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Energía reanudable y desarrollo económico
25 jun 2005
Review of Renewable Energy technologies for the elimination of the energy crisis and for Real Sustainable economic Development.
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resource list for Sustainable Economic Progress

If every household in California replaced 4 (average 100 watt) incandescent light bulbs with 4 (equivalent 27 watt) compact fluorescent light bulbs, burning on average 5 hours per day, we would save 22 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down 17 power plants. If the State bought these lamps for every household at $2 each, total cost would be $120 million. Could we build the same 17 power plants for $120 million? Not by a long shot!, book: Fuel Savers by Bruce N. Anderson .. Solar Indoor Llighting- .. Led Lighting- ..
~~}If every household in California replaced 1 average-flow showerhead with an energy saving showerhead we would save 1.3 kwh per day per household or 19.2 gWh per day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 15 power plants. If the State bought these low flow shower heads for every household at $1 each, total cost would be $15 million. Could we build the same 15 power plants for $1 million each? Hardly! ..
~~}If every household in California installed a solar hot water heater which saves 5.8 kwh/day, we would cumulatively save 87 gWh/day - or enough energy saved to shut down another 67 power plants. ..
~~}Reduce air conditioning cost 20% to 40%- Paint your house & roof white, which reflects infra red sunlight ..
~~}Insulating house paint-
~~}solar Attic fans reduce air conditioning cost by 10% or more- ..
~~}window quilts- ..
~~}Refrigerators- .. Washers- ..
~~}Waste not, Want Not - A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, .. Conservation research by: Livermore Natl. Laboratory ..

Per the Wisconsin Energy Bureau, locally generated renewable energy (solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar building heating, solar daylighting, solar electric, wind, micro-hydro, organic vegetable diesel fuel, solar-hydrogen fuel cells, wind-hydrogen fuel cells, wave-hydrogen fuel cells, tidal power, Geothermal Hydronic heating and cooling, organic farming and gardening) creates THREE TIMES more jobs and economic growth in local economies than using imported fossil fuel or energy from other regions. Keep our country strong like a rock! Please support LOCALLY generated and Locally owned renewable energy- ( and, ..
~~}more web sites- ..
~~}Rotary power storage & backup (flywheel)- ..
~~}(!!!)FREE Journal, renewable energy- ..

/==}Convert your vehicle to use organic vegetable oil as a fuel - ..
~~}Links: ..
book: "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank", author: Joshua Tickell, run your diesel on used cooking oil. Fill your gas tank at fast food restaurants,
~~}heating buildings with organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel - ..
~~}Video: BILLION dollar CROP- ..

/==}Reduce or eliminate the use of Chemical fertilizers made from IMPORTED OIL. Obtain a free copy of the 20 page document: "Nutrient Quantity or Nutrient Access" (ECHO Development Notes, Issue 74) from or;;
~~}How to Grow World Record Tomatoes, book, Author: Charles H. Wilber, .. Eco-Farm, book, Author: Charles Walters ..
~~}organic Pesticides- more information- contact local organic farmers, biointensive farming, permaculture farmers, biodynamic farmers, Kyusei nature farmers and Heirloom farmers ..
~~}Vinegar - 25% Acetic Acid eliminates Weeds - Brand Names: BurnOut Weed & Grass Killer, Quik ll, Safer's Superfast Weed and Grass Killer ..
~~}Corn Gluten Weed Control: Brand Names: Corn Weed Blocker 9-1-0, WeedBan Herbicide ..

~~}Convert your vehicle to an electric vehicle- classes, books, videos and consulting- ..
~~}Women's classes on electric autos- ..

/==}Germany & Europe, Austria- ..
~~}Ireland & England- ..
~~}USA- CA: IA: IL: NM: OR: TX: VT: WA: WI: Other States: ..
~~}More Fairs and Expositions- see Events- ..
~~}Solar Homes and Building Tours- ..

/==}Passive Solar, books- ..
~~}solar Wall- .. solar heat pump- ..
~~}passive Cooling & Heating - Cool Cell - ..

/==}(!!)Indestructible & energy efficient homes, schools, churches, other- ..
~~}Steel framed homes- ..
~~}Rotary power storage & backup (flywheel)- ..
~~}Battery Maintenance- ..

/==}Geothermal Hydronic heating/cooling systems for homes & buildings.- ..
~~}solar Radiant Under Floor Heating (Hydronic)- ..
~~}solar Water Heaters- ..
~~}solar Pool Heaters- ..
~~}solar Air Conditioning- ..

~~}Solar Tube Indoor Daylighting- ..
~~}Purifying indoor air with plant technology- ..
book: "How To Grow Fresh Air", Author: B. C. Wolverton
~~}Solar Tube Indoor Daylighting for growing plants and save energy-
~~}Healthy Schools- ..
~~}Decreasing Building Vulnerability to Bio-Terrorist Threats with Plants- ..

~~}EDUCATION Programs- ..
~~}Continuing Education, Tours & Demonstrations- see University degree ..
~~}University Degree- ..
~~}Women's solar energy workshops- ..
~~}Calif Ed- .. Wales- .. ~~} ..
~~}Wind- ..
~~}Other Education Programs- see .. ~~}Free information on renewable energy- ..
~~}book- The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future by Hermann Scheer ..

/==}solar Garden Roofs- ..
~~}(!!!)Book- "Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity by Sandra Postel, ..
~~}Gray water recycling-
~~}Purifying waste water with plant technology- "Growing Clean Water" book by B. C. Wolverton,
~~}No flush toilet systems- Composting Toilet System Book by David Del Porto, ..
~~}Rainwater Harvesting-
~~}Fog Water Collecting-
~~}Solar Water Desalination- ..
~~}book- Water for every Farm, Author: P. Yeomans ( ..
~~}Organic Aquaculture- ..
~~}Purifying Polluted soil with plants (phytoextraction of lead, arsenic and uranium from soil)- ..
~~}Save Corwall's Beaches-

/==}Solar energy- ..
~~}solar powerpack for computers- .. solar Battery Charger- .. Internet remote access- ..
~~}Wind energy- ..
|>(!!!!)Renewable energy CD ROM disks & Videos- ham radio: N7BCR ..
~~}Journal- Home Power- donate subscription to public or school library, ..
~~}solar Water Purification- ..
~~}Micro-Hydro energy- ..
~~}solar water Pumps- 960 feet draw- ..
~~}wind water Pumps- ..
~~}Ram water Pumps- ..
~~}using Solar Rooms & Green Houses to heat homes, buildings- ..
~~}Energy Efficient Greenhouses- sandcmoore ARROBA ..
~~}Thermoelectric Generator (Volcano)- ..
~~}(!!!) non-toxic wheat fiber Board- ..
~>more web sites- ..

/==}Books on housing- ..
~~}Green Architects- ..
~~}Cob Buildings- ..
~~}Earth Sheltered homes- jkhuggitt ARROBA ..
~~}(!)Journal- The Last Straw: .. Videos- ..
~~}Straw bale construction- ..
~~}Education and seminars: ..
~~}Rammed Earth homes- ..
~~}Rice straw bale energy efficient homes- ..
/==}Low-Cost Adobe Homes- .. ~~}Terra Adobe Building systems- ..

/==}Ocean Energy, Wave Energy and River Energy- ..
book- "Power from the Waves" by David Ross, ..
/==}Tidal Power- ..

~~}Renewable Energy Projects (volunteers & donations requested): ..
~~}Renewable Energy TRAINING for people in Developing Countries- ian ARROBA http:/www./ ..
~~}village relief- ..
~~}Solar Cookers/Solar Ovens- ..
~~}Dangerous Pollution from Bio-Gas cookers/Charcoal Cookers- (pdf File) ..
~~}solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals- ..
~~}Africa Relief- ..
~~}3rd World Technology and Education- ..
~~}Energy Stewardship- churches- ..
~~}renewable energy Home Loans - ..
~~}solar Home LOANS - Contact solar equipment manufactures for more information ..

~~}solar Night Lights-
~~}solar Street Lights- ..
~~}LED Streetlights- ..
~~}LED Trafic Lights- ..
~~}LED Replacements for Incandescent Light Bulbs- ..
~~}LED solar Powered Marine Navigation Aids- ..
~~}LED Automobile Lights- ..
~~}LED Boat and Marine Lights- ..
~~}LED Pool Lights- ..
~~}Vehicle LED Advertising Signs- ..
~~}LED Garden Lights- ..
~~}solar Garden Lights- ..
~~}Waterproof solar Flashlight- ..
~~} Solar LED Flashlights- ..
~~}LED Flashlights- ..
~~}solar LED Business Signs- ..
~~}LED Business and Advertising Signs- ..

/==}HYDROGEN books, classes, videos & CD's- ..
~~}Hydrogen Energy Systems Manufacture- ..
~~}Solar-Hydrogen fuel cells- ..
~~}Fuel Cells- ..
~~}hydrogen fuel Cells- ..
~~}hydrogen Stoves/Heaters/hotwater heaters & conversions- ..
~~}Fuel Cell Hot Water Heating, pool heating, home radiant heating- ..
~~}Hydrogen automobile Conversions- books & classes- Fuel from Water- book by Roy Mcalister, ..
~~}Free hydrogen newsletter & video- ..
~~}hydrogen fuel cell investing- ..
~~}hydrogen fuel cell news- ..
~~}Hydrogen Expos & Conferences - ..

/==}Solar Sailboats- ..
~~}solar Boats- olli.kuusisto ARROBA ..
~~}solar electric boat motors- ..
~~}solar flying- ..

/==}CANCER-free organic zero calorie sweetener, diabetic safe - Stevia - samples- 888.783.8482, plants- books - ..
~~}Mercury-Free dental- "It's All In Your Head" book by Hal Huggins, "Tooth Truth" book by J. Frank Jerome ..
~~}CANCER and Fluoride- book- The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson, ..

BOOKS on alterantive solutions
Inventing for the Environment, book, Author: Arthur Molella
Green Alternatives to Globalisaton, book, Author: Michael Woodin

/==}Intentional Communities- ..
~~}Cohousing Network- ..
~~}Ecovillage Network- ..
~~}Ecological Neighbourhoods- ..
~~}Single Mother Housing- ..
~~}Communities for Disabled people- ..
~~}Communities for the Older people- ..
~~}Student Co-ops- ..
~~}Car Share- ..
~~}Alcoholism Cure: Seven Weeks to Sobriety- book by Joan Larson, "Eating Right to Live Sober", book, Author: L. Ann Muller, ..
~~}Drug Addiction Cure- book- Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson ( ..

Eliminate Hunger: Luke 10:29

Organic Farming will Feed the World:

Organic Technology for Gardeners & Farmers:

Waste not, Want Not: ..

Allotments UK: ..

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):

Please support LOCAL Organic FAMILY farmers. Thank you!!!

USA forces Iraq to use GE Food!
Are you the next victim of USA atrocities?

USAID forces other countries to use GE Crops and destroy Local Farmers.
Is our country next on Monsanto's Hit List?

USA puts farmers and gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?
Will the USA take away your Job and ravish your Family?

GE Food:

USA Chemical Pesticides are devastating Children worldwide.
Is your child safe?

Is your child at risk?

How stupid are the Americans?

Smart Car:

Keep our country and community strong like a rock. Please ban all GM foods from our country. Please refrain from purchasing or consuming any product containing GM materials. Please support LOCAL Organic FAMILY farmers. Please use sustainable technology. Please help disabled people, older people and poor people to grow their own organic food. Luke 10:29 THANK YOU for your help!!!

Please email this web page to friends and to electronic Bulletin Boards. Please print out & distribute.
Please share this information with other people. THANK YOU ~ God bless you.

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