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Notícies :: educació i societat
One injured by Police gunfire at Athens Polytechnic Campus.
10 mai 2005
During a book presentation, policemen-bodyguards of PASOK's ex-ministers Verelis and Venizelos, were armed within the premises of the Athens Polytechnic School (NTUA) campus at downtown Athens. (This constitutes a violation of Academic Asylum laws, valid in Greece since the collapse of the military colonels' junta in 1974, mainly propelled by student uprising in November 1973 in the same campus.)

Anarchist and lefist comrades tried to make the policemen-bodyguards leave the campus and conflicted with them. The result was gunfires one of which injured one comrade, at the leg. He was transported to the Laiko Hospital.

Comrades returning from the anarchist May First demonstration joined the comrades inside the campus and are currenty occupying the campus, demanding the safe departure of those inside, along with the arrest of the cop that fired the gun.

The ex-ministers and members of parliament are still in the campus.

This work is in the public domain

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