon as the Knight In Shinging Armor, led by Bush, the trustworthy and honest President, who are fighting the evil terrorists in the war against terror in Iraq, a disaster which should be dropped on the door step of the 'resistance movement' in Iraq, since those video tapes not only handed George Bush the election, and pulled Tony Blair out of the fire, they also gave the Pentagon a narrative. Now every time the Pentagon bombs civilians in Iraq our media spews out that line about the terrorists, alluding to Al Zawqari and those Iraq video tapes.

Meanwhile Osama bin Laden released a message wherein he was wondering why there was no strong anti-war movement in the United States. No doubt Osama will now be wondering how Bush was reelected once again. Well the answer to that question can be found on right wing blogs around America which are kindly providing free band width to those Iraq videos. The answer lies in those horrible tapes of the suffering of Margaret Hassan. Now if Osama can send messages to us, perhaps we can send messages to Osama, and to the Iraq resistance, given the nature of the modern internet who knows what might be possible.

And the first message would be as follows. Let Margaret Hassan go, and do so immediately. Let Iraq get out of the movie business, and then, while it will be a long hard uphill battle, over the next year or so, maybe we can get the anti-war movement in this country started once again, because it is in ruinous disarray at the moment. Perhaps Tony Blair can be placed back up on the meat hook from which he was dangling earlier this spring, and perhaps George Bush can be widely regarded as a liar using 'terrorism' as an excuse for robbing Iraq of its oil, and leaving the people there to market sand dunes and dates when its all over. Perhaps the Pentagon can leave Iraq stinking and reeking as badly as they did when they left Vietnam. The ball is in the court of the Iraqi resistance movement, and depends on whether or not this resistance movement can ever become a disciplined and politically sophisticated force, or whether it is going to continue on the disastrous course it is on now.

And those appalling images of the suffering Margaret Hassan are an unmitigated disaster. The previous video tapes did incredible damage and helped both George Bush and the Pentagon enormously. As for Margaret, well multiply the hideous damage done by the Iraq Resistance movement earlier this year by about one hundred, and you get the picture about what is going to happen here if this is not stopped, and immediately. I wonder how high the poll numbers of George Bush might climb upon the execution of Margaret, and how wide and deep the public support for the heroic Pentagon might be when they carpet bomb Fallujah and those other ten or twenty rebel cities in the future. This would be quite different from public sentiment during the Vietnam era, and is also a real turn around from last year, when their wide spread public opposition to the Iraq War, which is now slowly changing to majority support. I am sure the number willing to support the "Iraq War on Terrorism' will climb significantly once our media kicks into high gear and gives public prominence to the sufferings and death of Margaret Hassan. While our soldiers are interviewed saying such things as how they can't wait to get those terrorists who made those videos (which is what has been played by our media) public support will grow for those heroic saints in the Pentagon who, in the name of Margaret, carpet bomb infants, old women and men, in Fallujah, and other cities to come, because believe me, the American powers are looking for a fix, and they won't be walking away from the Iraq oil. Anything the Iraq resistance, or Osama bin Laden might be willing to do to help Bush, Blair and the Pentagon would be greatly appreciated by Bush, Blair, and the Pentagon.

So then given how you can talk to anyone, since everyone has ears, and people do things for a reason, I thought it would be good, for me, just some nobody from the middle of nowhere to attempt to talk some sense into that disasterous Iraq resistance movement, and that Osama bin Laden, in the hopes that Iraq will get out of the movie business, permanently, and never do something so ruinously destructive to their cause ever again.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Margaret Hassan - a letter to Iraq (BKH)
19 jul 2005
Esta mujer está horrorizada por los videos de la Resistencia Iraquí (a la que califica de "desastrosa")...¿Porqué no se preocupa esta yanqui,simplona i naif, de los videos y las fotografías de torturas en Iraq ,realizadas por sus "encantadores" soldados ?
¿o le hiere menos su sensibilidad las imágenes de Guantánamo?
¡Visca la Resistència iraquiana !
Sindicat Terrassa