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Allegdly Anarchist Bomb in Barcelona
12 jul 2005
An allegedly anarchist "small, handmade bomb exploded today outside the Italian Cultural Institute in Barcelona, injuring a policeman and killing a bomb-sniffing dog", the Italian Embassy and Spanish officials said. The bomb was identified as a "Coffee Pot (mocha or Kafeta) with wires sticking out placed at the enterance of the institute" media reported.

Media reported on the account of the Spanish authorities and the Italian ambassador that the explosion went off as the dog and his policeman were checking it after a call from the employees at the institute. The authorities reported that that policeman is slightly injured! The Labrador dog is yet another victim of the cruel exploitation of animals on the hands of the corporate world and the state and its repressive clusters.

The police in Barcelona, along with some Italian officials are putting anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups "of Italian nationality" as prime suspects. Also there has been allgeations of "local supporters of the prisoners in Italy being behind the explosion".

These allegations are based on a graffiti in front of the institute in solidarity with anarchist political prisoners in Italy facing police brutality and a prejudiced biased judicial system. The graffiti also included "the letter A, the symbol for anarchism" Associated Press commented. (please!) These allegations are aimed to strengthen the police and the Italian and Spanish states repressive rethorics and grip on the liberitarian struggles.

Noting that solidarity graffiti with the prisoners in Italy, and "the letter A, the symbol of anarchism" are spread all over Barcelona indiscrimintly!

Barcelona has been witnessing a tensed atmosphere between authorities and anti-authoritarian groups in solidarity with the Italian prisoners. In a recent solidarity action the police attacked the peaceful gathering using excessive un-justified violence ending with arrests. Three people where held to face charges, two of them are out while one remains in jail. The three arrested in Barcelona are facing high charges and cruel sentences.

A solidarity action is planned with the remaining prisoner and the Italian detainees this coming Saturday in Barcelona at 6 p.m. at Placa Universitat!

Groups and individuals in Barcelona taking part in mobilizing for this have serious doubts that police repression will be excessive and built on today´s allegations of anarchist groups invovled in the small explosion.

Please make some noise about the prisoners in your respective states (for more info about the prisoners, their situation and solidarity actions planned check the provided web-links!), especially in front of Italian Embassies! Make sure not to be framed for any violent attacks! Police-states are going so far in framing the activists, and disorienting the public inorder to silence the dissent!

Dissent louder and louder!

Stop Police Repression against anti-authoritarian blocks and individuals, Freedom to all prisoners, Down with the walls of jails!

Solidarity funds are highly needed and appreciated, solidarity bank account for prisoners in Barcelona 3025 0001 14 1433302487

For solidarity funds from outside Spain
CDENESBB - ES26 3025 0001 1414 3330 2487 Via Laietana 39 CP 08003 Barcelona


For a detailed account on the prisoners in Italy and their alleged charges please visit

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