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Anunci :: globalització neoliberal
European Council Summit
15 mai 2005
The third European Council Summit meeting is going to take place on 16-17th of May in the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The third European Council Summit meeting is going to take place on 16-17th of May in the Royal Castle in Warsaw.We will go out on streets again and just like the year before during European Economic Forum we will protest against hypocrisy of politicians so as their business allies.

Let's get the city back and let's pull it out from hands of politicians, who want to rule us!

They claim that the European Council has been appointed in order to deal with social cases, working and Human Rights. In fact, it is subjected to the corporations and it takes care of the interests of the richest elites only. Apparently taking a stand in defense of national minority, it simultaneously supports "Fortress Europe" policy, which limits the movement of the immigrants. In the name of war with terrorism, police state sharpens its repressions to all, who have courage to oppose the prevalent system.

Decisions of the European Council falling in seclusion of luxurious cabinets and boardrooms concern us all.
Till the European Council and other hierarchic institutions exist, we will not have full influence on our life.

As we are free people, we want to rule ourselves. We desire to form personal environment independently and be responsible for it. We oppose every form of power and domination. We suggest something completely different - PARTICIPATING DEMOCRACY.
It is our alternative in accordance with authoritative directives of the European Council.

Nothing about us without us!

Our protest will consist of many events:
Various street events on 15th,
16th of May, the demonstration will start by the Palace of Culture (at Świętokrzyska St.) at 5.00 pm.
We will go straight down to Royal Castle square.
In the evening, on 16th, united forces of Food-not-Bombs organization from entire Poland - we will arrange a banquet in our style!

During the time of summit meeting, we are also going to go through a protest against the delegation of Russia and the genocide in Chechenya.

More information is available down here:
maj15 ARROBA

Initiative for Participating Democracy
WGA Anarchistic Federation

This work is in the public domain

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