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Notícies :: sense clasificar
últimas noticias de l@s pres@s del G8
12 jul 2005
las últimas noticias desde Escocia
Just a quick update -- it seems that at the court
hearing today most of the people remanded were

This means at the moment there is one man left in
Edinburgh prison, arrested during G8 protests but now
held for other unrelated matters.

There are two women in Stirling (Cornton Vale prison).
One convicted for previous unpaid fines, probably out
on friday, one on remand until court on friday.

There are two men in Glasgow (Barlinnie prison).
One convicted for previous faslane stuff, one on

I only have an address for one of these prisoners.
Please get in touch if you know of others.

Frances Howe
Bruce House
HMP Cornton Vale
Cornton Rd

Remember that all letters must have a reply address.
You can send her money in postal orders.

Prisoner support meetings are happening in Edinburgh,
I'll let you know when the next one is. As far as I
know, there is no prisoner support bank account, but,
again, I'll try to let you know if that changes.

Many thanks for your support

This work is in the public domain


Re: últimas noticias de l@s pres@s del G8
14 jul 2005
solidaritat amb els presos del G8 llibertat a tots.
Destruim el capitalisme

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