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Solar Electrical System Installation courses by Green Dragon Energy (NGO)
23 mai 2005
Learn how to design and install a solar electric system. Ideal for anyone wanting to install their own solar electric system start a solar business or find work in the growing solar industry. And enjoy the South of France at the same time! Run by an NGO Organization.
Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress:

Training for people in developing countries and for emergency response teams:
courses ARROBA ian ARROBA ..

Eliminate Hunger:

Waste not, Want Not: ..

Please support LOCAL Organic FAMILY farmers. Thank you!!!

solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals: ..

solar Refrigerators for vaccines and medicines: ..

Solar Water Purification: ..

organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel: book: "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank" author: Joshua Tickell run your diesel on used cooking oil. Fill your gas tank at fast food restaurants ..

Indestructible and energy efficient buildings: cnalbant ARROBA ..

Solar Water Desalination: ..

Solar water heaters: ..

Rainwater Harvesting: ..

Wind Energy: ..

electric Bicycles and Vehicles: ..

Solar Water Pumps: ..

Free Journal about Solar Energy, Sustainable Techologies: ..

Solar Cookers and Solar Ovens: ..

Dangerous pollution from Bio-Gas cookers: ..

Solar Oil Cookers/Ovens and Solar Sterling Motors: b.kovats ARROBA ..

Solar Dish Stirling Engines

Houses from the Earth: ..

Ocean Energy, Tidal Energy and River Energy: ..

Solar Energy: ( and ..

Micro-Hydro energy: ..

Tours of Solar Homes and Solar Buildings: ..

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Stützbare Technologie - Deutsch(German):

Resource list: Sustainable Techonologies - contacts and links: ..

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Re: Solar Electrical System Installation courses by Green Dragon Energy (NGO)
24 mai 2005
hi ha algun curs presencial pensat a Barcelona o pels voltants o hem de ser autodidactes? si hi ha algun curs programat aviseu!
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